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Automatic Admission

In 2011 the State Board of Higher Education approved an AutomaticOregon Institute of Technology students Admission Policy that recognizes students’ accomplishments in the Essential Skills requirement of the new high school Oregon Diploma. Automatic Admission will be an additional option within the current process of applying to an Oregon public university for Oregon freshman applicants for 2013-14.  The Q&A and the 2013-14 Admissions Requirements chart below describe the policy in full. For more information, also go to Admission: Freshman or see the full approved Admissions Policy for the 2013-2014 Academic Year.

Common Questions and Answers on Automatic Admission

Why has OUS adopted an Automatic Admission Policy?       

The Oregon University System supports the high expectations of the new Oregon Diploma requirements including the assessment of proficiency in Essential Skills in reading, writing, and math to best prepare students for success in postsecondary education. The Automatic Admissions Policy rewards students who achieve high proficiencies as demonstrated by assessments whose capacity to predict university success are widely appreciated. 

How does a student qualify for Automatic Admission?

Automatic admission to at least one public university in Oregon will be granted to Oregon students who:

  • submit a complete application by February 1, 2013,
  • meet the new Oregon Diploma course requirements at a GPA level of at least 3.4,
  • meet OUS subject requirements,
  • fulfill campus requirements for the institution of interest, and
  • select the SAT, ACT, or OAKS (Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills)  tests to demonstrate proficiency in the Essential Skills of reading, writing, and math. See the Admissions chart on page 3 for test score requirements and other specific information.

Students should also see the campus websites for campus admissions and financial aid deadlines.

What is the benefit of Automatic Admission?

Students eligible for Automatic Admission receive expedited review of their applications, and if accepted, are granted priority admittance to at least one OUS university.  Students who meet these high standards are very likely to stay in college and succeed in their college goals, and less likely to need academic remediation courses which cost money and don’t always apply toward graduation requirements.  Furthermore, Oregon students who choose Oregon’s public universities take advantage of in-state tuition, and avoid paying higher non-resident tuition in other states.

Does Automatic Admission replace the current requirements for admission to OUS campuses?

No.  Automatic Admission is a complement to the existing Regular Campus Admissions requirements (see chart on page 3). Automatic Admission provides a new opportunity for outstanding Oregon students to receive timely assurance of admission to the OUS system.  Students will still have the opportunity to submit applications that will be evaluated on the basis of Regular Campus Admissions Requirements.   

When did the Automatic Admission Policy start? What class year is first affected?

Students in the high school graduating class of 2012 who apply to OUS in their senior year will be the first students to have the opportunity to be considered for Automatic Admissions. 

What tests will students submit to be considered for Automatic Admission?

Through regular Campus Admissions requirements, students are already asked to provide either SAT or ACT scores, but no minimum scores are set.  To be considered for Automatic Admission, students must achieve SAT or ACT scores above a certain level, but they will have the additional option of consideration based on their OAKS (Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) scores. 

If a student does not meet a minimum SAT, ACT, or OAKS test score, can she/he be admitted to an OUS school?

Yes.  The requirement for minimum test scores applies only to Automatic Admission.  Most students will continue to be admitted through Regular Campus Admission Requirements, which do not include minimum test scores for graduates of accredited or standard high schools.  Furthermore, students who do not meet minimum Campus Admission Requirements can still be considered for special admittance, through a comprehensive review of their high school records.

If a student achieves all the demonstrations of skills required for the Oregon Diploma, will he/she be guaranteed Automatic Admission?  

No. Earning an Oregon Diploma is only one of the requirements for Automatic Admission. Students must also achieve high levels of proficiency in the Essential Skills of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics as demonstrated through SAT, ACT, or OAKS assessments (see page 3 chart for minimum scores), earn a GPA of at least 3.4, and meet any specific requirements of the campuses to which they are applying. 

If a student meets all the Automatic Admissions requirements, is he/she guaranteed a place in the OUS school of his/her choice?

No. Students who qualify for Automatic Admissions are guaranteed admission to at least one OUS institution, but in some cases this may not be their first choice institution, due to limitations on the campus’s capacity to ensure a high quality educational experience.      

Is there a separate application for Automatic Admission?

No. Students apply directly to their institution/s of choice, as they do now.   They will complete the regular, campus-specific admission application, which for most campuses includes the option of being considered for system-wide Automatic Admission.

Automatic Admissions Requirements, 2013-14

The following two charts summarize Regular Freshman and Automatic Freshman admission requirements for the 2013-14 academic year. All OUS institutions conduct more comprehensive reviews of applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements for admission.

Chart A. Automatic Admission for 2013-14 OUS System Requirements for Admission to an OUS Campus  (Residents)

For Automatic Admission to an OUS Campus, students must complete the application for the institution of interest, meeting its specific campus admission requirements described in chart B below, as well as the following general requirements:

High School Graduation

Oregon High School Diploma Required 

Subject Requirements

15 Units Required (4-English, 3-Math, 3-Science, 3-Social Studies, 2-Second Language 

SAT Reasoning / ACT Scores

Minimum scores in one of the following assessments for each subject: 

  • Reading:    OAKS: 252, SAT: 550, ACT: 25 
  • Writing:     OAKS: 40, SAT: 550, ACT: 7 
  • Math:     OAKS: 250, SAT: 550, ACT: 25
  • Speaking: any of the assesments approved by the Oregon Department of Education, with scores at the "Proficient" level or above.

High School GPA



Chart B. Regular Freshman Admission for 2013-14, Campus Specific Requirements (Residents and Nonresidents)









High School Graduation

High School Graduation Required

Subject Requirements

15 Units Required (4-English, 3-Math, 3-Science, 3-Social Studies, 2-Second Language 

SAT Reasoning / ACT Scores 1

No minimum, but test results may be used for additional review

High School GPA








Additional Campus Review Required

If below
2.75 portfolio may be required

If 2.50

If below
3.00; or
than 15 subject

If below
3.00; or
than 15

If below 2.75

Applications reviewed through a comprehensive review process

If below 2.75

1Minimum test scores are not set, but test results may be used during additional campus review processes. OUS schools may require a standardized writing exam.  Students submitting the SAT II Reasoning exam will be submitting a standardized writing exam. Students submitting the ACT should submit scores from the optional writing examination.


2OSU requires the Insight Resume. 

All OUS institutions require two years of same high school-level second language with a grade of C- or better, or two terms of a college-level second language with a grade of C- or better, or acceptable performance on proficiency-assessment options.  Demonstrated proficiency in an American Indian language can meet all or part of the second language requirement, as certified by the governing body of any federally recognized tribe.  American Sign Language meets the second language requirement.  The second language requirement applies to transfer students graduating from high school in 1997 and thereafter.

All OUS institutions conduct more comprehensive reviews of applicants who do not meet the minimum required GPA for admission. Reviews include additional factors such as standardized test results, rigor of courses taken, review of writing sample or personal essays, non-cognitive factors, and other indicators that predict success in college. Academic performance is not the sole criterion for admission to an OUS university. A university may evaluate an applicant's behavior and background to determine their ability to maintain the standards of academic and professional conduct expected at the university. An evaluation may take into consideration current behavior and performance as well as past experiences and actions. Meeting minimum qualifications for admission does not guarantee admission.