June 20, 1997






Finance & Administration

Introduction, Building Naming
As state funding decreases and fundraising efforts generate more significant contributions, institutions are increasingly requesting exceptions to the Board's rule stating that facilities should not be named after living people. This month, the Board will be asked to act on two such requests.

Naming of Indoor Practice Facility, UO
UO requests Board authorization to name the new athletic Indoor Practice Facility the "Ed Moshofsky Sports Center" to honor him for his long association with UO. The Moshofskys have committed $2 million for the construction of the facility.

Naming of Health & P.E. Building, PSU
PSU requests authorization to name the existing Health and P.E. building the "Peter W. Stott Center" in honor of Mr. Stott. He attended PSU, has been a major contributor to the PSU athletic program, has recently made a $1 million challenge grant to PSU, and will serve as co-chair for PSU's $3 million athletic capital and scholarship campaign.

Academic Affairs

B.S. in Biochemistry, UO
UO requests Board authorization to offer this degree, which is in response to the large proportion of chemistry students who currently pursue the biochemistry option. There are excellent employment opportunities for graduates with this degree.

B.S. in Mathematics & Computer Science (Joint Major), UO
This program is a combination of two current UO degrees and would respond to needs of the high-tech industry and enable graduates to directly enter industrial positions or pursue advanced programs of study in either discipline.

B.S. in Management, OIT
This degree responds to increasing opportunities and demand for managers trained in small business management. It would provide opportunities for working, placebound students as well as serve to attract groups of students not currently well represented in higher education.


Grievance of Dr. Alan Rex Mitchell, OSU
Dr. Mitchell, an assistant professor at OSU, is appealing President Risser's decision not to award him tenure and promote him to associate professor. A Board subcommittee will be reviewing the grievance before the Board meeting.


Academic Affairs

B.S. in Health Sciences, OIT
The proposed program would provide students with additional options, including preparation for entry to medical school and health-related professional and graduate programs, and broader employment opportunities.

Ph.D. in Radiation Health Physics, OSU
The proposed program, which focuses on the protection of humans and their environment from the harmful effects of radiation, would be the only program of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. Regional need for individuals with this degree is high, with employment options in both public and private sectors.


Academic Affairs

Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Planning, SOU
Beginning fall 1997, SOU is implementing an experimental accelerated baccalaureate program with a cohort of 11 students. Designed for highly motivated, goal-oriented students, the program will assess proficiencies and reduce the number of required general education credits. Specific credits to be reduced will be identified by the student's advisor and the Accelerated Baccalaureate Committee.

Student Racial/Ethnic Diversity in OSSHE
This report describes the racial and ethnic make-up of OSSHE students and compares previous enrollment data with current information. First-time freshmen data are also reported.

Valuing Diversity: Student Perceptions of Campus Climate in OSSHE

This report presents the results of an OSSHE campus climate survey, exploring many dimensions of student perceptions related to race and ethnicity on campus. Included in the report are implications for policy development.

Status of the Western Undergraduate Exchange Program
This annual report updates the Board on Oregon's experience with the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program, established by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) in 1988. WUE has proven to be a popular program as demonstrated by the increasing participation rates.

Finance & Administration

Riverfront Research Park, UO
The Research Park -- a cooperative effort of the UO, the City of Eugene/Urban Renewal Agency, and private developers -- provides a setting where knowledge-based businesses and organizations can develop collaborative association with the research capabilities of the University. This report is an update on the project and provides context and background for future Board action.

Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
This status report describes the HRIS project and the implementation timeline. The project is proceeding according to schedule and within a revised, lower budget.

Corporate & Public Affairs

Legislative Update