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Debt Management

Types of Debt Available to the System

The Board's Debt Policy

Legislatively Approved Upcoming Bond Sales that Benefit OUS Institutions

Spring 2013   

XI-F(1) Bonds $ 117.4 million

XI-G Bonds     $   17.6 million (subject to receiving matching funds)

Lottery Bonds $ 110.5 million

XI-Q Bonds     $     4.9 million

Recent Bond Transactions


April    Lottery Bonds    $  2.0 million (sold to purchase Cascade Campus)

April    XI-Q Bonds        $  2.0 million (sold to UO classroom renovations & 

                                                                  IT Structure)

April    Revenue conduit $ 44.2 million (sold through the Oregon Facilities

            Authority for the Collegiate Housing Foundation - Ashland which 

            was formed for the benefit of SOU to facilitate a student housing

            transformation project)


August  XI-F(1) Bonds  $  5.1 million (cash call)

May XI-Q Bonds            $  41.5 million (sold)

May XI-F(1) Bonds        $ 112.6 million (sold)

May XI-G Bonds            $  73.1 million (sold)

March Lottery Bonds    $  24.0 million (sold)


May  COPs Bonds       $  28.8 million (sold)

April  XI-F(1) Bonds     $ 227.0 million (sold -includes Build America Bonds)

April  XI-G Bonds         $  54.1 million (sold-included Build America Bonds)

Information for Investors

Latest audited financial results:  Annual Financial Report, FY11

  • Debt Burden Ratio for the System was 4.7% as of June 30, 2011
  • Debt Burden Ratio for the System is projected to be 5.1% on June 30, 2015, this is all capital requests being contemplated by the 2013 legislative session approval
  • System policy limits debt service obligations to be no more than 7% of adjusted operating expenditures

State of Oregon's Consolidated Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

Last Official Statement used in a XI-F(1) bond sale

Bond and Coupon Redemption

FAQ about Oregon Bonds