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Task Force on Higher Education Student and Institutional Success

House Bill 3418 passed during the 2011 legislative session, establishes a Task Force on Higher Education Student and Institutional Success. The 17-member task force is charged to examine best practices in higher education, and make recommendations to increase success for students in acquiring basic skills, career preparation and program completion with attainment of certification or degrees. The task force must offer an initial report to the Legislature by December 1, 2011.  A final report is due October 15, 2012.

The five charges of the Task Force include:

(a) Examine best practices and models for accomplishing student and institutional success, as such success is measured by achievement of the mission of higher education set forth in ORS 351.009 and the policy for community colleges set forth in ORS 341.009;

(b) Consider institutional and statutory barriers to student success and completion of programs;

(c) Examine methods for students to acquire basic skills and career preparation skills;

(d) Review alternative funding options for providing necessary services to students and promoting best practices for student success and completion; and

(e) Compare alternative funding options instituted in other states for improving student and institutional success.

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