July 18, 1997






Southern Oregon University Mission Statement
The Board has general powers to assign missions and roles for the institutions under its jurisdiction. SOU has been involved in campus-wide planning that included a review of the mission previously approved by the Board and seeks approval for these changes.

Academic Affairs

B.S. in Applied Psychology, OIT
OIT requests authorization to offer a B.S. in Applied Psychology. The historic mission of OIT has been to prepare individuals in applied technology fields. While the term "technology" is most commonly used in the context of the physical/biological sciences and engineering, it may also refer to practical applications in other fields, such as health care and psychology. This proposed program will focus on applications of psychological research and the social sciences for improving health, understanding human relations in the business world, and addressing substance abuse and other social problems.

Finance & Administration

National Zebrafish Stock Center, UO
The UO seeks Board approval to construct a 10,000-gross-square-foot facility to serve as the National Zebrafish Stock Center located at the UO Riverfront Research Park. If approved, the Board would authorize the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration to seek authorization from the State Emergency Board for an "Other Funds" limitation for the issuance of $1.5 million of 15-year term Article XI-F(1) bonds on behalf of the UO.

Riverfront Research Park, UO
At the June 1997 meeting, the Board heard a presentation and update on the Riverfront Research Park, a public/private partnership on the UO campus. Before further development of the Park can commence, the Board must approve a subdivision of the property and the ground lease. The proposed lease has been reviewed by legal counsel.

Adoption of Building Fee Project Process Administrative Rule
Last year, student representatives expressed a desire that students be assured of the opportunity to participate and provide input regarding the projects to be undertaken with revenues collected from the student building fee. Campus officials and student representatives met to develop a required process, similar to that used in developing incidental fee recommendations, which guarantees student input and participation rather than providing for full campus discretion. The Board is asked to review and adopt an Administrative Rule for this process.

Refunding Bond Sale
The Board has an opportunity to achieve significant debt savings by refunding certain outstanding series of bonds. This will require the issuance of refunding bonds that is authorized through specific Oregon Revised Statutes. The Board must adopt a resolution for authorizing the issuance of these refunding bonds.

Academic Year Fee Book 1997-98, Tuition & Other Fee Policies
Each year the Board must approve the Academic Year Fee Book. This document contains the proposed fees and associated policies related to all mandatory charges required of students enrolled within the regular, on-campus academic year programs of OSSHE. Each fee proposal contained in the Fee Book has been tested against a set of criteria to evaluate the appropriateness of any fee increase.


Academic Affairs

B.S. in Biochemistry, UO
UO requests Board authorization to offer this degree, which is in response to the large proportion of chemistry students who currently pursue the biochemistry option. There are excellent employment opportunities for graduates with this degree.

B.S. in Mathematics & Computer Science (Joint Major), UO
This program is a combination of two current UO degrees and would respond to needs of the high-tech industry and enable graduates to directly enter industrial positions or pursue advanced programs of study in either discipline.

B.S. in Management, OIT
This degree responds to increasing opportunities and demand for managers trained in small business management. It would provide opportunities for working, placebound students as well as serve to attract groups of students not currently well represented in higher education.


Finance & Administration

Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
This status report describes the HRIS project and the implementation timeline. The project is proceeding according to schedule and within a revised, lower budget.

Report on Capital Construction Activity January 1 to June 30, 1997
This report provides the Board with a summary account of facilities contracting activities conducted under its authority and direction for the period January 1 through June 30, 1997. This report combines two reports that have previously been submitted to the Board: the quarterly Facilities Contracting Report and the semi-annual Capital Construction Report.

Semi-Annual Audit Report
The Internal Audit Division's Semi-Annual Report January-June 1997 summarizes audit results from projects completed over the past six months and provides an update on the status of the Division's 1996-97 Audit Plan.

1997-98 Internal Audit Plan
The Internal Audit Division incorporates selected best audit practices endorsed by the Institute of Internal Auditors, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and other professional audit organizations. These practices have been integrated by the Division into three core programs designed to assist OSSHE's audit related needs for the upcoming year. The Plan describes these as well other projects and services.

OSSHE Projected Enrollment Demand Through 2000-01
This report provides the Board with an update on projected enrollment demand through the year 2000-01 and describes some of the key factors that have and will continue to influence the demand for public higher education in Oregon.

Academic Affairs

Follow-up Reviews Conducted In 1996-97 of Selected Programs
The Board has a policy that directs the Office of Academic Affairs to conduct a follow-up review of each degree program or significant new option within an existing degree program that the Board has approved since January 1, 1983. The purpose of the follow-up review is to describe the status of the programs five years after their approval for implementation. This report covers eight programs.

Status of the Western Undergraduate Exchange Program
This annual report updates the Board on Oregon's experience with the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program, established by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) in 1988. WUE has proven to be a popular program as demonstrated by the increasing participation rates.

Corporate & Public Affairs

Legislative Update