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OUS 2013-2015 Operating and Capital Budget Summary & Policy Bills Outcomes (Preliminary)

Press Release: Higher education 2013-2015 operating and capital budgets passed by Legislature, July 8, 2013

Operating Budget Overview

OUS operating budget for 2013-2015 approved by the Legislature is $761.5 million, which includes $728 million in General Fund ($15 million of which is earmarked to "buy down" tuition increases for resident undergraduate students to 3.5%), and $34 million in Lottery Funding. This is an increase of 10.2% over 2011-2013 funding for OUS, which was $691 million (included State General Fund of $668 million, and lottery funding of $23 million).

Capital Budget Overview

OUS capital budget for 2013-2015 approved by the Legislature is $566.9 million in bonding authority for new construction, capital repair, deferred maintenance and seismic upgrades. There was no General Fund in the capital budget. This is an increase of 104% from the $278.5 million provided in 2011-2013.

For details on the Operating and Capital Budget as well as related state budget items and OUS Policy Bill results, see the Fact Sheet below:

Fact Sheet: OUS 2013-2015 Operating and Capital Budget Summary & Policy Bills Outcomes, July 8, 2013


Background Documents from Session

The Oregon University System’s initiatives for the 2013 Legislative Session are aligned with Governor Kitzhaber’s broad vision for education outlined in the Governor’s Balanced Budget which sets Oregon on a trajectory toward improved long-term investment in Oregon’s public education system in order to reach the state’s 40-40-20 goal. The specific details on this proposed budget and details for OUS are summarized below.

Legislative Testimony

Legislative Issue Briefs

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This website includes recent issue briefs and legislative testimony materials that the OUS system office has provided or has made available to public officials and their staff as well as to campus communities and the general public.  Please feel free to contact the OUS representatives below with any questions.


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