The Board completed a long-term strategic plan in 2007 which Oregon State University buildingdefined statewide higher education priorities of the OUS through 2025. To read the full strategic plan, go to An Investment in Oregonians for Our Future: A Plan to 2025 for the Oregon University System (March 2007).

The Board, on behalf of OUS, seeks to accomplish five goals to produce the highest level of educational outcomes for Oregonians:

  1. Create in Oregon an educated citizenry to support responsible roles in a democratic society and provide a globally competitive workforce to drive the State’s economy, while ensuring access for all qualified Oregonians to quality postsecondary education;
  2. Ensure high quality student learning leading to subsequent student success;
  3. Create original knowledge and advance innovation;
  4. Contribute positively to the economic, civic, and cultural life of communities in all regions of Oregon; and
  5. Promote and support initiatives that sustain diverse representation, inclusion, and engagement of students, and provide equitable opportunities for the employment and advancement of diverse faculty and staff within OUS.