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Joint Boards

Note: content in this section is not currently updated.

The Joint Boards section of the Board of Higher Education website is maintained as a resource, however, the Joint Boards are no longer an active public body. The multi-sector work of the Joint Boards has now been taken up by the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) and the Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB). Senate Bill 242 created HECC during the 2011 Legislative Session to coordinate postsecondary policy between the Oregon University System and community colleges in the state, and Senate Bill 909 created the OEIB which is focused on a unified approach to PK-20 public education in Oregon. To find out more about the HECC and the OEIB, go here.

Two subsections of the Joint Boards website, the Joint Boards Articulation Commission and the Task Force on Higher Education Student and Institutional Success are currently still active (as of October, 2012).

Through July, 2012, the Joint Boards, comprised of the Oregon State Board of Higher Education and the Oregon State Board of Education explored topics of mutual concern and sought positive resolution to advance Western Oregon University courtyardeducation for all students from pre-K through post-secondary education in Oregon.

The Joint Boards Working Group (JBWG) was comprised of three appointed members of the State Board of Higher Education and three appointed members of the State Board of Education and is staffed by the Oregon Department of Education, the Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development, and the System Office of the Oregon University System. The working group met regularly during the time between Joint Boards meetings and developed workplans, policies, and other initiatives in support of the Joint Boards' agenda.

Meeting Materials

Public notices and meeting materials for the Joint Boards were posted with State Board of Higher Education meeting notices and materials. Click below for these records: