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Higher Ed Board committee recommends 2009-10 budget allocations for campuses

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Full Board to review budget for final approval at October 2 meeting

PORTLAND, Sept. 4, 2009 – The Finance and Administration Committee of the State Board of Higher Education (the "Committee") met today via statewide video conference to review both the biennial budget for 2009-2011 and the annual 2009-10 allocation for the OUS institutions, among other items discussed by the Committee.

Budget Allocation
Jay Kenton, OUS vice chancellor for Finance and Administration, presented the proposed approach for the allocation of the 2009-10 OUS Annual Operating budget. He noted that the allocations have been made in accordance with Legislative directives, Board policies and priorities, and additional guiding principles such as: maintaining student access and success; creating incentives to improve retention and graduation rates; working to more evenly distribute enrollment across the System; using the Resource Allocation Model (RAM) to equitably distribute state General Fund support across the campuses and ensure financial integrity of each institution; acknowledging each campus’ unique financial situation; maintaining a reserve to be used to offset any additional budget cuts in the 2009-2011 biennium; and for incentives and enrollment settle-up. Kenton said that funding allocations also have a relationship to each campus’ enrollment. He noted that OUS projects overall FTE (full time equivalent) enrollment to increase 2.7% in 2009-10 over 2008-09, for a total FTE of 77,982.

Overall, the OUS 2009-2011 operating budget is 17.3% lower than it was in 2007-2009, excluding federal stimulus funding; if including federal stimulus funding, the operating budget is 8.9% lower than in the previous biennia (2007-2009 budget represents funding prior to legislatively-approved reductions). The 2009-10 allocation is about 50% of the biennial budget in most cases. Biennial campus operating budgets for 2009-2011 are as follows (includes federal stimulus funding of $30 million): Eastern Oregon University = $32.2 million (down 7.5% from ’07-09); Oregon Institute of Technology = $38.4 million (down 10.6% from ’07-09); Oregon State University = $186.7 million (down 11.1% from ’07-09); OSU-Cascades Campus = $9.3 million (up 2.4% from ’07-09); Portland State University = $136.9 million (down 11.3% from ’07-09); Southern Oregon University = $33.6 million (down 10.7% from ’07-09); University of Oregon = $128.9 million (down 16.3% from ’07-09); Western Oregon University = $36.1 million (down 10.6% from ’07-09); and the Office of the Chancellor = $13.2 million (down 19.2% from ’07-09); and OUS industry affairs programs = $5.4 million (down 27.5% from ’07-09). The OSU Statewide Public Service program allocations are: Agricultural Experiment Station = $57.9 million (down 7.2% from ’07-09); Extension Service = $42.3 million (down 6.3% from ’07-09); and the Forest Research Laboratory = $6.3 million (down 9.6% from ’07-09). (For more details on budget allocations by category go to: /sites/default/files/state_board/meeting/dockets/ddoc090904FA.pdf)

After some discussion, the Finance and Administration Committee of the Board of Higher Education voted to recommend the proposed 2009-2011 guiding principles and the proposed 2009-10 budget to the full Board for approval at the October 2, 2009 Board meeting in Klamath Falls.

In other action and discussion at the meeting, the Finance and Administration Committee of the Board:

  • Accepted the Quarterly Management Report for June 30, 2009.
  • Accepted the 2009 Annual Report on Investments.
  • Approved the Internal Audit Division charter.

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