November 9, 2000

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Record Enrolled at Oregon's Public Universities

EUGENE - It's official. Oregon's public universities have enrolled a record number of students this fall.

Total enrollment for the seven public campuses of the Oregon University System stands at 69,508. That's 2,160 students more than a year ago and exceeds the previous record set in fall 1980.

OUS officials said resident undergraduate enrollment is up 4.5 percent across the seven public university campuses, with first-time resident freshmen totaling 7,440 or about 5.1 percent more than one year ago.

"Coupled with last year's growth, we've seen a two-year Oregon resident growth of nearly 10 percent," said Bob Kieran, OUS director of institutional research services. Meanwhile, total enrollment among OUS campuses has increased nearly 7 percent over the same two-year period.

Among the campuses, Oregon State University in Corvallis reported the largest headcount increase with 716 additional students this fall. Eastern Oregon University, LaGrande, recorded the largest percentile increase with a growth of 6.6 percent, while the University of Oregon, Eugene, reported the largest increase in first-time resident freshman (up 14.4 percent) and first-time freshman total enrollment (up 13.6 percent). Only Southern Oregon University, Ashland, reported a decline in total enrollment from fall 1999, dropping 4.3 percent overall. Portland State University is the state's largest campus with 19,029 students.

Following is a statistical summary of the official fourth-week headcount enrollment total for all OUS campuses:

Oregon University System Headcount Enrollment
Fall 2000-2001, Fourth Week Totals

  Fall 2000   Fall 1999   Difference   Percent Change  
Eastern Oregon University 2,784   2,611   173   6.6  
Oregon Institute of Technology 2,842   2,814   28   1.0  
Oregon State University 16,777   16,061   716   4.5  
Portland State University   19,029   18,317   712   3.9
Southern Oregon University 5,502   5,751   (249)   (4.3)  
University of Oregon 17,843   17,278   565   3.3  
Western Oregon University 4,731   4,515   216   4.8  
OUS System Total 69,508   67,347   2,161   3.2  

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