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January 19, 2001
1-3:30 p.m.
Room 238 (Browsing Lounge), Smith Memorial Center
Portland State University


1:00 Call to Order   Donnie Griffin
  Roll Call   Clark Brody
      Diane Vines
1:05 Approval of July 19, 2000, Minutes   Donnie Griffin

Discussion on Teacher Education Issues

A) "Reading" in Teacher Preparation Programs

  Holly Zanville
Carmen West

    How can the interested parties (teacher prep programs, ODE, ESDs, schools, professional associations, TSPC), acting together, improve K-12 student reading performance?


    B) Survey on Teacher Performance as Viewed by Principals in All Oregon Schools

  Holly Zanville
Joanne Flint

    What are the principals (customers) saying about their satisfaction with the graduates (products) of the redesigned teacher preparation programs?

    What was learned about major staffing issues in Oregon schools?

    What new studies are under consideration by O-QAT and what are Board membersí concerns that relate to these studies?

1:50 Discussion on Early College Options Legislation   Kate Dickson
Ron Dexter
Elaine Yandle-Roth
Holly Zanville

    In the constrained resource environment, how can Oregon build on early options already in place for college-ready high school students?

2:30 Discussion on Opportunities for Collaboration in Distance Education   John Greydanus
Tom Cook
Teri Johanson

    How can Oregon put in place a jointly-shared K-20 distance education network of delivery infrastructure and programs?

3:00 Review of the Joint Boards Mission in Relation to the Collective Positions   Clark Brody
Diane Vines
3:30 Adjournment   Donnie Griffin
Jim Lussier

The Joint Boards of Education meetings are held in accordance with open meeting laws and with accessibility requirements. If a person with a disability needs assistance in order to attend or participate in a meeting or if a person wishes to offer comments on any item on the agenda, please notify Clark Brody or Pauline Bernard at (503) 378-3573.