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Staff Report to the System Strategic Planning Committee

In accordance with Board regulations, the following members represented the Board in approving candidates for degrees and diplomas for the graduating classes at the designated institutions during the 1999-00 academic year and summer session:

Eastern Oregon University
Phyllis Wustenberg

Oregon Health Sciences University
Phyllis Wustenberg

Oregon Institute of Technology
Bill Williams

Oregon State University
Jim Lussier
Jim Willis

Portland State University
Shawn Hempel
Geri Richmond

Southern Oregon University
David Koch

University of Oregon
Tom Imeson

University of Oregon Law School
Geri Richmond

Western Oregon University
Leslie Lehmann

Staff Recommendation to the System Strategic Planning Committee

Staff recommends that the Board confirm the actions of Board members in approving degrees and diplomas for 1999-00.




Report to the System Strategic Planning Committee

The Board's grievance procedure for unclassified employees with faculty rank, Oregon Administrative Rule 580-021-0050(12), requires each institution to report annually the number, basis, and outcome of all formal grievances filed under the institutional procedures adopted pursuant to the rule. This report does not include grievances filed under procedures contained in collective bargaining contracts. The institutions reported as follows for the 1999-00 academic year:

EOU: No grievances were filed.

OIT: No grievances were filed.

OSU: One grievance was filed:

A faculty member grieved regarding reduction of his faculty graduate status from a major professor to a minor professor. The Grievance Committee recommended that graduate faculty status be reinstated and the president upheld the recommendation.

PSU: One grievance was filed:

A faculty member alleged procedural violations in the denial of tenure and has appealed to the Chancellor's Office after the decision was upheld at all levels of the University.

SOU: Two grievances were filed:

A faculty member claimed discrimination in a decision not to renew her contract. A faculty grievance committee determined the grievance had no basis that discrimination existed. The president upheld the faculty committee decision and the grievance is now being appealed to the Board.

A faculty member alleges that she was placed on administrative leave without just cause or due process and demoted on a basis of discrimination. A faculty grievance committee heard the case and presented several recommendations. As the president was named in the grievance, the recommendation has been forwarded to the Chancellor's Office for ultimate determination.

UO: Three grievances were filed:

A faculty member contested the denial of promotion and the granting of indefinite tenure. The grievance was reviewed by the Promotion-Tenure-Retention Appeal Committee and by the president. No evidence was found to overturn the provost's ultimate decision to deny promotion and tenure.

An officer of administration contested reassignment and non-renewal of a fixed-term contract. During the grievance process, the grievant further alleged discrimination on the part of the provost, and because of this, the grievance process began at Step 2. The grievance was reviewed by the Faculty Grievance Appeal Committee. A hearing was held and the Committee found no evidence for discrimination. The report of the Committee was accepted by President Frohnmayer. The grievant appealed to the State Board of Higher Education and that appeal was turned down in June 2000.

A grievance is pending that was filed by a faculty member alleging wrongdoing on the part of the program director in connection with compensation and level of FTE. The immediate supervisor of the director reviewed the grievance at Step 1 and found no wrongdoing on the part of the director. The faculty member has appealed the decision and the grievance will be reviewed by the Faculty Grievance Appeal Committee during fall term.

WOU: One grievance was filed:

A faculty member was denied indefinite tenure and promotion to the rank of associate professor. The grievance, already reviewed by the provost, president, and Chancellor's Office staff, is now in the process of requesting arbitration.

(No Committee or Board action required)