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New annual Facts & Figures reports Oregon public universities' data


Contact: Di Saunders; Office: 503-725-5714; Cell: 971-219-6869
Source: Bob Kieran, Assistant Vice Chancellor, OUS Institutional Research & Planning: 541-346-5758.

New report supplements biennial fact book with annual student and system information

PORTLAND, March 1, 2010 – More information will now be available to campuses, students, legislators, policymakers, and the public with the release of the Oregon University System’s new publication, 2009 Facts and Figures. While the OUS releases a Fact Book every two years just prior to the regular legislative session, this is the first year that some of this higher education data have been published annually.

“Information was included in the new 2009Facts and Figures – such as student enrollment, degrees, tuition, and faculty related data – that enables us to show the effect of various economic and demographic factors on Oregon’s public universities right away,” said Bob Kieran, assistant vice chancellor for institutional research and planning for OUS. “Evidence-based decision making requires a constant update of information to inform policymakers in a quickly changing environment. Our imperative is to provide the most pertinent information to those who shape our future,” added Kieran.

Some information related to the OUS that is biennial, such as the higher education budget, and certain national comparisons that do not change frequently, will continue to only be reported in the biennial Fact Book. The new 2009 Facts and Figures, the 2008 Fact Book, and previous years’ Fact Books, are available on the OUS website at: http://www.ous.edu/dept/ir/reports/fb2009/index.php. The next OUS biennial fact book will be published in January 2011.

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