While many factors play a role in a student’s future success in college, the rigor of one’s high school coursework is critical. A solid preparation in college preparatory courses allows students greater access to a variety of majors without the need to slow their progress towards graduation with remedial coursework.  Below are resources and tools to help your students prepare academically for their college experience while in high school. Also see Undergraduate Admissions or the Counselor Handbook for more information on coursework requirements.

OUS College Preparatory Course Approval

Each spring Oregon high schools update their lists of collegeclass at Portland State University prep classes to accurately reflect the courses being offered in the following academic year, through the OUS online college preparatory course approval system. This information helps students to demonstrate proof of adequate academic preparation prior to being offered admission at one of Oregon’s public universities.

Web-Based Submission Process:

Advanced Placement Incentive Program

Second Language Assessment

Other Resources:

  • OUS Entering Freshmen Profile, for High Schools: If you want to find out how your high school graduates are doing once in college, the Oregon High School Freshman Profile can provide this important tracking. OUS reports feedback to Oregon high schools on their graduates who enrolled as first-time freshmen at OUS institutions. Each profile includes data on OUS enrollment, entering academic profile such as average high school GPA and SAT, as well as freshman performance information such as average first year college GPA and average performance in certain courses.