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November 9, 1999            
Contact: Bob Bruce, 503-725-5714
Source: Bob Kieran, 541-346-5758

Fall Enrollment Tops 67,000 for Public Universities

EUGENE - For the fifth consecutive fall, enrollment has increased in Oregon's public universities. The overall increase is 3.6 percent.

According to officials of the Oregon University System, a total of 67,347 were registered for both regular and extended classes as of the end of the benchmark fourth academic week. That's 2,358 more than were enrolled at OUS campuses last fall.

Officials say aggressive in-state recruiting of top students, expanded financial aid programs, and a two-year freeze on undergraduate tuition for Oregon residents have contributed to the fall enrollment total.

Resident undergraduate enrollment is up 5.2 percent from 43,363 in 1998 to 45,621 this fall. Meanwhile, first-time freshmen enrollment totaled 8,990 students, up 13 percent from a year ago. Campuses with large increases in first-time freshmen include Oregon State University, up 25.6 percent; Western Oregon University, up 11.8 percent; Eastern Oregon University, up 10.8 percent; and Southern Oregon University, up 10.1 percent. Among the first-time students were 7,079 Oregon residents, an increase of 640 or 10 percent from last fall.

Overall, most campuses increased total enrollment between 5 and 6 percent, with the University of Oregon and WOU remaining at or just slightly below last year's level.

Click on this link to view a statistical summary of the official fourth-week headcount enrollment total for all OUS campuses.


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