High school and community college counselors play a key role in helping students and families navigate the myriad processes of college preparation, admissions and financial aid. This site contains information that will help high school guidance staff in Oregon facilitate their students' journeys from high school and into college, including the Counselor Conferences now led by campus leaders, high school coursework information, and other resources. 

Please see the Student Resources section for information on Residency, Admissions policies, College Costs, Veteran's Benefits, Tuition Equity, the Foster Youth Tuition Waiver, and more.


  • OUS Counselor Handbook (PDSouthern Oregon University faculty and studentsF) 2013-14 An annual publication containing information on 2014 admission requirementsm financial aid, scholarships, and student services for Oregon's public universities. The 2013-14 issue will be the last issue of this publication. For 2015-16 admissions policies, please see Student Resources.

  • OUS Viewbook 2015-2016, Key Information for Prospective Freshmen and Transfer Students at Oregon's Seven Public Universities. The Viewbook provides key admissions guidelines and deadlines, financial aid information, and OUS program information to high school students and transfer students interested in enrolling in an Oregon public university in 2015-2016. The 2015-16 issue will be the last issue of this publication.

Other Resources:

  • 2014-15 Deferral Form (PDF)- Request for deferral of Application Fee for admission to 2012-13 Academic Year.
  • OUS Entering Freshmen Profile, for High Schools: These profiles provide feedback to Oregon high schools on how their graduates are doing in college, for those who enrolled as first-time freshmen at OUS institutions. Each profile includes data on OUS enrollment, entering academic profile such as average high school GPA and SAT, as well as freshman performance information such as average first year college GPA and average performance in certain courses.
  • Northwest Accreditation Commission

  • High School Dual Credit: Students can explore campus websites for high school student opportunities, including dual credit coursework offered at Oregon’s public universities and Oregon’s community colleges. Dual credit is defined as awarding secondary and postsecondary credit for a course offered in a high school during regular school hours, as determined by local school board and community college/university board policy. For college staff and educators seeking more information on dual credit, please see the link below to a planning guide. 

  • Advanced Placement Course Credit Policy 2013-14, approved, 2012 The College Board develops copyrighted materials and examinations for AP courses. In Oregon: 37 AP courses are offered in 20 disciplines in 286 high schools. Typically a score of 3 or higher (out of 5) is considered satisfactory.

  • International Baccalaureate Course Credit Policy 2013-14, approved, 2010 The IB Organization authorizes schools to offer an IB program. The IB Organization oversees the curricula and produces examinations for the IB courses.  In Oregon, 19 high schools offer an IB Diploma. The courses (and, hence, exams) are separated into a Standard Level and a High Level. Typically a score of 5 or higher (out of 7) is considered satisfactory