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Academic Affairs - Transfer and Articulation
Transfer and Articulation Policies

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Credit for Prior Learning


The Joint Boards Articulation Commission recommends that:


1. Credits completed through proficiency-based assessment methods be accepted for transfer among all Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges (NASC) accredited postsecondary institutions in Oregon. Allowance is made for individual campuses to accept credits consistent with NASC guidelines.


2. Compliance with the NASC and Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) standards related to proficiency-based assessment be required for credits granted for prior experiential learning or other options.


3. Accurate information about the use and transferability of each of the options for gaining credit for proficiency-based assessment should be made available to students. These credits will be accepted for elective credit and may apply to specific requirements in a studentís major.





Initiative for this new policy came from the JBAC. In a highly iterative process, both the OUS Academic Council and the Council of Instructional Administrators of the Oregon community colleges reviewed, revised, and approved the policy. (The OUS Academic Council approved the policy in February 2001.) "Credit for prior learning" (CPL) is the term applied to the demonstration of knowledge and skills gained outside the traditional classroom setting for which academic credit is awarded. Typically, a student interested in earning CPL documents appropriate knowledge in a specific area through the construction of a portfolio of materials that is evaluated by a faculty member. According to the "Policy on Credit for Prior Experiential Learning" of the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, credit awarded for this type of learning may only be granted within the curricular offerings of the institution granting the credit, and credit earned in this manner must be identified as such on the studentís transcript.

Last updated: October 2, 2001

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