Oregon University System logoDecember 6, 2000


A regular meeting of the State Board of Higher Education will be held on Friday, December 15, 2000. Prior to this meeting, the Board's Budget and Finance and System Strategic Planning Committees will convene, as well as the Committee of the Whole. All meetings will take place at the CAPITAL Center, 18640 NW Walker Rd., in Beaverton, Oregon, in accordance with the times, locations, and schedules listed below:

Friday, December 15, 2000
7:30-8:30 a.m. Budget and Finance Committee
Room 1026

The Committee will review revisions to the Summer Session Fee Book (OAR 580-040-0035) for 2001. In addition, it will consider requests from OSU for a new bell tower and for Phase III of the McNary Dining Hall renovation. Two items submitted by PSU include: 1) cancellation of the acquisition of the Westfall Apartments, and 2) a restrictive covenant on the Peter W. Stott Community Field. A presentation prepared by the OUS Audit Division entitled Internal Audit Division Resource Allocation is also planned.

7:30-8:30 a.m. System Strategic Planning Committee
Room 1025

The purpose of the meeting is to review proposed amendments to administrative rules relating to grievance processes. New rules relating to mediation and confidentiality are also scheduled for review. An updated Board vision statement relating to engineering in Oregon is slated for consideration as well. Several consent items are on the docket, including a request to award two honorary doctorates, and program proposals for a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, an M.S. in Systems Science, and several graduate certificates, all from PSU. Reports include outcomes of baccalaureate graduates from 1998-99 one year later, a campus safety overview, and a performance funding policy.

8:45-10 a.m. Committee of the Whole
Room 1026

A discussion on the Governor's proposed 2001-2003 biennial budget is planned. Governor Kitzhaber is expected to connect to the meeting via videoconference for a short time to review his proposal with the Committee.

10:15 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Board meeting
Room 1026

A holiday reception is scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m. at the CAPITAL Center. Board members are encouraged to attend. On Thursday evening, December 14, a reception and dinner for Board members will begin at 6 p.m. at Intel's Jones Farm Conference Center in Hillsboro.

Telephone messages for Board members and institution officials attending the meetings may be called to the CAPITAL Center at (503) 725-2200. If special accommodations are required, please contact the Board's office at least 72 hours in advance.


Diane Vines
Secretary of the Board