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15.25 Financial Irregularities

15.25 Financial Irregularities, Chancellor's Office Business Policies & Procedures


To document the policy related to the protocol for communication among relevant parties any financial irregularity.

Policy Statement:

All employees of the Chancellor's Office are expected to report known or suspected financial irregularities to their responsible unit manager. The responsible unit is expected to forward the report to the Director of Internal Audit at the time they become aware of the incident. In the event the responsible unit's administrator is suspected to be involved or has not taken appropriate action, employees are expected to contact the Director of Internal Audit Division.

All parties involved with a financial irregularity must handle the reporting and investigating with utmost confidentiality and objectivity.

Reason for Policy:

The Chancellor's Office is committed to the highest standards of moral and ethical behavior. Employees are expected to report known or suspected financial irregularities. Oregon University System (OUS) Policy requires reporting of known or suspected financial irregularities to the Oregon University System Internal Audit Division.

Employees reporting known or suspected financial irregularities in good faith must feel safe and protected from retaliation. The Chancellor's Office and the Oregon University System will make every effort to provide an environment free from retaliation. The Whistleblowers Protection Law defined in ORS 659.545 protects employees disclosing fraud in good faith. Employees found to have been making frivolous claims under the policy will be subject to disciplinary action.


ORS 659.505 to 659.545 - Oregon Whistleblower Law
ORS 297 - Investigating Loss of Public Funds or Property 297.120
DAS Policy Manual Number 125-7-203 - Risk Management Division, Employee Dishonesty Policy

Responsibility for Policy:

The Oregon State Board of Higher Education (Board) is responsible for this policy and delegates the review and approval responsibilities set forth in this policy to the Director of Internal Audit Division. While the Director of Internal Audit Division reports to the Chancellor, the Director of Internal Audit Division has full authority to report any unresolved exceptions arising from this policy directly to the President of the Board of Higher Education, as necessary.

Who Should Know This Policy:

All Chancellor's Office Employees 


Financial Irregularities: Intentional misstatements or omissions of information related to financial transactions that are detrimental to the interests of the campuses or System. These may include violations of relevant Federal, State, OUS or campus laws, rules, and procedures.

These acts include, but are not limited to embezzlement, fraud, and forgery or falsification of reports, documents, or computer files to misappropriate assets.

Suspected Financial Irregularity: A reasonable belief or actual knowledge that a financial irregularity is occurring or has occurred.

Responsible Unit: A recognized functional or budgetary unit within the organizational structure of the institution.



  • Report known or suspected financial irregularity to unit manager or other parties as appropriate

Responsible Unit

  • Report known or suspected financial irregularity to the Internal Audit Division
  • Provide data for investigation procedures as necessary

OUS Internal Audit Division

  • Once reported, ensure OUS Financial Irregularities Policy is followed
  • Consult with relevant Chancellor Office representative regarding appropriate measures
  • Complete investigation procedures as necessary
  • Report results of investigations to management
  • Ensure relevant system and external reporting requirements are met

Who to Contact:

Oregon University System Internal Audit Division
Phone (541) 737-2193
http://www.ous.edu/dept/intaudit/ Last Updated: 08/12/05