September 19, 1997






University of Oregon Mission Statement
The Board has expressed interest in reviewing and, if necessary, updating the mission statements of all institutions. The University of Oregon has revised and updated its mission statement and seeks Board approval.

Finance & Administration
1997-98 Annual Operating Budget

The recommended 1997-98 annual operating budget allocations are in accord with the actions of the 1997 Legislature in approving the 1997-1999 appropriations for OSSHE. The narrative describes the issues and staff recommendations concerning the budget allocations to the institutions for 1997-98.

Academic Affairs
Naming School of Government, PSU
Portland State University requests that the School of Government be renamed the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government. Board policy requires Board approval for renaming of schools. Senator Hatfield has spent his entire professional life in education and government and currently serves as Distinguished Professor of Government in the School.

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education, PSU
Portland State University requests authorization to offer a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education effective fall term 1997. A preproposal for the program was reviewed positively by the Board in April 1997. The PSU program combines the knowledge of mathematics with the knowledge of research about teaching and learning mathematics.

Grievance of Dr. Michael Hollister, PSU
The Board's administrative rule OAR 580-021-0055, provides for the Board or its designee to review a president's decision in certain faculty grievances. Dr. Michael Hollister is a professor in the English Department at PSU. He appeals former President Judith Ramaley's decision not to award him merit compensation in addition to that which he received in January 1997.


Forest Research Laboratory Advisory Committee
ORS 526.225 specifies that the Board of Higher Education shall appoint a Forest Research Laboratory Advisory Committee composed of 15 members, nine of whom are to be individuals engaged, actively and principally, in timber management of forest lands, harvesting, or processing of forest products; three individuals who are the heads of state and federal public forestry agencies; and three individuals from the public-at-large. One industry position and one public representative position are recommended by OSU President Risser.

Academic Affairs
B.S. in Applied Psychology, OIT

OIT requests authorization to offer this degree, which focuses on applications of psychological research and the social sciences for improving health, understanding human relations in the business world, and addressing substance abuse and other special problems.


Solution Team Report -- The OSSHE Chancellor's Office
The Solution Team focusing on a review of the Chancellor's Office
conducted its work around the charge of focusing the Chancellor's Office on policy setting, advocacy, System strategy, and necessary central services, ensuring the institutions have appropriate support, flexibility, and incentives to achieve their strategic objectives, and those of OSSHE as a whole. In part, the report is the result of a series of interviews conducted with presidents, provosts, chief administrative officers, student affairs officers of all seven campuses and members of the public and senior staff in the Chancellor's Office.

Finance & Administration
Report of Grievances Filed Under OAR 580-021-0050
The Board's grievance procedure for unclassified employees with faculty rank, Oregon Administrative Rule 580-021--0050, requires each institution to report annually the number, basis, and outcome of all formal grievances filed under the institutional procedures adopted pursuant to the rule.

Academic Affairs
Women's Studies
Women's studies as a legitimate academic field emerged in the late 1960s and early 1970s during a period when people previously silent found voice to question the dominant culture. The field has grown and matured and OSSHE institutions have and will continue to develop programs in women's studies. This report is provided as background for the Board as it continues to receive requests for authorization to offer new programs.

Ethnic Studies
Ethnic studies as an academic field has grown and stabilized in U.S. colleges and universities over the last couple of decades. OSSHE institutions have and will continue to develop programs and seek Board approval in ethnic studies. This report is a result of Board interest in knowing more about the field prior to consideration of new program proposals.

Corporate & Public Affairs