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Oregon State University seeks Board approval to construct a new indoor practice facility. The new facility will provide indoor practice space for at least five intercollegiate athletics teams: football, men's and women's soccer, softball, and baseball. The proposed 85,000- square-foot facility will include a 120-yard playing field (synthetic surface) with adequate run-off areas; batting cages; netting to divide the field into several practice areas; and a portable floor to convert at least a portion of the space into a reception area during football games. The facility is estimated to cost $11 million, all of which will be funded from gifts. If approved by the Board's Executive Committee and the Legislative Emergency Board at their September meetings, construction will begin in the fall and will be completed in spring 2001.

Staff Report to the Executive Committee

The intercollegiate athletic program is an integral part of Oregon State University, offering student athletes the opportunity to play competitive sports in the Division 1A of the PAC-10 conference. Public awareness of OSU sports programs is greatly extended beyond the Northwest region, contributing to University recruitment efforts. Given the importance of the athletic program to the University, the new indoor practice facility is seen as a critical recruiting element for several sports programs of the Athletic Department. As mentioned previously, this facility will provide indoor practice space for at least five intercollegiate athletic teams. Inclement weather is one of the challenges to producing successful outdoor competitions in the intercollegiate sports in the Northwest. As a result, teams currently practice in campus facilities that are meant to provide space for student recreation and intramural activities. However, it is anticipated that the current facilities will not be able to accommodate both intercollegiate practices and the growing need for student activities brought on by an increasing student enrollment (enrollment is projected to grow by about 20 percent over the next three years). A site for the new indoor practice facility has been identified west of Gill Coliseum and north of Reser Stadium (see maps provided).

The proposed project has received approval by the City of Corvallis Planning Commission. The Commission placed two minor requirements on the project: 1) installation of a sidewalk along the north side of the site, and 2) the provision of an additional bicycle rack for ten bicycles. The Commission requested no adjustments to the design of the facility or the planned programs.

Major gifts: A few private donors have generously pledged $11.4 million, of which some $2.4 million is already in hand; the remainder is pledged to be provided by the year 2002-03. The University Foundation has confirmed that it will meet any funding needs resulting from any shortfall of gifting or delayed gifting required by the Indoor Practice Facility Project. Its provision of funding will be in the form of a gift made in advance of the collection of receipts. The gift by the Foundation is given without the requirement for repayment should the gift funds fail to arrive. The Foundation guarantees the availability of funding for the project. The Foundation will deliver funds to a University construction account on a "just in time/as needed" basis 10-15 days in advance of anticipated expenditure dates. In total, for all construction project needs, the University projects requirements for $11 million of gifts.

Operating and Maintenance (O&M) Costs: University officials estimate annual O&M costs for the new facility at $97,600 for utilities and custodial/maintenance at $35,800 for a total annual projected requirement of $133,400 (approximately $1.57 total cost per square foot). OSU plans to use revenues from its athletics program, in particular from increased football ticket sales, to meet these costs. In the 1999 season, the University sold 11,100 season tickets; so far this year, 14,000 season tickets have been sold.

Staff Recommendation to the Executive Committee

Staff recommends that the Board's Executive Committee approve, and refer to the full Board for its final approval, construction of a new indoor practice facility at Oregon State University. Staff further recommends the Board authorize the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration to seek authorization from the Legislative Emergency Board for a new project expenditure limitation of $11 million for use of Other Funds to finance the project.