Joint Boards Articulation Commission Work Plan



In Order To Carry Out Its Charge of:

advising the Joint Boards on major intersector policy issues regarding improvement of student access and transfer, curricular development and articulation, outcomes assessment, and student data integration;

monitoring the implementation and revision of the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AA/OT) degree policy and common course numbering for lower division courses, and

serving as a forum for problem solving and referral.


The Joint Boards Articulation Commission will:

Submit a written plan for course and credit transfer between Oregon community colleges and Oregon University System institutions, in response to HB 2387 and SB 919, in January 1999, to the Oregon Legislative Assembly.

Explore, in depth, the Student Services Action Team recommendations which would enable students to navigate more effortlessly between/among educational sectors if policy changes were developed/implemented. The topics to be addressed include: academic calendar, admissions, financial aid, residency, satisfactory student progress, student information, and tuition/fees.

Explore, in depth, the Credit for Prior Learning Action Team recommendations (ensuring that prior learning credits would be transferable between all Oregon postsecondary institutions). The topics to be addressed include: standardization of NASC and CAEL standards among programs and the establishment of state/regional centers for competency-based assessment.

Continue to consult with the presidents, senior academic administrators and faculty of community colleges, OUS institutions, and Oregon independent colleges on matters of mutual interest, including, but not limited to, the development of the course and credit transfer plan and the recommendations of the Student Services Action Team.

Continue to foster more effective communication between community college transfer advisors/counselors and OUS admissions staff with such efforts as the JBAC web page and JBAC member participation in the OUS Educating Oregon Together Fall Conference.

Continue to promote intersector faculty collaboration in curriculum design and program development that will minimize barriers to institutional admissions and course and credit transfer.

Continue to monitor such intersector effort as CIM/CAM/PREP/PASS implementation, the Oregon Network for Education (ONE), and the Oregon Virtual University, for their impact on student access and course and credit transfer.

Continue to encourage and support the standardization of procedures for sharing student data between community colleges and OUS institutions including transfer student characteristics and movement patterns. Use this transfer data to support student transfer policies.

Develop and implement strategies which facilitate communication between the JBAC and other constituencies (e.g., faculty, students, staff on OUS, community college, and Oregon independent college campuses).

Serve as a forum for other groups working on issues with transfer implications (e.g., the Oregon Writing English Advisory Committee (OWEAC) and the Oregon University System's Proficiency-based Admissions Standards System (PASS) project).

Assign to the Student Transfer Committee special tasks and assignments, as they arise, related specifically to transfer student issues.

Identify and monitor key educational improvement activities in Oregon having an impact on student transfer and program articulation.


Future or Long Term Goals:

Develop guidelines for articulation of career ladders where proficiency requirements cut across academic and professional/technical program degrees and courses, including:

the establishment of benchmarks for transfer/articulation;

identifying and mapping routes to competency certification in each educational sector; and

reviewing implications of credential variations on student transfer.

Revise AA-OT degree to reflect:

proficiency standards and level of performance information; as well as

exploring other degrees for Oregon Transfer status (e.g., AS/OT).

Last revised: January 28, 1999



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