Oregon State Board of Higher Education


Term Expires

Herb Aschkenasy, President 1997
Tom Imeson, Vice President 1999
Diane Christopher 1999
Gail McAllister 1999
Esther Puentes 2000
Mark Rhinard 1996
Les Swanson, Jr. 1997
April Waddy 1997
James Whittaker 2000
Jim Willis 1997
Phyllis Wustenberg 2000

Executive Committee

Board Representative to
OHSU Board

Herb Aschkenasy Tom Imeson
Tom Imeson  
Diane Christopher

Public Information Committee

Gail McAllister Jim Willis, Chair
Les Swanson, Jr. Mark Rhinard

Joint Boards Working Group

Investment Committee

Esther Puentes Les Swanson, Jr.
Les Swanson, Jr. Jim Willis
Jim Whittaker  
April Waddy  

Agricultural Research

Phyllis Wustenberg  

Revised: October 1996

Contact/Comments: IR@sch.osshe.edu

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