Joint Boards Articulation Commission

Meeting Summary Notes
October 9, 1997
Linn-Benton Community College
Albany, OR

Members Present

Jon Carnahan, Chair, Linn-Benton Community College
Janine Allen, Portland State University
Jim Arnold, Oregon State System of Higher Education
Patsy Chester, Linn-Benton Community College
Martha Anne Dow, Oregon Institute of Technology
Dave Phillips, Clatsop Community College
Jesse Welch, Pacific University
Elaine Yandle-Roth, Office of Community College Services


Joyce Benjamin, Oregon Department of Education

Chair Jon Carnahan called the meeting to order.

1. Meeting Summary Notes of September 11, 1997

The meeting summary notes were approved with a correction in the spelling of PSU President Daniel Bernstine's name.

2. Solution Team Report

The Solution Team Report was given by Martha Anne Dow. She will present it to the Board of Higher Education later in October. Martha Anne and Co-chair Roy Arnold are expected to ask the Board of Higher Education to support implementation of the five recommendations. A review of the JBAC work plan later in the meeting showed that most of the recommendations were on the JBAC work plan and that the others were covered by some other group of project. Jim and Elaine are to go through and connect the recommendations to the JBAC work plan. Drawing upon the expertise of team members was stressed several times.

3. Updating Hotline Lists

Updating the Hotline Lists was discussed. Helen Garrett at the University of Oregon is currently on the list pages as the person to contact with changes. Jim will talk to Jim Buch about having his staff handle a formal update before the OSSHE/Community College Counselor's Conference on November 16. Jim Arnold will be giving a session on technology and will cite the pages as a resource. Putting the information into OSSHE's counselor newsletter was suggested and it was noted the Klamath Community College Service District information needs to be added. Dave Phillips will remind members of the community college Chief Academic Officers and OSSHE Provosts at their meeting October 16, 1997.

4. Joint Boards Presentation of September 19, 1997

The presentation to the September 19th, 1997 Joint Boards Meeting was reviewed by Jon Carnahan. He noted that the Governor had listed six education issues of which four were related to student movement. They approved the JBAC work plan for 1997-98.

5. JBAC Work Plan Review

The JBAC Work Plan was reviewed and further developed. Action teams are to be formed to assist the JBAC in:

·         Making progress toward transfer of professional technical courses. Dave Phillips will help with this team. It is a topic the transfer committee was working on.

·         Data/Success indication Tracking. (Joyce noted that the Nation Council on Education Statistics will be in Oregon at the end of October and might have resources to assist.)

·         Student Support Services (1.b from solution Team)

·         Implications of moving to a proficiency-based system (Dave Conley group)

Members are to get suggestions on people to serve on the action teams. Elaine, Jon and Jim are to get out a general statement, title, suggested membership list, specific charge, action indicators and timeline.

It was suggested that WICHE and other resources outside Oregon be contacted to see what information might already be available on these issues.

6. Next Meetings

Future meeting dates were set for Thursday, November 13 at OIT Metro and Monday, December 8 somewhere in Salem. Meetings for 1998 will be scheduled at a later time.

Prepared by Elaine Yandle-Roth
Office of Community College Services

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