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Expansion of OPE Account Codes

In the report of the OPE reporting workgroup, issued March 19, 2007 to the Business Directors for reviewing, it was recommended that the OPE account codes be expanded. The workgroup report and detail of the expansion of the OPE account codes is accessible through the following links:

The PDF file contains the text of the Workgroup Report while the Excel document comprises a workbook with two worksheets:

  1. A comparison of the expanded OPE account codes to the current OPE account codes
  2. A worksheet showing the employee class codes and OUS standard deduction codes making up each new OPE account code.

The expansion of the OPE account codes would be effective July 1, 2007. The implementation of the new OPE account model will necessitate the creation of a conversion process to change the accounting overrides in the HR deduction table PTRBDLD for certain combinations of employee class codes and deduction codes. The process would be run after the last payroll is processed for the current fiscal year and before the first payroll is processed for fiscal year 2008. More information on implementation strategies and process will follow after the account model is ratified and programming of the process is complete.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the expanded OPE account codes, please contact Nick Miller, Nick_Miller@ous.edu (phone 541-737-3113).