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Below are links to recent news articles pertaining to Oregon's 7 public universities and related topics.

Higher Ed News Clips

August 20, 2013

  • OUS:
  1. [Guest Opinion] Big gifts a mixed blessing for 'University of Nike', Oregonian, 8.20.13, by Tim Nesbitt
  2. Wave of student housing projects raises concerns in Eugene, Daily Journal of Commerce, 8.19.13, by Tom Henderson
  • K-12:
  1. Audit: Portland Public Schools has the worst graduation rate among large Oregon districts, Oregonian, 8.19.13, by Betsy Hammond
  • National:
  1. Gender, Jobs and G.P.A., Inside Higher Ed, 8.20.13, by Allie Grasgreen
  2. [AP] As Price of College Rises, So Does Federal Aid, ABC News, 8.20.13
  3. Parents Turned Down for PLUS Loans Will Be Allowed to Appeal, Education News, 8.20.13, by Julia Lawrence


  • OUS:
  1. Governor nominates diverse Oregonians, others for powerful higher education boards, Oregonian, 8.19.13, by Betsy Hammond
  2. [AP] Nike's Phil Knight takes name off list of nominees for University of Oregon board, Oregonian, 8.17.13
  3. [Audio] Higher Ed Reorganization, Jefferson Public Radio
  4. [Editorial] University competition expands from Pac-12 to Pacific Rim, Oregonian, 8.16.13
  5. Building for the future, Gazette-Times, 8.18.13, by Bennett Hall
  6. Oregon State University 'greenest' school in state; 11th in U.S., Statesman Journal, 8.14.13, by Don Currie
  7. Geothermal, Solar Put Oregon Tech On All-Renewables Course, Earth Techling, 8.19.13, by Pete Danko
  • State:
  1. [Letter] There's more to the story of student debt, Oregonian, 8.18.13, by David Yaden
  2. $70 Million Of Education Initiatives Live On In Rudy Crew's Wake, OPB, 8.16.13, by Rob Manning
  • National:
  1. Bridging the Gap, Inside Higher Ed, 8.19.13, by Carl Straumsheim


  • OUS:
  1. University workers in contract struggle, Statesman Journal, 8.16.13, by Hannah Hoffman
  2. WOU gets $1 million grant for early childhood education, Statesman Journal, 8.16.13, by Peter Wong
  3. College offers free counseling, The Bulletin, 8.16.13, by Tyler Leeds
  4. Eastern Oregon University’s coliseum stays busy during renovation, Daily Journal of Commerce, 8.15.13, by Tom Henderson
  • State:
  1. [Editorial] Testing ‘Pay It Forward’, Register-Guard, 8.16.13
  • National:
  1. [Editorial] Don’t change education loan rules midstream, The Bulletin, 8.16.13
  2. [Guest Opinion] The PLUS Loan Problem, Inside Higher Ed, 8.16.13, by Justin Draeger
  3. Sallie Mae, US Dept of Ed Under FDIC Scrutiny Over Student Loans, Education News, 8.16.13, by Julia Lawrence


  • OUS:
  1. John Kitzhaber signs SB 270 allowing the University to implement an independent governing board, Daily Emerald, 8.15.13, by Jake Crump
  2. Study shows more students pay for tuition with financial aid than parental aid, Daily Emerald, 8.15.13, by Craig Garcia
  3. Current status of student loans, debt, Daily Barometer, 8.14.13, by Kaitlyn Kohlenberg
  4. UO unveils Native American studies minor, Daily Emerald, 8.14.13, by Robert Wery
  5. [AP] Student housing developer pays $5 million for site near University of Oregon, The Republic, 8.15.13
  • State:
  1. Oregon declared at 'high risk' of breaking agreement with U.S. Department of Education to rate teachers partly by test scores, Oregonian, 8.15.13, by Betsy Hammond
  • National:
  1. [Opinion] Change FAFSA Now, Chronicle of Higher Education, 8.15.13, by Sara Goldrick-Rab and Robert J. Kelchen


  • OUS:
  1. Gifts to PSU more than double in three years, Oregonian, 8.7.13, by Suzanne Pardington
  2. UO students make award-worthy documentary films, Daily Emerald, 8.12.13, by Cole Knutson
  3. Portland State University professor invents zero-gravity coffee cup, Oregonian, 8.13.13, by Julie Rutherford
  • K-12:
  1. [Editorial] Low scores don’t diminish value of Common Core, The Bulletin, 8.11.13
  • State:
  1. [Editorial] Slow down on Pay it Forward, The Bulletin, 8.13.13
  2. Pa. lawmaker latches on to Oregon's idea for tuition-free college education, Penn Live, 8.12.13, by Jan Murphy
  • National:
  1. Meritocracy or Bias?, Inside Higher Ed, 8.13.13, by Scott Jaschik
  2. Researchers Explore Factors Behind Mismatched College Choices, Chronicle of Higher Education, 8.13.13, by Casey McDermott


  • OUS:
  1. [Guest Opinion] Building on Eugene’s foundation for startups, Register-Guard, 8.11.13, by Nathan Lillegard
  2. Dozen Local Startups Selected For Program, OPB, 8.7.13, by Ilene Aleshire
  3. OSU President Calls For Increased Cooperation Statewide, Hood River News, 8.9.13, by Raelynn Ricarte
  4. Character building, Register-Guard, 8.12.13, by Diane Dietz
  5. Writers will gather for SOU conference, Mail Tribune, 8.11.13, by John Darling
  6. OSU Faculty Selected For “Early Career Development” Award, Albany Tribune, 8.11.13
  7. USDA awards grant to OSU to study forest mortality, KZTV, 8.6.13
  8. OSU archaeology team digs for answers to questions about life at Fort Yamhill, Statesman Journal, 8.9.13, by Michael Majchrowicz
  • K-12:
  1. [Editorial] Push Oregon's teacher-prep system into nation's top 10: Agenda 2013, Oregonian, 8.8.13
  • State:
  1. Merkley jumps on 'Pay it Forward' bandwagon for student loans, calls for federal pilot program, Oregonian, 8.9.13, by Jeff Mapes
  2. Is the average debt upon college graduation more than $24,000?, PolitiFact Oregon, 7.11.13
  • National:
  1. Going Broke From College Tuition? Thank the States., Bloomberg, 8.12.13, by Christopher Flavelle
  2. Student Loan Lifestyles, Inside Higher Ed, 8.12.13, by Scott Jaschik
  3. ‘Majoring in a Professor’, Inside Higher Ed, 8.12.13, by Scott Jaschik


  • OUS:
  1. New program offered to WOU medical students, Itemizer-Observer, 8.6.13
  2. OSU Focuses On Innovation, Dallas Chronicle, 8.7.13
  3. Office of Equity and Inclusion works to address accessibility concerns on campus, Daily Barometer, 8.6.13, by Kaitlyn Kohnlenberg
  4. Restart benefits design of renovation and expansion of UO student union, Daily Journal of Commerce, 8.8.13, by Inka Bajandas
  5. New Classrooms Coming To University Of Oregon, OPB News, 8.1.13
  • K-12:
  1. Time Running Out For Portland School Construction Projects, OPB, 8.8.13, by Rob Manning
  • National:
  1. [AP] Obama to sign student loan deal, 8.9.13, Gazette-Times, by Philip Elliott
  2. Study Shows Merit Based Scholarships Growing, Need Based Staying Flat, Education News, 8.5.13, by Julia Lawrence
  3. Competency-Based Transcripts, Inside Higher Ed, 8.9.13, by Paul Fain
  4. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in the Student-Loan Deal, Chronicle of Higher Education, 8.8.13, by Christine Lindstrom


  • OUS:
  1. [Editorial] Knight's UO generosity needs broader scope, Mail Tribune, 8.7.13
  2. [Guest Opinion] Tapping private resources for public university good, Oregonian, 8.7.13, by Jim Francesconi
  3. [Letter] Institutional board will benefit Oregon State, Statesman Journal, 8.6.13, by Patrick F. Stone
  4. [Letter] A change in state’s higher education, The World Link, 8.6.13, by James Clark
  5. What’s in a name? Everything for Oregon Tech president, Herald and News, 8.6.13, by Samantha Tipler
  6. The $44 million plan, Vanguard, 8.6.13, by Stephanie Fudge-Bernard
  7. PSU opens new Office of Academic Innovation, Vanguard, 8.6.13, by Shawn Veasey
  8. A Debt-Free Degree?, In These Times, 8.7.13, by Sarah Jaffe
  • National:
  1. Average Student Loan Debt Could Cost A Household $208,000 Over A Lifetime: Study, Huffington Post, 8.4.13


  • OUS:
  1. OSU chooses path to independence, Register-Guard, 7.31.13, by Diane Dietz
  2. UO President Michael Gottfredson signs letter to Congress to close ‘innovation deficit’, Daily Emerald, 8.5.13, by Cole Knutson
  3. Urban Sustainability Accelerator shares Portland's green expertise with cities around the country, Oregonian, 7.29.13, by Becca Stanek
  4. Lewis and Clark and PSU among elite green colleges, Portland Tribune, 8.5.13, by Steve Law
  5. In the Spirit of Education, Oregon Wine Press, 8.1.13, by Hilary Berg
  6. Director of Public Safety Jack Rogers bids farewell to OSU, Life @ OSU, 7.29.13
  7. Read The Pride, created by High School Journalism Institute 2013 students, Oregonian, 8.1.13, by Yuxing Zheng
  • K-12:
  1. Local school districts earn grant, The Bulletin, 8.6.13, by Tyler Leeds
  • National:
  1. Students With Credentials Fare Better as Transfers From Community Colleges, Chronicle of Higher Education, 8.6.13, by Katherine Mangan


  • OUS:
  1. [Editorial] OSU list of board nominees misses one bet, Democrat Herald, 8.4.13, by Mike McInally
  2. Agent of change, Gazette-Times, 8.4.13, by Bennett Hall
  3. Oregon Tech Professor Receives Award for Leadership in Engineering Technology Education, Oregon Tech News, 8.2.13
  4. Portland, North Clackamas and David Douglas schools win grant to help PSU produce more diverse and effective teachers, Oregonian, 8.5.13, by Betsy Hammond
  • K-12:
  1. School districts do their homework on grant spending, Mail Tribune, 8.4.13, by Janet Eastman
  • State:
  1. Oregon education reform gets $10M boost, Portland Business Journal, 8.2.13, by Matthew Kish
  2. Oregon helps lead the way in online testing, Oregonian, 8.3.13, by Betsy Hammond
  • National:
  1. Congress Passes Federal Student Loan Interest Rate Compromise, Education News, 8.5.13, by Julia Lawrence
  2. Previewing the Higher Ed Act, Inside Higher Ed, 8.5.13, by Doug Lederman
  3. [AP] From recession’s wake, innovation blooms in education, Gazette-Times, 8.5.13, by Robbie Corey-Boulet


  • OUS:
  1. Why Oregon State wants a local board, Portland Business Journal, 8.2.13, by Matthew Kish
  2. [Letter] OSU president was right to establish governing board, Gazette-Times, 8.1.13, by John V. Byrne
  3. The Value of a Liberal Arts Education in Today's Global Marketplace, Huffington Post, 7.24.13, by Edward J. Ray
  4. Lifting up startups, Register-Guard, 7.28.13, by Ilene Aleshire
  5. OSU-Cascade names Health-Wellness dean, KTVZ, 7.22.13
  6. Music festival design project strikes right note for architecture students, Daily Journal of Commerce, 7.25.13, by Inka Bajandas
  7. Powered by the Sun, But Off to a Slow Start, 7.23.13, State Impact – NPR, by Terrence Henry
  8. Beer, wine, cheese studies get boost at OSU, Portland Business Journal, 8.2.13, by Suzanne Stevens
  9. Fermentation education, The Bulletin, 7.22.13, by Rachael Rees
  10. Oregon State University expands its cheesemaking program, Oregonian, 7.27.13, by Cassie Hill and Diane Ornelas
  11. Falls City benefitting from student's research, Itemizer-Observer, 7.23.13, by Jolene Guzman
  12. Native American longhouse home away from home for Oregon State students, Oregonian, 7.27.13, by Ilda Eufragio and Calli Huang Di Storrs
  • State:
  1. Oregon's 'Pay It Forward' plan tackles loan debt, USA Today, 7.25.13, by Katey Psencik
  2. 'Pay Forward' still shifts obligations elsewhere, Oregonian, 7.23.13, by David Sarasohn
  • National:
  1. Beyond Grades, Inside Higher Ed, 8.2.13, by Paul Fain


  • OUS:
  1. [Editorial] OSU jumps aboard, Register-Guard, 8.1.13
  2. Locals recommended for OSU board, The Bulletin, 8.1.13, by Tyler Leeds
  3. Straub Hall remodel begins, Register-Guard, 8.1.13, by Diane Dietz
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. Algie Gatewood leaves Portland Community College, Portland Business Journal, 7.31.13, by Matthew Kish
  • National:
  1. Congress approves student loan plan, Washington Post, 7.31.13, by Jenna Johnson
  2. Walton foundation pumps $20 million into Teach for America, Washington Post, 7.31.13, by Lyndsey Layton


  • OUS:
  1. Campus growth prompts construction, Daily Barometer, 7.30.13, by Emma-Kate Schaake
  2. Students reap benefit from Degree Partnership Program, Daily Barometer, 7.30.13, by Kaitlyn Kohlenberg
  3. PSU’s Diversity Action Plan proving difficult to define, Vanguard, 7.30.13, by Ryan Voelker
  4. TalentShare club aims to help UO students find new talents, Daily Emerald, 7.30.13, by Cole Knutson
  5. New bus route to run by Oregon Institute of Technology's Wilsonville campus, Oregonian, 7.30.13, by Justin Runquist
  • K-12:
  1. How about a statewide property tax for Oregon schools, Gov. John Kitzhaber suggests, Oregonian, 7.31.13, by Harry Esteve
  • State:
  1. [Editorial] Investing in human capital, Mail Tribune, 7.31.13
  2. [Opinion] Pay it forward, Vanguard, 7.30.13, by Eva-Jeanette Rawlins
  • National:
  1. U.S. Higher-Education System Perpetuates White Privilege, Report Says, Chronicle of Higher Education, 7.31.13, by Casey McDermott
  2. Decline in College Enrollment Numbers Strain Budgets, Operations, Education News, 7.31.13, by Julia Lawrence


  • OUS:
  1. OSU says it will form a governing board, Gazette-Times, 7.30.13
  2. Phil Knight, Nike executive and UO donor, on the list of possible UO board members, Oregonian, 7.30.13, by Betsy Hammond
  3. [Editorial] How will OSU fare as national enrollment dips?, Gazette-Times, 7.29.13
  4. [Guest Opinion] OSU/city collaboration an ‘abusive relationship’, Gazette-Times, 7.29.13, by Tom Jensen
  • K-12:
  1. The School Bell Is About to Ring for Education Advocates, Huffington Post, 7.30.13, by Sue Hildick
  • State:
  1. The Rising Cost of Higher Education: What Now?, Rolling Stone, 7.29.13, by Rebecca Nathanson
  2. Kitzhaber on Rudy Crew: 'We knew what we were getting', Statesman Journal, 7.30.13, by Hannah Hoffman


  • OUS:
  1. Oregon’s public universities to offer immigrants in-state tuition, Herald and News, 7.28.13, by Miles Sari
  2. UO begins a new era of bargaining, Register-Guard, 7.28.13, by Diane Dietz
  3. Two sides are $6 million apart, Register-Guard, 7.28.13
  4. Portland State researchers win top international research award, Oregonian, 7.26.13, by Suzanne Pardington
  5. SOU earns national acclaim for video, Mail Tribune, 7.27.13, by Kris Henry
  • State:
  1. [Guest Opinion] The Downsides of Oregon’s ‘Pay It Forward’ Plan, National Review, 7.26.13, by Alex Holt
  2. [Editorial] Tuition idea needs more work, La Grande Observer, 7.26.13
  3. State's education leader had history of short stays at schools, Statesman Journal, 7.27.13, by Hannah Hoffman
  • National:
  1. U.S. Senate lowers student loans, The Bulletin, 7.28.13, by Tyler Leeds
  2. Could a Private University Have Made a Difference in Detroit?, The Atlantic, 7.27.13, by Justin Pope


  • OUS:
  1. Dual enrollment program with LCC shaves thousands off tuition costs for UO students, Daily Emerald, 7.25.13, by Cole Knutson
  • State:
  1. Wheeler launches campaign for educational tuition fund, Mail Tribune, 7.26.13, by John Darling
  • National:
  1. College Enrollment Falls as Economy Recovers, New York Times, 7.25.13, by Richard Perez-Pena
  2. Follow the Money, Inside Higher Ed, 7.26.13, by Paul Fain
  3. [Guest Opinion] Who Is Driving the Online Locomotive?, Chronicle of Higher Education, 7.24.13, by Rob Jenkins


  • OUS:
  1. [Editorial] OSU decision looms on governing board, Gazette-Times, 7.25.13
  2. OSU-Cascades expands offerings, Bend Bulletin, 7.25.13, by Tyler Leeds
  3. Oregon Tech Jumps More Than 100 Spots in Forbes’ Top Colleges List, Oregon Tech News, 7.25.13
  4. SOU professor earns Fulbright Award, Mail Tribune, 7.25.13
  5. Portland State University prof wins big at Comic-Con, Oregonian, 7.24.13, by Betsy Hammond
  6. CPSO talks security as reports of violence against women spike, Vanguard, 7.23.13, by Ravleen Kaur
  • State:
  1. Oregon chief education officer will have performance, travel, expenses monitored regularly from now on, Oregonian, 7.24.13, by Betsy Hammond
  • National:
  1. Senate Approves College Student Loan Plan Tying Rates to Markets, New York Times, 7.24.13, by Jeremy W. Peters
  2. [AP] Financial concerns are driving college decisions, study says, Bend Bulletin, 7.24.13, by Philip Elliott
  3. 'Shake Up' for Higher Ed, Inside Higher Ed, 7.25.13, by Scott Jaschik


  • OUS:
  1. Davies weighs in on concept, La Grande Observer, 7.24.13, by Dick Mason
  2. IntroDUCKtion looks to achieve zero waste greatness, Daily Emerald, 7.22.13, by Craig Garcia
  3. Provost’s Challenge awards $3 million in grants, Vanguard, 7.23.13, by Gwen Shaw
  4. PSU program could bridge gaps between Portland and Waco (and others), Sustainable Business Oregon, 7.23.13, by Andy Giegerich
  • State:
  1. A tale of two cities -- and their university destiny, Oregonian, 7.23.13, by David Sarasohn
  2. One more Rudy Crew expense paid by taxpayers: Moving expenses for ex-Oregon education czar, Oregonian, 7.24.13, by Betsy Hammond
  • National:
  1. [AP] Senate set to finish work on student loan deal, Gazette-Times, 7.24.13
  2. Improving the Pathway to Higher Education, Diverse Issues in Higher Ed, 7.23.13, by Brian C. Mitchell


  • OUS:
  1. Oregon Tech Ranks Highest Starting Salary College in Oregon, Oregon Tech News, 7.22.13
  2. Oregon State kicks off $125 million in construction, Portland Business Journal, 7.22.13, by Matthew Kish
  3. Burglary at UO journalism school’s Ghana compound results in $25,000 in stolen goods, Daily Emerald, 7.22.13, by Eder Campuzano
  4. Portland State University Chamber Choir wins Italian contest, Oregonian, 7.22.13, by David Stabler
  • State:
  1. [Editorial] Let's get education right this time, Herald and News, 7.23.13
  2. [Guest Opinion] On higher education, does Oregon expect too much?, Oregonian, 7.23.13, by Tim Nesbitt
  • National:
  1. Holding the Line, Inside Higher Ed, 7.23.13, by Kevin Kiley
  2. More Evidence That Colleges Are Giving Money to Those Who Need It Least, Bloomberg Business Week, 7.23.13, by Karen Weise
  3. Unpaid Interns: Silent No More, New York Times, 7.20.13, by Ross Perlin


  • OUS:
  1. Return on Investment and Why It Matters for Higher Education, Huffington Post, 7.21.13, by Chris Maples
  2. Oregon State University gives students a hefty return for their tuition dollars, group says, Oregonian, 7.22.13, by Betsy Hammond
  3. Oregon Tech gets $12 million from state, Herald and News, 7.19.13, by Nora Avery-Page
  4. Universities have a rising trend in hiring more adjunct faculty and paying them less, Register-Guard, 7.22.13, by Troy Brynelson
  5. Oregon documents shed light on NCAA investigation, Daily Emerald, 7.21.13, by Christopher Keizur
  • State:
  1. More details emerge on ex-Oregon education czar Rudy Crew's frequent travels, lack of focus on Oregon results, Oregonian, 7.20.13, by Betsy Hammond
  • National:
  1. First Oregon, Now Ohio Looking at ‘Pay It Forward’ Tuition Plan, Education News, 7.22.13, by Julia Lawrence
  2. The attack of the MOOCs, The Economist, 7.20.13
  3. [Guest Viewpoint] Why U.S. Students Don’t Major in Science, Bloomberg, 7.17.13, by Cass R. Sunstein


  • OUS:
  1. Biology seniors post ‘incredible’ scores on test, La Grande Observer, 7.19.13, by Dick Mason
  2. WOU project gets green light, Itemizer-Observer, 7.17.13, by Aaron Newton
  3. PSU will keep Electric Avenue address charged, Portland Tribune, 7.18.13, by Jim Redden
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. Anti-compete law drew blood, The Bulletin, 7.19.13, by Tyler Leeds
  • K-12:
  1. Intern Program Puts High School Students To Work, OPB, 7.18.13, by Rob Manning
  • State:
  1. [Editorial] Rudy Crew's yearlong vacation in Oregon yields lessons for OEIB, Oregonian, 7.17.13
  2. [Editorial] A message to Rudy Crew’s new employer: Thanks!, The Bulletin, 7.18.13
  • National:
  1. (Another) Apparent Loan Deal, Inside Higher Ed, 7.18.13, by Doug Lederman
  2. Deal on Student-Loan Interest Rates Will Hurt Future Borrowers, Critics Say, Chronicle of Higher Education, 7.19.13, by Kelly Field


  • OUS:
  1. PSU tuition increase lowered, effective fall 2013, Vanguard, 7.16.13, by Sheena Miller
  2. OSU says it can’t just turn over funds to city to pay for police, Gazette-Times, 7.17.13, by James Day
  3. UO preparing to renovate, expand student recreation center, Daily Journal of Commerce, 7.15.13, by Inka Bajandas
  4. University Studies program to complete review, explore changes, Vanguard, 7.16.13, by Matthew Ellis
  5. UO prof gets climate change grant, The Bulletin, 7.17.13, by Andrew Clevenger
  6. PSU regulates building access, Vanguard, 7.16.13, by Stephanie Tshappat
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. Education bill amendment aids PCCs efforts at airport, Portland Tribune, 7.12.13, by Darryl Swan
  • State:
  1. Ex-education czar Rudy Crew racked up tons of travel, expenses, vacation, records show, Oregonian, 7.16.13, by Betsy Hammond
  • National:
  1. Report Seeks to Shift the Financial-Aid Conversation From Loans to Savings, Chronicle of Higher Education, 7.15.13, by Casey McDermott


  • OUS:
  1. [Editorial] Think Too Much: The case for the liberal arts, Democrat-Herald, 7.13.13, by Mike McInally
  2. Prof probes reality in virtual realm, Gazette-Times, 7.13.13, by Mike McInally
  3. OSU-Cascades adds accounting degree, KTVZ News, 7.8.13
  4. Bookstore parking lot gone as work starts on OSU Student Experience Center, Gazette-Times, 7.9.13, by McKinley Smith
  5. Jess Lewis had field day as OSU groundskeeper, Portland Tribune, 7.11.13, by Kerry Eggers
  6. Grant helps college students recruit, retain women, R&D Magazine, 7.16.13, by National Center for Women & Information Technology
  • State:
  1. Legislators review 2013 session, Statesman Journal, 7.12.13, by Peter Wong
  2. Oregon Could Be The First State To Let Students To Go College Tuition-Free, Seattle Pi, 7.8.13, by Mandi Woodruff
  3. Gov. John Kitzhaber's Ex-Schools Chief Violated State Travel Rules, Willamette Week, 7.16.13, by Nigel Jaquiss and Alex Blum
  • National:
  1. Study Suggests Going Back to Basics: Saving to Fund Education, Diverse Issues in Higher Education, 7.15.13, by Jamaal Abdul-Alim


  • OUS:
  1. Higher education winners, Bend Bulletin, 7.14.13, by John Costa
  2. UO tuition rise less than forecast, Register-Guard, 7.13.13, by Diane Dietz
  3. Tuition buy-down means University of Oregon students will only pay 3.4 percent more next year, Daily Emerald, 7.12.13, by Eder Campuzano
  4. Oregon, Oregon State team up and form a business accelerator, Portland Business Journal, 7.8.13, by Matthew Kish
  5. Queer courses developing on, off campus, expanding to a minor program, Daily Barometer, 7.9.13, by Megan Campbell
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. Former Oregon Board of Education member hired to oversee community colleges after initial hiring deemed illegal, Oregonian, 7.12.13, by Betsy Hammond
  2. Portland Community College Cascade Campus President Algie Gatewood set to leave, Oregonian, 7.12.13, by Betsy Hammond
  • National:
  1. Stretching State Aid, Inside Higher Ed, 7.15.13, by Kevin Kiley
  2. The Gates Effect, Chronicle of Higher Education, 7.14.13, by Marc Parry, Kelly Field, and Beckie Supiano


  • OUS:
  1. New, smaller tuition increases approved for Oregon universities, Oregonian, 7.12.13, by Betsy Hammond
  2. Education finally gets a boost, Portland Business Journal, 7.12.13
  3. State bonds aid PSU construction projects, Vanguard, 7.9.13, by Coby Hutzler
  4. Oregon Tech Ranks #16 for Best Online Engineering Master's Degree, Oregon Tech News, 7.11.13
  5. 105 F. 193 laps. 661 miles. Only solar energy: OSU 'Phoenix' wins, KVAL, 7.3.13, by David Stauth
  6. OSU and 4-H partner to offer marine science camp, Gazette-Times, 7.2.13, by Anthony Rimel
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. COCC enrollment is down, Bend Bulletin, 7.12.13, by Tyler Leeds
  • State:
  1. [Editorial] On higher education, Legislature gets an incomplete, Oregonian, 7.5.13
  2. Oregon Lawmakers Pioneer Tuition-Free 'Pay it Forward, Pay it Back' College Plan, ABC News, 7.5.13, by Susanna Kim
  3. Oregon House approves tuition overhaul study, Vanguard, 7.9.13, by Matthew Ellis
  • National:
  1. Cost Estimate Puts in Doubt Deal Covering Student Loans, New York Times, 7.11.13, by Jonathan Weisman
  2. Foreign Student Dependence, Inside Higher Ed, 7.12.13, by Elizabeth Redden
  3. CFO Survey Reveals Doubts About Financial Sustainability, Inside Higher Ed, 7.12.13, by Doug Lederman


  • OUS:
  1. Legislature Approves $16 Million For New OSU Campus In Bend, OPB, 7.9.13, by David Nogueras
  2. City ready for four-year university, Bend Bulletin, 7.10.13, by Hillary Borrud
  3. Engineering students control space experiments from PSU, Vanguard, 7.9.13, by Ryan Voelker
  4. Among solar race teams, OSU shines brightest, Sustainable Business Oregon, 7.9.13, by Andy Giegerich
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. Corban University gets new president, Statesman Journal, 7.11.13, by Justin Much
  2. Dorm planning turns inward, Bend Bulletin, 7.11.13, by Tyler Leeds
  • State:
  1. [Editorial] State of debt, Daily Barometer, 7.9.13
  • National:
  1. Senators Reach Loan Deal, Inside Higher Ed, 7.10.13, by Libby A. Nelson
  2. Congress needs to fix the student loan rate problem, Oregonian, 7.10.13
  3. [AP] Deal lacking on student loans, talks continue, Gazette-Times, 7.10.13


  • OUS:
  1. Oregon plan for tuition-free, loan-free university attendance an appealing concept, not a done deal, Oregonian, 7.9.13, by Betsy Hammond
  2. Clock ticking on OSU board decision, Gazette-Times, 7.10.13, by Bennett Hall
  3. Big Oregon Universities Applaud Boards, Bonds Bills, OPB, 7.8.13, by Rob Manning
  4. Extra funding eases tuition hikes, Gazette-Times, 7.9.13, by Bennett Hall
  5. Oregon’s top research universities form accelerator to create more startups, GeekWire, 7.9.13, by Taylor Soper
  6. Gender discrimination suit against UO advances, Register-Guard, 7.10.13, by Greg Bolt
  7. A new vision for University Place Hotel, Vanguard, 7.9.13, by Ryan Voelker
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
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  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
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  • K-12:
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  2. [AP] Washington State University won't raise tuition for 1st time in 27 years, Oregonian, 7.2.13
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  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
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  • State:
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  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
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  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
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  • State:
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  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
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  2. Pacific University to launch College of Business, Oregonian, 6.21.13, by Laura Frazier
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  • K-12:
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  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
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  3. Pacific University to add five new degrees, Portland Business Journal, 6.3.13, by Matthew Kish
  • State:
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  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
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  2. Pacific University graduate's living willow project will serve as summer classroom setting, Oregonian, 6.4.13, by Emily Fuggetta
  • K-12:
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  • National:
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  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
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  • National:
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  • National:
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  • State:
  1. Matt Donegan, who turned love of the outdoors into millions, emerges as Oregon leader, Oregonian, 5.25.13, by Laura Gunderson
  • National:
  1. States Raise College Budgets After Years of Deep Cuts, Wall Street Journal, 5.28.13, by Amy Schatz
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  • OUS:
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  • State:
  1. [AP] Oregon House approves bill to allow community colleges to compete with career colleges, Oregonian, 5.23.13
  • National:
  1. House Passes Bill Tying Student-Loan Interest Rates to the Market, Chronicle of Higher Education, 5.23.13, by Kelly Field
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  • OUS:
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  5. Oregon Colleges Could Begin to Ask Students About Sexual Orientation, Education News, 5.23.13, by Jordan E. Wassell
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. Klamath Community College offers higher education classes in Lake County, Herald and News, 5.21.13, by Lee Juillerat
  • State:
  1. 'Common Core': Oregon Schools' Biggest Change You've Never Heard Of, OPB News, 5.23.13, by Rob Manning
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  • OUS:
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  • National:
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  • OUS:
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  6. Students question whether Aramark is right for PSU, Vanguard, 5.20.13, by Kimberly McGinnis
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. College officials present construction wish lists to legislators, Daily Journal of Commerce, 5.20.13, by Tom Henderson
  2. Debra Derr, Mt. Hood Community College's next president, plans for a long tenure at the Gresham campus, Oregonian, 5.21.13, by Eric Apalategui
  • National:
  1. MOOC Professors Claim No Responsibility for How Courses Are Used, Chronicle of Higher Education, 5.21.13, by Steve Kolowich


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  • National:
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  • K-12:
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  • National:
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  • OUS:
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  2. Universities now have to follow prevailing wage laws, Oregon Capitol Watch, 5.14.13, by Hannah Hoffman
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  • K-12:
  1. Kitzhaber's teacher training bill debated, Statesman Journal, 5.15.13, by Peter Wong
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  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. LBCC president speaks on educational challenges to Economic Development Commission, Gazette-Times, 5.14.13, by James Day
  • K-12:
  1. Sweet Home High yogurt shop ready for the public, Democrat-Herald, 5.13.13, by Jennifer Moody
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  • K-12:
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  • State:
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  • State:
  1. [Guest Opinion] Skilled work force needed to succeed, Statesman Journal, 5.9.13, by Martha Brooks
  2. Oregon public colleges could start asking students about their sexual orientation, Statesman Journal, 5.9.13, by Queenie Wong
  • National:
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  • State:
  1. Oregon Community Foundation has a $32M plan, Portland Business Journal, 5.8.13, by Wendy Culverwell
  • National:
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  • K-12:
  1. [Editorial] Oregon cheats students by cutting class: Agenda 2013, Oregonian, 5.7.13
  • National:
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  • National:
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  • OUS:
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  5. PSU now among top four most bike-friendly universities in America, Bike Portland, 5.1.13, by Jonathan Maus
  • State:
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  • OUS:
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  • State:
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  • National:
  1. Race to the Top Initiative Getting Mixed Reviews on the Road, Diverse Education, 5.1.13, by Lydia Lum


  • OUS:
  1. [Opinion] Extension Service budget cut will cost county substantially more, Mail Tribune, 5.1.13, by Jody Willis
  2. OSU-Cascades launches computer science degree, KTVZ, 4.30.13
  3. University Of Oregon Architecture Studio Focuses On Beaverton Performing Arts Facility‏, Albany Tribune, 4.30.13
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. COCC tuition increases by six percent, Broadside, 5.1.13, by Molly Svendsen
  2. Agreement brings international students to RCC, Mail Tribune, 4.27.13, by Paul Fattig
  • K-12:
  1. Nonprofit helps create opportunity, promotes college education, Portland Tribune, 4.30.13, by Lisa K. Anderson
  • State:
  1. [AP] Report Highlights High Preschool Costs In Oregon, Dalles Chronicle, 4.30.13
  • National:
  1. Coursera makes first foray into K-12 education with online courses for teachers, GIGaom, 5.1.13, by Ki Mae Heussner


  • OUS:
  1. SOU recognized for commitment to sustainability, Siskiyou, 4.29.13, by Kristy Evans
  2. SOU theater program bursting at the seams, Daily Tidings, 4.30.13, by Vickie Aldous
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  • K-12:
  1. Glencoe High robotics team scores All-Star Award at World Championships, Oregonian, 4.29.13, by Wendy Owen
  2. Grant Constitution Team finishes first in nation; second year in a row Oregon team wins, Oregonian, 4.29.13, by Larry Bingham
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  • OUS:
  1. New program at Oregon Tech in Wilsonville puts optics in focus, Oregonian, 4.28.13, by Michael Bamesberger
  2. New and increasing fees surprise students, Daily Emerald, 4.29.13, by Samantha Matsumoto
  3. Firearms on campus: who can carry, Vanguard, 4.24.13, by Stephanie Tshappat
  4. Out with ex-military housing, in with kitchen at UO, Daily Journal of Commerce, 4.26.13, by Tom Henderson
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. Portland Community College hires new president, Jeremy Brown, starting July 1, Oregonian, 4.27.13, by Aimee Green
  • State:
  1. College students take aim at escalating tuition bills, Portland Business Journal, 4.26.13
  • National:
  1. MOOCs, History and Context, Inside Higher Ed, 4.29.13, by Arthur Levine


  • OUS:
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  6. Smoking ban a work in progress, Vanguard, 4.24.13, by Kimberly McGinnis
  • State:
  1. College students rally for education funding, Statesman Journal, 4.25.13, by Queenie Wong
  • National:
  1. Only Sometimes for Online, Inside Higher Ed, 4.26.13, by Paul Fain


  • OUS:
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  5. Eye of the storm, Sustainable Industries, 4.23.13, by Ilana Lipsett
  6. OSU rates high as ‘green college’, Daily Barometer, 4.24.13, by Andrew McUne
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. James Middleton, president of COCC, to retire, Broadside, 4.24.13, by Cedar Goslin
  • K-12:
  1. 'A Nation at Risk': Its Legacy and Lessons Learned, Huffington Post, 4.23.13, by Sue Hildick
  • National:
  1. Measuring College Prestige vs. Cost of Enrollment, New York Times, 4.19.13, by Paul Sullivan


  • OUS:
  1. Legislature considers establishment of university boards, Vanguard, 4.22.13, by Coby Hutzler
  2. Bad Precedent or Unique Case?, Inside Higher Ed, 4.23.13, by Scott Jaschik
  3. EOU Chief Touts Mission In John Day Visit, OPB News, 4.23.13, by Angel Carpenter
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  5. Austin Hall celebrated with construction launch, Life @ OSU, 4.22.13
  6. OSU College of Science gets new dean, Gazette-Times, 4.23.13
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. Brown 'thrilled' to be PCC's new president, Portland Tribune, 4.22.13
  • State:
  1. Rudy Crew speaks at Eugene Library about plan for education, Daily Emerald, 4.22.13, by Samantha Matsumoto
  • National:
  1. A Presidential Pat for Young Scientists, New York Times, 4.22.13, by Ashley Southall
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  3. GED high school equivalency test to get major overhaul, become more difficult, Washington Post, 4.20.13, by Michael Alison Chandler


  • OUS:
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  2. [Blog] University Communication: Why Babel Fish Won't Help, Huffington Post, 4.22.13, by Mary Cullinan
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  7. The price of skipping: How much that single lecture costs you, Daily Emerald, 4.22.13, by Troy Brynelson
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. PCC Agrees To 3-Year Contract For New President, OPB, 4.22.13, by Rob Manning
  • State:
  1. Cascades campus dominates talk, Bend Bulletin, 4.20.13, by Scott Hammers
  • National:
  1. Credit Without Teaching, Inside Higher Ed, 4.22.13, by Paul Fain
  2. How to Assess the Real Payoff of a College Degree, Chronicle of Higher Education, 4.22.13, by Scott Carlson


  • OUS:
  1. SOU streamlining worries some employees, Mail Tribune, 4.19.13, by Vince Tweddell
  2. Higher education can help build sustainable future, expert says, Vanguard, 4.18.13, by Daniel Shephard
  • State:
  1. [Editorial] $280,000 is enough to expect Crew’s full-time attention, Bend Bulletin, 4.19.13
  • National:
  1. EdX Rejected, Inside Higher Ed, 4.19.13, by Ry Rivard


  • OUS:
  1. Making an impression at the capitol, Daily Barometer, 4.18.13, by Kate Virden
  2. RVTD student bus passes available, The Siskiyou, 4.15.13, by Kristy Evans
  3. Company develops solar-powered floating device to clean water, Portland Tribune, 4.17.13, by Steve Law
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. [Opinion] State must boost higher education investment, Portland Tribune, 4.18.13, by Preston Pulliams
  • State:
  1. Education Bills Moving In The Oregon Legislature, OPB, 4.17.13, by Rob Manning
  2. Economic gap between Oregon metro areas grows in February, UO gauge shows, Oregonian, 4.17.13, by Molly Young
  • National:
  1. A Rare Washington Compromise?, Inside Higher Ed, 4.18.13, by Libby A. Nelson


  • OUS:
  1. Concerns for Higher Education Budget, KDRV, 4.13.12
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  3. Army ROTC takes new approach to curb national budget shortfall, Daily Barometer, 4.17.13, by Kate Virden
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. More students failing to pay back loans, The Broadside, 4.17.13, by Scott Greenstone
  • K-12:
  1. Smith's 'stable' budget leans on legislative action, Portland Tribune, 4.15.13, by Jennifer Anderson
  • State:
  1. New bills in Legislature address debt, tuition, Vanguard, 4.16.13, by Coby Hutzler
  • National:
  1. And So It Begins, Inside Higher Ed, 4.17.13, by Libby A. Nelson


  • OUS:
  1. Ducks, NCAA agree on many 'major' violations; UO proposes probation, KATU News, 4.16.13, by John Tierney and Dan Tilkin
  2. Proposed cuts could end 4-H, other OSU Extension programs here, Daily Tidings, 4.15.13, by Ryan Pfeil
  3. Campus parking hits max, Vanguard, 4.15.13, by Turner Lobey
  4. Corvallis council kills off traffic circle, approves OSU dorm plan, Gazette-Times, 4.16.13, by James Day
  5. OSU-Cascades shares award, Bend Bulletin, 4.16.13, by Bulletin staff
  6. Oregon Tech Engineers Without Borders Receive Grant to Expand Work in Tanzania, OIT News, 4.16.13
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. RCC hikes tuition by $4 a credit, Mail Tribune, 4.16.13, by John Darling
  • State:
  1. Oregon mega-education board set to grow to 16 members, Oregonian, 4.15.13, by Betsy Hammond
  2. New Survey Reports That Oregonians Value Higher Education, Wall Street Journal Market Watch, 4.16.13
  • National:
  1. 'I Fully Expect to Die With This Debt', Chronicle of Higher Education, 4.15.13, by Stacey Patton
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  • OUS:
  1. Oregon higher education stands to get powerful new overseer, Oregonian, 4.14.13, by Betsy Hammond
  2. [Audio] Who Should Govern Oregon Universities?, OPB, 4.12.13, by Julie Sabatier
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  5. College bound: Reach Higher kicks off Shasta Promise, Redding, 4.11.13, by Laura Christman
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  • K-12:
  1. Hermiston High Creating New College Generation, OPB, 4.14.13, by Maegan Murray


  • OUS:
  1. Audit points to problems for the OUS, Register-Guard, 4.11.13, by Diane Dietz
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  3. On institutional boards, just who's the institution? 200 wiseguy words, Oregonian, 4.10.13, by David Sarasohn
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  5. Students take a shot at campus gun ban, Vanguard, 4.11.13, by Vincent Alexander
  6. OSU scientists turn wine-making waste into biodegradable products, KGW, 4.12.13, by Keely Chalmers
  7. Students question OSU accessibility, Daily Barometer, 4.12.13, by Ryan Dawes
  • K-12:
  1. Southwest Portland's Janice Levenhagen-Seeley starts Chick Tech to spark young girls' interest in technology, Oregonian, 4.11.13, by Anne Laufe
  • National:
  1. Taxing International Student Tuition, Inside Higher Ed, 4.12.13, by Elizabeth Redden
  2. Boxed In, Borrowers Struggle to Repay Private Student Loans, Chronicle of Higher Education, 4.8.13, by Allie Bidwell


  • OUS:
  1. 6th annual SOAR conference to showcase work of SOU students and faculty, The Siskiyou, 4.9.13, by Kali Persall
  2. Mathew Knight Arena is awarded certification for being green, Daily Emerald, 4.10.13, by Hannah Taylor
  3. Student-Athletes in a Different Light, Huffington Post, 4.10.13, by Chris Maples
  4. SOU to admit its first Honors College class, Mail Tribune, 4.11.13, by Vince Tweddell
  5. Audit from Secretary of State critical of spending by Oregon University System, Statesman Journal, 4.11.13, by Laura Fosmire
  6. Gottfredson addresses governance during UO Day at the Capitol, Around the O, 4.11.13
  • K-12:
  1. Franklin thrives on 'culture of smartness', Portland Tribune, 4.11.13, by Jennifer Anderson
  2. Oregon school boards may get a three-month extension on deadline to submit achievement compact goals: Chalk It Up, Oregonian, 4.10.13, by Betsy Hammond
  • National:
  1. Obama proposes prekindergarten for every low- and moderate-income 4-year-old, paid for with new cigarette tax, Oregonian, 4.10.13, by Betsy Hammond
  2. Obama's Budget Would Increase Pell Grants and Add Incentives on Some Student-Aid Money, Chronicle of Higher Ed, 4.10.13, by Kelly Field


  • OUS:
  1. Audit: Oregon's university system needs to watch spending more closely, Oregonian, 4.9.13, by Betsy Hammond
  2. SOU student funds will restore water to creek, Mail Tribune, 4.9.13, by Vince Tweddell
  3. Southern Oregon University Extends Sustainability Leadership Position Through Partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation, CSR Wire, 4.9.13, by Pam Kahl
  4. Technology puts nuclear waste to good use, KVAL, 4.8.13, by David Stauth
  5. New FamilyCare Partnership Aims to Improve Nutrition in Children and Pregnant Women, The Lund Report, 4.5.13
  6. New Web Tool Helps Avoid Flooding by Finding the Best Spots to Build Wetlands, Smithsonian, 4.5.13, by Claire Martin
  7. Students hope to learn from blowing up technology, Harold and News, 4.10.13, by Steven Silton
  • State:
  1. Neighboring Ore. counties make different recovery, Gazette-Times, 4.8.13
  • National:
  1. Report Examines Levels of Debt for College Dropouts Across Sectors, Chronicle of Higher Ed, 4.10.13, by Ann Schnoebelen
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  • OUS:
  1. University boards’ makeup stalls talks, Register-Guard, 4.9.13, by Saul Hubbard
  2. Entrepreneurship expert will co-lead OSU Venture Accelerator, Portland Business Journal, 4.8.13, by Steve Burton
  3. SALP reorganizes staff, adds new positions, Vanguard, 4.8.13, by Matthew Ellis
  4. Oregon University Uses RTLS to Ensure Disabled Students Get Accessible Classroom Furniture, RFID Journal, 4.8.13, by Clair Swedberg
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. Community colleges seek aid from state, Statesman Journal, 4.8.13, by Peter Wong
  • K-12:
  1. Sunset High School principal and dad protests large class sizes, Oregonian, 4.8.13, by Wendy Owen
  • National:
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  • OUS:
  1. Bill for tuition freezes heard in legislature, likely to pass Higher Education Committee, Daily Emerald, 4.5.13, by Samantha Matsumoto
  2. OSU names chief startup officer for Venture Accelerator, Gazette-Times, 4.8.13
  3. Filmmaker documents experiences of OSU students, Gazette-Times, 4.8.13, by Mike McInally
  • Other Northwest Higher Education:
  1. Mt. Hood Community College names Debra Derr next president, Oregonian, 4.6.13, by Larry Bingham
  2. Glenda Alfaro, Mt. Hood Community College, places second in national competition, Oregonian, 4.6.13, by Larry Bingham
  3. [AP] Washington higher-ed idea: Bill international students more, Oregonian, 4.5.13
  • National:
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  • OUS:
  1. Professor or Administrator?, Chronicle of Higher Education, 4.3.13, by Eileen Barrett and Mary Cullinan
  2. Ecampus adapts OSU courses, Daily Barometer, 4.5.13, by Jack Lammers
  3. Effort brewing to consolidate fermentation sciences at OSU, Statesman Journal, 4.5.13, by Peter Wong
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. Mt. Hood Community College student reaches final round in Clinton global challenge, Oregonian, 4.4.13, by Eric Apalategui
  • State:
  1. State Senate Committee Considers Another Way To Govern Education, OPB, 4.5.13, by Rob Manning
  • National:
  1. It's a Flipping Revolution, Chronicle of Higher Education, 4.4.13, by Steven Neshyba


  • OUS:
  1. Three minutes to change the world, Gazette-Times, 4.4.13, by Bennett Hall
  2. Portland State hosts nation’s first brewing industry program, Vanguard, 3.4.13, by Matthew Ellis
  3. PSU professor leads breakthrough water rights agreement, Vanguard, 4.3.13, by Ravleen Kaur
  • State:
  1. Tuition equity opens Oregon to all our kids: Agenda 2013, Oregonian, 4.3.13
  2. Senate panel will consider unit to promote fermentation products, Statesman Journal, 4.4.13, by Peter Wong
  • National:
  1. US MOOC platforms’ openness questioned, Times Higher Education, 4.4.13, by Chris Parr


  • OUS:
  1. Student Loan Interest Rates Could Double by July 1st, KOBI, 4.1.13, by Christine Pitawanich
  2. Rising up: UO-grown companies boost revenue, job figures, Portland Business Journal, 4.2.13, by Andy Giegerich
  3. Oregon State University gets $4.7 million to study ways to keep young people healthy, fit, Oregonian, 4.2.13, by Katy Muldoon
  4. SOU Students Do Good Works During 'Spring Break' Efforts, OPB News, 3.25.13, by Shannon Houston
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. Portland Community College Makes Offer To Potential President, OPB News, 4.3.13, by Rob Manning
  • State:
  1. In-state tuition for immigrants bill signed into law, Statesman Journal, 4.3.13, by Peter Wong
  2. Oregon Business Leaders Sound Alarm About the State’s “Skills Gap”, America’s Edge, 4.2.13
  3. Eight Oregon math and science majors named tops in nation, aim for cutting-edge research, Oregonian, 4.3.12, by Betsy Hammond
  4. More Oregon students have attention deficits, autism and developmental delays, Oregonian, 4.3.13, by Betsy Hammond
  • National:
  1. Many Colleges Could Lose Federal Aid Eligibility Under New Interpretation of Rule, Chronicle of Higher Education, 4.3.13, by Allie Bidwell
  2. Three's Company, Inside Higher Ed, 4.3.13, by Ry Rivard


  • OUS:
  1. Adult learners flood Oregon’s college campuses, Portland Business Journal, 3.29.13, by Dominique Fong
  2. Are Universities Responsible for Their Graduates' Careers? Huffington Post, 4.2.13, by Mary Cullinan
  3. [AP] Tsunami training: Universities will teach teachers about dangers, Oregonian, 4.1.13
  4. Zipcar brings all-electric vehicles to PSU campus, Vanguard, 4.1.13, by Coby Hutzler
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. Oregon community colleges by the numbers: Chalk It Up, Oregonian, 4.2.13, by Betsy Hammond
  2. Vets launch ventures, Bend Bulletin, 3.31.13, by Rachael Rees
  • State:
  1. [AP] Kitzhaber to sign illegal-immigrant tuition equity bill, Oregonian, 4.2.13
  2. Oregon must close skills gap to meet changing workforce demands, new report says, Oregonian, 4.2.13, by Molly Young
  • National:
  1. Confusion on College Costs, Inside Higher Ed, 4.2.13, by Libby A. Nelson
  2. Creativity: a Cure for the Common Curriculum, Chronicle of Higher Education, 4.1.13, by Dan Berrett


  • OUS:
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  • State:
  1. [Editorial] Oregon College Savings Plan is a wise investment, Bend Bulletin, 3.30.13
  2. Oregon Issues Lottery Debt Surpassing AAA Securities: Muni Deals, Bloomberg, 4.1.13, by Romy Varghese


  • National:


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  • OUS:
  1. Students, others urge more funding for higher education, Statesman Journal, 3.27.13, by Peter Wong
  2. Institutions Are Increasingly Incorporating Online Technologies Into Their Long-Term Plans, Diverse Issues in Higher Education, 3.27.13, by Jamaal Abdul-Alim
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. Mt. Hood Community College makes it to a different Sweet 16, Oregonian, 3.27.13, by Eric Apalategui
  • National:
  1. Tuition assist back on for military, Bend Bulletin, 3.27.13, by Scott Hammers
  2. State Budgeters' View of Higher Ed, Inside Higher Ed, 3.27.13, by Doug Lederman
  3. Online education gives students ‘College Lite,’ one byte at a time, Bend Bulletin, 3.27.13, by Norman Matloff
  4. Tuition Hikes: Why Higher Education Spends Millions On Campus Cosmetics, CBS Local, 3.27.13, by Corey Whelan


  • OUS:
  1. WOU, Maps partner on financial literacy program for students, Statesman Journal, 3.25.2013, by Justin Much
  2. PSU's new online course teaches the Business of Craft Brewing, Oregonian, 3.26.2013, by John Foyston
  3. At Portland State U., Beer Is Just Business, Chronicle of Higher Education, 3.26.2013, by Scott Carlson
  4. Craft Brew U: New Portland State program to teach the business of brewing, Portland Business Journal, 3.26.2013, by Matthew Kish
  • State:
  1. [Editorial] Kitzhaber laments lack of cooperation, East Oregonian, 3.22.2013
  2. Can Better Organization Produce More Graduates?, Stateline, 3.20.2013, by Ben Wieder
  3. Oregon legislators to consider bills allowing out-of-state veterans to pay in-state tuition, Oregonian, 3.25.2013, by Mike Francis
  • National:
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  • OUS:
  1. Oregon State taps Glenn Ford for top finance job, Portland Business Journal, 3.22.2013, by Matthew Kish
  2. Historic day for OSU track and field, Statesman Journal, 3.23.2013, by Steve Ritchie
  • K-12:
  1. College prospects track higher, East Oregonian, 3.22.2013, by Natalie Wheeler
  2. College degrees: Effort underway to get more low-income Multnomah County students to earn them, Oregonian, 3.24.2013, by Betsy Hammond
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  8. Oregon Approves In-State Tuition Break for Immigrant Students, Chronicle of Higher Education, 3.21.2013, by Nick DeSantis
  • National:
  1. Recruiters deal with loss of tuition program, Observer, 3.22.2013, by Pat Caldwell


  • OUS:
  1. University of Oregon split water with sunlight, Clean Energy Authority, 3.22.13, by Chris Meehan
  2. SOU workshop explores emerging forms of written expression, Mail Tribune, 3.22.13, by Vince Tweddell
  • K-12:
  1. Oregon District Adds Online School, Courses To Provide Student Flexibility, T.H.E. Journal, 3.21.13, by Joshua Bolkan
  • State:
  1. Senate approval clears way for tuition equity to become law after decade-long effort, Oregonian, 3.22.13, by Yuxing Zheng
  • National:
  1. How MOOCs Can Bridge the STEM Gap, Huffington Post, 3.21.13, by Wendy Drexler
  2. Stopping the clock: Colleges under fire over transfer credits that don't count, NBC News, 3.22.13, by Jon Marcus
  3. Budget Cuts in Higher Education and Increased Student Costs Will Harm the Economy Over Time, Experts Say, City Town Info, 3.21.13, by Aimee Hosler


  • OUS:
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  2. UO, OSU push economic teamwork, Gazette-Times, 3.21.13, by Bennett Hall
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  6. Oregon State Ups Efficiency of Equipment for Disabled Students with Real Time Tracking, Campus Technology, 3.21.13, by Kevin Hudson
  7. Bringing Barley Back to the Valley: OSU Rejuvenates Oregon’s Barley Crop, Brewers Get Amped, Corvallis Advocate, 3.21.13, by Bridget Egan
  8. Adjunct Fired and Arrested, Inside Higher Ed, 3.18.13, by Carl Straumsheim
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. LBCC board divided over tuition hike, Gazette-Times, 3.21.13, by Steve Lathrop
  • State:
  1. Oregon Senate to vote on in-state tuition for immigrant students, Statesman Journal, 3.21.13, by Peter Wong
  2. [AP] Sequester suspends college tuition aid to 350 members of Oregon National Guard, Oregonian, 3.20.13
  • National:
  1. Money for Military, Not Poli Sci, Inside Higher Ed, 3.21.13, by Libby A. Nelson
  2. State Cuts, Sequester Add to College Sticker Shock, CNBC, 3.20.13, by John W. Schoen


  • OUS:
  1. Heaven or Hell?, Huffington Post Blog, 3.19.13, by Mary Cullinan
  2. OSU grad honored for pursuing education despite challenges, Gazette-Times, 3.18.13, by Steve Lathrop
  3. Students building class apps: 'It's just logic and a little creativity', KVAL, 3.15.13, by Nicole Comstock
  4. Researchers turn winemaking trash into potential treasure, MSN News, 3.15.13, by Anastasia Poland
  • State:
  1. Tuition equity bill clears Senate education committee, Oregonian, 3.19.13, by Yuxing Zheng
  2. Coalition to reform PERS visits The Oregonian editorial board, Oregonian, 3.19.13, by Susan Nielsen
  • National:
  1. Jobs, Value and Affirmative Action: A Survey of Parents About College, Inside Higher Ed, 3.20.13, by Scott Jaschik
  2. They're Transfer Students, Not Cash Cows, Chronicle of Higher Education, 3.18.13, by Alexander P. Ott and Bruce S. Cooper


  • OUS:
  1. SOU sets strategy to become a 'destination', Mail Tribune, 3.16.13, by Vince Tweddell
  2. PSU psychologist wins $5 million Defense Department grant to train supervisors of employed veterans, Oregonian, 3.15.13, by Mike Francis
  3. Connecting K–12 STEM to College, After School, NSTA, 3.12.13, by Debra Sharpiro
  4. [AP] Oregon State University plan would build dorm on campus parking lot, Oregonian, 3.18.13
  • K-12:
  1. Beaverton teacher gets kids thinking about college in kindergarten, Oregonian, 3.15.13, by Wendy Owen
  • State:
  1. [Editorial] Student loans create debt trap that must be fixed, Oregonian, 3.17.13
  2. Portland area's college-educated workers depress metro earning power by choosing low-paying fields, shorter hours, Oregonian, 3.18.13, by Betsy Hammond
  3. Governor John Kitzhaber talks education funding and initiatives at Madison High town hall, Oregonian, 3.18.13, by Nicole Dungca
  • National:
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  • OUS:
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  • State:
  1. [Editorial] Oregon should dig in on teacher quality: Agenda 2013, Oregonian, 3.14.13
  2. [Guest Columnist] Why I support tuition equity for Oregon students, Oregonian, 3.15.13, by Chuck Thomsen
  3. Nearly 1,700 Oregon students got diplomas without passing state reading test, showed skills another way, Oregonian, 3.15.13, by Betsy Hammond
  • National:
  1. Going Beyond Interest Rates, Inside Higher Ed, 3.14.13, by Libby A. Nelson


  • OUS:
    1. Tuition debt proposal 'pays it forward', Portland Tribune, 3.14.13, by Rachel Seigneur
    2. PSU Gets Grant To Study Veterans' Return To Work, OPB News, 3.13.13, by April Baer
    3. Faculty contract negotiations begin with bagpipes in the park, Vanguard, 3.14.13, by Coby Hutzler
    4. Reports of campaigning could lead to the first ASUO elections violation, Daily Emerald, 3.13.13, by Ian Campbell
    5. PSU ready to stub out campus smoking, Portland Tribune, 3.14.13, by Dr. Howard K. Kohn and Jackie Balzer
  • State:
    1. Student Equity Bill puts undocumented students on a level playing field, The Broadside, 3.13.13, by Darwin Ikard
    2. Oregon’s tuition equity bill on its way to passing, Vanguard, 3.14.13, by Eva-Jeanette Rawlins
  • National:
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  • OUS:
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  2. SOU raises tuition rates by 5.8 percent for next year, The Siskiyou, 3.11.13, by Nathan Dickey
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  4. Team of PSU graduate students wins national award, Vanguard, 3.11.13, by Ashley Rask
  5. Dean of Students office looks to change portrayal of ‘the other side of college’, Daily Emerald, 3.10.13, by Sam Stites
  • State:
  1. [Guest Opinion] Tuition equity is good for Oregon, Bend Bulletin, 3.12.13, by Barbara Fontaine
  • National:
  1. Profit and the Public Good, Inside Higher Ed, 3.12.13, by Paul Fain


  • OUS:
  1. [Editorial] Oregon should boost college scholarships, but not with bond debt, Oregonian, 3.9.13
  2. [Opinion] Affordable higher ed needs more log-rolling, Oregonian, 3.9.13, by David Sarasohn
  3. PSU joins effort to go smoke-free by 2016, Oregonian, 3.8.13, by Sara Hottman
  4. SOU selects tech exec to boost brand, Mail Tribune, 3.11.13, by Vince Tweddell
  • K-12:
  1. Bill factors teacher competency in cuts, Statesman Journal, 3.11.13, by Hannah Hoffman
  • National:
  1. Less Funding for Soldiers, Inside Higher Ed, 3.11.13, by Carl Straumsheim
  2. Next Fiscal Deadline Has Programs at Risk, Diverse Education, 3.10.13, by Charles Dervarics
  3. Are There Too Many Ph.D.s And Not Enough Jobs?, OPB News, 3.11.13


  • OUS:
  1. Stimulating Entrepreneurism Immediately After Graduation: A Modest, Scalable Proposal, Huffington Post, 3.5.13, by Chris Maples
  2. Older students flooding schools, Bend Bulletin, 3.8.13, by Mac McLean
  3. OSU signs memorandum confirming partnership to help veterans, Life @ OSU, 3.8.13
  4. Portland State wants to remake the Park Blocks' ugliest building into a sports, study and event showcase, Oregonian, 3.7.13, by Betsy Hammond
  5. OSU-city group still weighing rental issues, Gazette-Times, 3.8.13, by James Day
  • State:
  1. [Guest Columnist] Co-chairs' budget represents a false hope for Oregon education funding, Oregonian, 3.8.13, by Mark Johnson
  2. [Guest Columnist] Securing stable school funding for Oregon requires statewide cooperation, Oregonian, 3.8.13, by Tina Kotek
  3. Bill would ease burden of student debt, Statesman Journal, 3.7.13, by Laura Fosmire
  4. Scholarship bonds plan advances, Register-Guard, 3.8.13, by Saul Hubbard
  • National:
  1. Measuring the MOOC Dropout Rate, Inside Higher Ed, 3.8.13, by Ry Rivard


  • OUS:
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  2. Local boards under state legislative review, Daily Barometer, 3.7.13, by Jack Lammers
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  • K-12:
  1. Beaverton robotics teams among those headed to World Championships, Oregonian, 3.6.13, by Wendy Owen
  • State:
  1. Undocumented students closer to receiving in-state tuition, Vanguard, 3.6.13, by Jamie Dunkle
  • National:
  1. Getting to the Bottom of the $10,000 Bachelor's Degree, Chronicle of Higher Education, 3.4.13, by Eric Kelderman
  2. MOOCs R Us, Inside Higher Ed, 3.7.13, by Carolyn Foster Segal


  • OUS:
  1. Oregon public colleges face some of the nation's most staggering financial straits, Oregonian, 3.5.13, by Betsy Hammond
  2. New student loan regulations announced, Mail Tribune, 3.5.13, by Shannon Houston
  3. Oregon Universities Growing At Twice The National Rate, OPB, 3.5.13, by Rob Manning
  4. Arlene Schnitzer creates new visual arts prize at Portland State University, Oregonian, 3.6.13, by David Stabler
  5. [Opinion] PSU’s conservation challenge, Vanguard, 3.5.13, by Stephanie Fudge-Bernard
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. Hillsboro councilors give big thumbs up and $100,000 to PCC's Future Connect program, Oregonian, 3.6.13, by Andrew Theen
  • State:
  1. [Guest Opinion] House passed a flawed tuition equality bill, Statesman Journal, 3.5.13, by Vic Gilliam
  2. State has the chance to invest in brains, Portland Tribune, 3.6.13, by the Editorial Board
  • National:
  1. Students and States Near a 50-50 Split on the Cost of Public Higher Education, Chronicle of Higher Education, 3.6.13, by Eric Kelderman
  2. Dangerous and Possibly Anonymous, Inside Higher Ed, 3.6.13, by Ry Rivard


  • OUS:
  1. Enrollment And Tuition Up, State Funding Down At Oregon Universities, OPB News, 3.4.13, by Rob Manning
  2. New bill could put an end to student debt, Daily Emerald, 3.3.13, by Samantha Matsumoto
  3. Once homeless and a teen mom, Oregon State University grad named nation's outstanding adult degree-earner, Oregonian, 3.4.13, by Betsy Hammond
  4. Oregon State hopes Nike-led rebrand boosts national identity, Portland Business Journal, 3.4.13, by Erik Siemers
  5. Legislative budgets provide more funds to natural resource agencies, Capital Press, 3.4.13, by Mitch Lies
  • State:
  1. K-12 schools get big increase, PERS gets cut in Oregon budget proposal, Oregonian, 3.4.13, by Harry Esteve
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  • National:
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  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. Portland Community College names 3 finalists to become its next president, Oregonian, 2.28.2013, by Betsy Hammond
  • State:
  1. Wheeler’s plan ‘answers’ college access questions, Portland Business Journal, 3.1.2013, by Matthew Kish
  • National:
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  • OUS:
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  3. Oregon campuses strive for safety in different ways, Vanguard, 2.28.13, by Stephanie Tshappat
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  • State:
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  2. [Editorial] Employers should keep their noses out of Facebook, Oregonian, 2.27.13
  • National:
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  • OUS:
  1. [Editorial] Rose well-suited to role, Register-Guard, 2.27.13
  2. Zipcar hopes Fits will electrify PSU, Sustainable Business Oregon, 2.26.13, by Andy Giegerich
  • K-12:
  1. Schools Pushing For More 'Highly Qualified' Teachers, OPB, 2.26.13, by Rob Manning
  • State:
  1. Proposed Senate Bill 222: High School graduation requirement with college credits could pressure school districts, The Broadside, 2.27.13, by Scott Greenstone
  • National:
  1. Scholars and Aid Officers Brace for Looming Budget Cuts, Chronicle of Higher Education, 2.25.13, by Kelly Field
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  • OUS:
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  2. [Editorial] House makes right call on tuition equity, Gazette-Times, 2.26.13
  3. [Guest Opinion] Will Oregon's 40-40-20 goal produce too many college graduates?, Oregonian, 2.26.13, by Sriram Khé
  •  National:
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  • OUS:
  1. [Editorial] Putting together the pieces of higher education, Oregonian, 2.22.13
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  • K-12:
  1. U.S. high school graduation rate up sharply, but red flags abound, Global Post, 2.25.13, by Stephanie Simon
  • State:
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  • National:
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  3. High Debt and Falling Demand Trap New Vets, New York Times, 2.23.13, by David Segal


  • OUS:
  1. Fearless Leadership in an Uncertain World, Huffington Post, 2.20.2013, by Mary Cullinan
  2. Veterans in College: Part of the Next Great Generation, Huffington Post, 2.21.2013, by Chris Maples
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  • K-12:
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  • National:
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  • OUS:
  1. PSU wins numerous awards from CASE, PSU News, 2.18.13, by University Communications
  2. PSU's 'Glass Tower' And New College Have Arts In Common, OPB, 2.21.13, by Rob Manning
  3. PSU eyes changes to child care on campus, Vanguard, 2.20.13, by Mary Breaden
  4. Natural gas testing at COCC could double your MPGs, The Broadside, 2.20.13, by Anna Quensenberry
  • K-12:
  1. Facebook gives $100,000 to school, Bend Bulletin, 2.21.13, by Elon Glucklich
  2. Fewer in Oregon try AP classes, Statesman Journal, 2.21.13, by Stefanie Knowlton
  • National:
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  • OUS:
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  2. How student debt breaks down at Oregon universities, Statesman Journal, 2.20.13, by Laura Fosmire
  • State:
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  • National:
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  • OUS:
  1. Groups want look at job roles in Oregon colleges and universities, Register-Guard, 2.19.13, by Saul Hubbard
  2. Provost to invest $3 million in cyber-based upgrades, Vanguard, 2.18.13, by Jaime Dunkle
  3. Speaker urges students to help, La Grande Observer, 2.18.13, by Dick Mason
  4. Construction begins on test facility for new nuclear energy concept, KVAL, 2.18.13, by David Stauth
  • K 12:
  1. STEM conference on Friday geared at Latina high schoolers in Forest Grove, Hillsboro and Beaverton, Oregonian, 2.18.13, by Andrea Castillo
  • State:
  1. Tuition equity bill heads to Oregon House after committee approves it, Oregonian, 2.18.13, by Yuxing Zheng
  • National:
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  6. Students, faculty target administrators at Oregon’s public universities, The Register-Guard, 2.18.13, by Saul Hubbard
  • State:
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  • OUS:
  1. Q&A: Interim Chancellor Melody Rose on higher education reform, Portland Business Journal, 2.14.13, by Matthew Kish
  2. Portland's tech renaissance is great for software developers, not so for those looking to hire, Oregonian, 2.14.13, by Mike Rogoway
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  4. New RVTV goes digital, has new handle, Mail Tribune, 2.11.13, by Shannon Houston
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  6. Technology flows from PSU to Rwanda, Vanguard, 2.14.13, by Kaela O’Brien
  • K-12:
  1. Beaverton School District sends taxpayers the wrong message by hiring PR firm: Agenda 2013, Oregonian, 2.14.13
  • State:
  1. Tuition equity bill -- with some tweaks -- expected to reach full House soon, Oregonian, 2.15.13, by Yuxing Zheng
  • National:
  1. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici leads the charge on a new approach to science and math education, Oregonian, 2.14.13, by Charles Pope
  2. Colleges Ask Government to Clarify Rules for Credit Based on Competency, Chronicle of Higher Education, 2.11.13, by Kelly Field


  • OUS:
  1. Melody Rose named interim chancellor of Oregon University System, Portland Business Journal, 2.14.13, by Matthew Kish
  2. Vice chancellor Melody Rose named interim chancellor of Oregon public universities, first woman in post, Oregonian, 2.14.13, by Betsy Hammond
  3. Melody Rose Will be New Higher Ed Chancellor, Willamette Week, 2.14.13
  4. PSU students upgrade modular classroom for health, sustainability, Oregonian, 2.14.13, by Sara Hottman
  • State:
  1. Emotional legislative hearing on tuition equity leaves supporters crying, opponents fuming, Oregonian, 2.13.13, by Yuxing Zheng
  2. Oregon schools need a more supportive, ambitious state: Agenda 2013 Oregonian, 2.13.13
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  • State:
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  • OUS:
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  • National:
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  • OUS:
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  • State:
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  • National:
  1. Community Colleges Respond to Demand for STEM Graduates, Chronicle for Higher Ed, 2.11.13, by Katherine Mangan


  • OUS:
  1. Lawmaker questions whether independent boards for UO and PSU will have enough power, Oregonian, 2.7.13, by Betsy Hammond
  2. Oregon State's online degrees program rated in nation's Top 10, Oregonian, 2.7.13, by Betsy Hammond
  3. PSU ‘ReThinks’ philosophy for future, Portland Business Journal, 2.8.13, by Matthew Kish
  • K-12:
  1. Oregon public school enrollment rises, Register-Guard, 2.8.13, by Susan Palmer
  • State:
  1. School Officials Suspect 'Bias' In Oregon Teacher Exams, OPB, 2.7.13, by Rob Manning
  2. State pushes for higher education transparency, Portland Business Journal, 2.7.13, by Ben Jacklet
  • National:
  1. Dispensing Computers, Inside Higher Ed, 2.8.13, by Alexandra Tilsley
  2. Private Student Loans a Nightmare for Some Co-Signing Parents, Diverse Issues in Higher Education, 2.7.13, by Aleena Gardezi


  • OUS:
  1. Independent boards to govern UO and PSU: Lawmakers will start debate on them today, Oregonian, 2.7.13, by Betsy Hammond
  2. Gov. John Kitzhaber’s budget recommends $230.3 million for University of Oregon expansions and renovations, Daily Emerald, 2.6.13, by Kirah Ingram
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  • State:
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  • National:
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  • OUS:
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  2. Committed to maintaining affordability, 2.5.13, Life@OSU, by Sabah Randhawa and Mark McCambridge
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  5. $1 million worth of progress, Vanguard, 2.5.13, by Eva-Jeanette Rawlins
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  • K-12:
  1. Portland Public Schools students kick off campaign against state standardized tests, Oregonian, 2.6.13, by Nicole Dungca
  • State:
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  • National:
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  • State:
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  • National:
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  • OUS:
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  3. UOPD aims to provide better service if guns on campus are approved, Daily Emerald, 2.1.13, by Kirah Ingram
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  • K-12:
  1. Portland Public Schools students push standardized test boycott, Oregonian, 2.1.13, by Nicole Dungca
  • State:
  1. Unlocking doors to Oregon colleges: Agenda 2013 (Improve educational funding and function), Oregonian, 2.2.13
  2. State treasurer Ted Wheeler asks students to rally for Oregon constitutional amendment,  Daily Emerald, 2.4.13, by Dashiell Paulson
  • National:
  1. Moody's: Higher Ed Downgrades Vastly Exceeded Upgrades in 2012, Inside Higher Ed, 2.4.13
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  3. Oregon State University draws $25 million in donations for engineering, performing arts, Oregonian, 1.31.13, by Betsy Hammond
  4. OSU Announces Gifts Totaling $25 Million, OPB, 1.31.2013, by Rob Manning
  5. Lawsuit against University of Oregon dismissed, Register-Guard, 2.1.13, by Greg Bolt
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  • National:
  1. Law Schools’ Applications Fall as Costs Rise and Jobs Are Cut, New York Times, 1.30.13, by Ethan Bronner
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  • OUS:
  1. Acting Presidential, Huffington Post, 1.30.13, by Chris Maples
  2. Oregon State University wins crucial grant to design, build ocean research vessels, Oregonian, 1.31.13, by Scott Learn
  3. New OSU consortium on unmanned aerial sensing, KTVZ, 1.29.13
  4. PSU offers new real estate master’s, Vanguard, 1.30.13, by Kaela Obrien
  5. Sustainability efforts gain national attention, Vanguard, 1.30.13, by Ryan Voelker
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. College’s use of alternative contracting draws fire, Daily Journal of Commerce, 1.30.13, by Tom Henderson
  • K 12:
  1. Oregon schools fail to budge the state's low graduation rate, Oregonian, 1.31.13, by Betsy Hammond
  2. New Rules Don't Appear To Affect Graduation Rates, OPB, 1.31.13, by Rob Manning
  • National:
  1. Keeping Diversity at the Center of the STEM Higher Education Agenda in 2013, Diverse Education, 1.30.13, by Lorelle Espinosa
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  • OUS:
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  5. [AP] Oregon State to lead work on research vessels, Bend Bulletin, 1.30.13
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. Hands-on computer science camp at Pacific University exposes girls to male-dominated industry, Oregonian, 1.29.13, by Emily Fuggetta
  • National:
  1. Fewer Bucks, More Bangs, Inside Higher Ed, 1.29.13, by Kevin Kiley
  2. Obama's Immigration Plan, Inside Higher Ed, 1.30.13, by Libby A. Nelson


  • OUS:
  1. [Opinion] On higher education, Oregon again gets board, Oregonian, 1.29.13, by David Sarasohn
  2. Higher ed will have Kitzhaber's stamp, Statesman Journal, 1.28.13
  3. Ka-ching! PSU gets $1 mil for graduating students, Vanguard, 1.28.13, by Turner Lobey
  4. Portland State University Library awarded Muslim Journeys Bookshelf collection from the National Endowment for the Humanities, American Library Association, Oregonian, 1.28.13
  • State:
  1. Charter school advocates rank Oregon 26th, Oregonian, 1.29.13
  • National:
  1. Taxpayers claiming college tuition credits can also expect delayed refunds Oregonian, 1.28.13, by Brent Hunsberger
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  • OUS:
  1. Pernsteiner severance agreement approved by State Board of Higher Education, Oregonian, 1.28.13
  2. George Pernsteiner, Oregon higher ed chancellor, resigns in face of looming changes; The Oregonian; By Brad Schmidt; 1-25-13
  3. UO president Michael Gottfredson’s plans for a local governing board, transparency, Daily Emerald, 1.28.13, by Dashiell Paulson
  4. New study suggests Oregon health and science majors are declining, Daily Emerald, 1.28.13, by Nicholas Filipas
  • State:
  1. For Rudy Crew, tough Oregon budget means a harder sell, Oregonian, 1.26.13, by Susan Nielsen
  2. Oregon Schools Receive $26.5 Million From State’s Common School Fund‏, Albany Tribune, 1.28.13


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  13. ASUO President Laura Hinman removed from office, Daily Emerald, 1.22.13, by Ian Campbell
  • State:
  1. Planned Oregon Education Database Raises Thorny Questions, OPB, 1.24.13, by Rob Manning
  • K-12:
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  • OUS:
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  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
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  • State:
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  6. OSU professors research earthquake activity potential, Daily Barometer, 10.17.12, by Callie Simmons
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  • National:
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  • OUS:
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  • State:
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  • National:
  1. Cracking Down on PLUS Loans, Inside Higher Ed, 10.12.12, by Libby Nelson
  2. Universities Are Vast Copy Machines—and That’s a Good Thing, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 10.12.12, by Siva Vaidhyanathan


  • OUS:
  1. $450,000 awarded to Oregon’s public colleges and universities by Lumina Foundation for “reverse transfer” degree program, Daily Emerald, 10.10.12, by Becky Metrick
  2. MFA in Creative Writing program receives national recognition, Daily Barometer, 10.11.12, by Vinay Ramkrishnan
  3. OSU recognizes Moon Tree as living history, Gazette-Times, 10.11.12, by Joce DeWitt
  4. Eugene City Council sets hearing on tougher penalties for wild parties, Register-Guard, 10.11.12, by Edward Russo
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
  1. OHSU gets $1M to build smarter electronic records systems, Portland Business Journal, 10.11.12, by Suzanne Stevens
  • State:
  1. Oregon chief education officer Rudy Crew talks education reform with Washington County parents, Oregonian, 10.10.12, by Andrea Castillo
  2. Record number of Oregon schools need improvement, state says, Oregonian, 10.11.12, by Betsy Hammond


  • OUS:
  1. New student health care plan “breaks down the silos”, The Siskiyou, 10.10.12, by Shannon Houston
  2. Keep more money in your pocket, Vanguard, 10.9.12, by Alyck Horton
  3. Former Duck Jonathan Stewart donates $250,000 to Casanova Center expansion, Daily Emerald, 10.9.12, by Matt Walks
  4. OSU-Cascades takes first step in developing club sports program, Gazette-Times, 10.10.12
  • State:
  1. Rudy Crew Proposes New Education Programs, Funding Shift, OPB, 10.10.12, by Rob Manning
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  • OUS:
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  • State:
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  • National:
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  • OUS:
  1. State legislative panel endorses autonomy for UO, other universities, Register-Guard, 10.5.12, by Diane Dietz
  2. [Editorial] States downgrade research, Register-Guard, 10.5.12
  3. 2012 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awardees Announced, NSF, 10.4.12
  4. Oregon State blackout games are back on as Beavers backtrack from prohibition based on racial concerns, Oregonian, 10.4.12
  5. New 978-bed apartment building for Portland State students signals neighborhood shift, Oregonian, 10.5.12, by Elliot Njus
  • National:
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  8. 4-H Awarded $5 Million to Continue Expansion of National Mentoring Program, My Fox Maine, 10.4.12
  9. Carl Talton, executive chair for Portland Family of Funds, joins the PSU Foundation board, Oregonian, 10.4.12, by Suzanna Pardington
  • National:
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  • OUS:
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  • State:
  1. Oregon’s Real Education Spending Has Quadrupled Since 1957, Cascade Policy, 9.28.12, by Steve Buckstein
  • National:
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  • OUS:
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  3. Rising to the challenge, Vanguard, 9.27.12, by Ravleen Kaur
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  • K-12:
  1. Oregon wins $6.3 million grant to create better English proficiency tests for bilingual students, Oregonian, 9.25.2012, by Betsy Hammond
  • National:
  1. Campus Employment Stagnates, Inside Higher Ed, 9.26.2012, by Doug Lederman
  2. As Loan Servicers Multiply, So Do Problems for Students, College Officials Say, Chronicle of Higher Education, 9.23.2012, by Michael Stratford


  • OUS:
  1. Portland State University lands on U.S. News list of growing schools, Oregonian, 9.24.2012, by Jillian Daley
  2. Latino College Enrollment Soars at SOU, KOBI-TV, 2.25.2012, by Laura Cavanaugh
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  • OUS:
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  2. Students say state education leaders deaf to complaints about steep tuition increases, Register-Guard, 9.24.2012, by Diane Dietz
  3. Professor Kulongoski, Vanguard, 9.22.2012, by Kaela O’Brien
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  5. Oregon Students Start University Year In New Dorms, OPB, 9.24.2012, by Rob Manning
  • K-12:
  1. Oregon students finally do better on SATs, Oregonian, 9.24.2012, by Betsey Hammond
  • National:
  1. Soaring Tuitions: Are Public Funding Cuts to Blame?, Liberty Street Economics, 9.19.2012, by Rajashri Chakrabarti, Maricar Mabutas, and Basit Zafar
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  • OUS:
  1. Oregon universities to host Social Business Challenge, Portland Business Journal, 9.21.2012, by Suzanne Stevens
  2. Lewis Integrative Science Building a sustainable masterpiece, Daily Emerald, 9.20.2012, by Ben Kendall
  3. Wave energy ahoy, World, 9.20.2012. by Sarah Haase
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  5. New UO residence hall shines on ‘move-in day’, Register-Guard, 9.21.2012, by Patrick Malee
  6. SOU cuts additional management position, Daily Tiding, 9.21.2012, by Sam Wheeler
  7. Public employees base salary only half of total compensation, PSU study shows, Oregonian, 9.20.2012, by Ted Sickinger
  •  Other Oregon Higher Ed:
  1. LBCC gets $2 million gift, Democrat-Herald, 9.20.2012
  2. PCC begins hunt for new district president, Portland Business Journal, 9.21.2012, by Suzanne Stevens
  • K-12:
  1. Rudy Crew says one third of Oregon school districts must rewrite goals, aim higher, Oregonian, 9.20.2012, by Betsy Hammond
  • National:
  1. Why college tuition keeps rising, CBS, 9.21.2012, by Lynn O’Shaughnessy


  • OUS:
  1. Public education is Oregon bedrock, East Oregonian, 9.19.2012, by Tom Brown
  2. WOU dean to serve on state task force, Itemizer Observer, 9.18.2012
  3. UO scores $10M grant for microbial studies, Portland Business Journal, 9.18.2012, by Andy Giegerich
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  7. A course of its own, Register-Guard, 9.20.2012, by Diane Dietz
  8. (P)retirement's new frontier, Portland Tribune, 9.13.2012, by Peter Korn
  • Other Oregon Higher Ed:
  1. COCC shows off two additions, Bulletin, 9.20.2012, by Ben Botkin
  • State:
  1. Ore. Education Chief Lines Up Team For Schools' Overhaul, OPB, 9.18.2012, by Rob Manning


  • National:
  1. U.S. Senators Host Higher Education Accountability Forum, Diverse Education, 9.20.2012, by Jamaal Abdul-Alim
  2. [AP] 17 more top universities offer free cyber courses, Gazette-Times, 9.19.2012


  • OUS:
  1. [Editorial] Rogue boards not a threat, Register-Guard, 9.18.2012
  2. [Editorial] University presidents worry about cutbacks of federal programs, East Oregonian, 9.17.2012
  3. SOU named 'military-friendly school', Daily Tidings, 9.18.2012
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  • State:
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  • National:
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  • OUS:
  1. [AP] Oregon committee split on university governing boards bill, Oregonian, 9.17.2012
  2. Panel split on college local rule, Register-Guard, 9.15.2012, by Diane Dietz
  3. OSU scientists plan to turn algae into cheap and efficient biofuel, Daily Journal of Commerce, 9.17.2012, by Tom Henderson
  • Other Oregon Higher Education:
    1. Knight gift of $125 million launches lofty heart-health goals for Oregon Health & Science University, Oregonian, 9.17.2012, by Nick Bundick
      • National:
      1. All About the Money, Chronicle of Higher Education, 9.18.2012, by Dan Berrett


      • OUS:
      1. Growth spurt, Gazette-Times, 9.16.12, by Joce DeWitt
      2. [Opinion] Students, instructors suffer as colleges rely more on fill-in faculty, Oregonian, 9.17.2012, by Brooke Jacobson, Marcia Klotz and Phil Lesch
      3. Oregon State getting back on track, in a big way, Portland Tribune, 9.14.2012, by Kerry Eggers
      • Oregon Higher Ed:
      1. Treasurer Ted Wheeler pushes plan for $6 billion Oregon college scholarship fund, Oregonian, 9.14.12, by Betsy Hammond
      • National:
      1. The Budget Cuts to Come, Inside Higher Ed, 9.17.12, by Libby Nelson
      2. Online Mentors to Guide Women Into the Sciences, New York Times, 9.17.12, by Tamar Lewin


      • OUS:
      1. University board idea under study, Register-Guard, 9.14.2012, by Diane Dietz
      2. U.S. News ranks Portland State University among top 10 "up-and-coming" national universities, OregonLive Higher Education, 9.13.12, by Suzanne Pardington
      3. Rudy Crew, Oregon's chief education officer, hires two veteran educators as deputies, Oregonian, 9.13.12, by Betsy Hammond
      4. OSU’s Chemical Safety Research With Zebrafish Gets A Boost, OPB, 9.13.12, by David Steves
      • K-12:
      1. Mentors keep young PPS teachers focused on job, skills, Portland Tribune, 9.12.12, by Jennifer Anderson
      2. Portland Public Schools sees gains in reading and writing skills, but some high schools still struggle with state tests, Oregonian, 9.12.12, by Nicole Dungca
      • National:
      1. [AP] Test: Most students not proficient in writing, Gazette-Times, 9.14.12
      2. Gates, MOOCs and Remediation, Inside Higher Ed, 9.14.12, by Paul Fains
      3. Take Your Last Puff Now: Obama Administration Backs Smoke-Free College Campus Initiative, In The Capitol, 9.13.12, by Molly Greenberg


      • OUS:
      1. Board tours OSU-Cascades’ future, Bend Bulletin, 9.12.2012, by Ben Botkin
      2. Oregon, OSU gain top 199 rankings, Register-Guard, 9.12.2012, by Diane Dietz
      3. Oregon Sustainability Center lives on as potential partner steps forward, Oregonian, 9.11.2012, by Beth Slovic
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      5. Lewis Integrative Science Building looks to dazzle campus and community, Daily Emerald, 9.11.2012, Ian Campbell
      6. PSU receives $5M for pavilion renovation project, Daily Journal of Commerce, 9.12.2012, by Lee Fehrenbacher
      7. Jill Eiland balances life, work, play, Oregon Business, 9.1.2012, by Linda Baker


      • OUS:
      1. Oregon State University achieves record in private research support, OregonLive Higher Education Blog, 9.10.12, by Nick Houtman
      2. Harnessing the power of WAVES, NY Times News Service, 9.10.12, by Kirk Johnson
      3. Heavy lifting, Register-Guard, 9.11.2012, by Christian Wihtol
      • National:
      1. Changes loom for higher education, Pew Internet/Elon University research says, Deseret News, 9.11.12, by Celia Baker
      2. Publishers Double Down, Inside Higher Ed, 9.11.12, by Steve Kolowich


      • OUS:
      1. [Opinion] Is university hiring surge good or bad?, Statesman Journal, 9.9.12, by Sriram Khé
      2. Designing an architecture school: a conversation with PSU's Clive Knights and Jeff Schnabel, Portland Architecture, 9.7.12, by Brian Libby
      3. Intel honors Portland State professor Feng Liu with $40,000 grant, Oregonian, 9.10.12, by Mike Rogoway
      4. $5 million gift ignites PSU arena plan, Portland Business Journal, 9.7.12, by Matthew Kish
      5. Ocean Sentinel begins testing of wave energy technology, Gazette-Times, 9.7.12, by Joce DeWitt
      • Other Oregon Higher Education:
      1. Ebbing Community College Enrollment A Promising Sign For Economy, Northwest News Network, 9.10.12, by Jessica Robinson
      • National:
      1. Colorado State to Offer Credits for Online Class, New York Times, 9.6.12, by Tamar Lewin
      2. Pell Spending Levels Off, Inside Higher Ed, 9.7.12, by Paul Fain
      3. Colleges offer more courses aimed at job market, Miami Herald, 9.10.12
      4. Debt Collectors Cashing In on Student Loans, NY Times, 9.8.12, by Andrew Martin


      • OUS:
      1. A New Chapter - JPR Foundation & SOU Reach Agreement, iJPR, 9.1.2012, by Paul Westhelle
      2. An Educated Investment, Alaska Airlines Magazine, 9.1.2012, by Susan Hauser
      3. Lebanon High School pioneers community college, university course link, KMTR, 8.30.2012, by Chris McKee
      4. Portland colleges make changes to accommodate more veterans, Oregonian, 9.3.2012, by Devin Kelly
      5. Land-grant schools help feed the world, Capital Press, 8.30.2012, by Matthew Weaver
      6. UO begins athlete drug tests, Register-Guard, 9.6.2012, by Diane Dietz
      • State:
      1. Governor, schools chief and chief education officer: All eyes on this year's kindergartners, Oregonian, 9.5.2012, by Betsy Hammond
      2. Reengineering Education, Vanguard, 9.4.12, by Cassandra Moore
      • K-12:
      1. Oregon schools chief Rob Saxton's long back-to-school to-do list, Oregonian, 9.5.2012, by Betsy Hammond
      2. New Oregon state standards implemented as school years starts, East Oregonian, 9.4.2012, by Natalie Wheeler
      • National:
      1. Court Rulings Help Illegal Immigrants’ College-Bound Children, New York Times, 9.5.12, by Julia Preston


      • OUS:
      1. Oregon universities a bright spot when it comes to hiring, Statesman Journal, 9.2.2012, by Hannah Hoffman
      2. OSU-Cascades plans new campus, Bend Bulletin, 9.4.2012, by Hillary Borrud
      3. Price to compete, Register-Guard, 9.4.2012, by Diane Dietz
      4. Dr. Ed Ray is a perfect fit at OSU, Statesman Journal, 9.2.2012, by Bill Chruch
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      7. [Editorial] Back from the abyss, Mail Tribune, 9.2.2012
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      9. Churchill renovation nears completion, Mail Tribune, 8.31.2012, by Sam Wheeler
      10. UO, OSU: The price of football victories, Portland Business Journal, 8.31.2012, by Suzanne Stevens
      • National Higher Ed:
      1. How Governors Govern Higher Ed, Stateline, 8.31.2012, by Ben Wieder


      • OUS:
      1. Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus will address the Social Business Challenge of Oregon university students, Oregonian, 8.29.2012
      2. UO students host special camp for kids, KGW, 8.29.2012, by Cathy Marshall
      3. Implementation of smoking ban: Education over enforcement, Gazette-Times, 8.30.2012, by Joce DeWitt
      4. Smoking bans take effect Saturday at Oregon State, UO, Democrat Herald, 8.31.2012
      5. Groping incidents reported near UO, Register-Guard, 8.30.2012, by Diane Dietz


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] UO needs to keep students in student center plan, Oregonian, 8.24.2012
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      • K-12:
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      • National:
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      • OUS:
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      • OUS:
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      • K-12:
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      • OUS:
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      • National:
      1. [AP] Hispanics set school, college enrollment records, Oregonian, 8.20.2012






      • OUS:
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      • Other Oregon Higher Ed:
      1. Technology education center designed for Central Oregon Community College, Daily Journal of Commerce, 8.14.2012, by Reed Jackson


      • OUS:
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      • State:
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      2. Report Could Point Way To Stronger Schools, OPB, 8.13.2012, by Rob Manning








      • OUS:
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      • National:
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      • OUS:
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      • Other Oregon Higher Ed:
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      • State:
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      • OUS:
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      • State:
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      • National:
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      • OUS:
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      • National:
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      • Other NW Higher Ed:
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      • National:
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      • OUS:
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      • Oregon Higher Education:
      1. Fewer Northwest Young Adults Getting College Degrees, OPB, 7.12.2012, by Rob Manning


      • OUS:
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      10. OSU Looks to Randomly Drug Test Student-Athletes, KEZI, 7.16.2012, by Heather Turner
      • State:
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      • National:
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      • Other Oregon Higher Ed:
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      • OUS:
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      • National:
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      • OUS:
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      • State:
      1. [Editorial] A state Boards Board?, Register-Guard, 6.2.2012
      • National:
      1. Student Loan Deal Pales Against Other Education Cuts, NPR, 6.30.2012, by Claudio Sanchez


      • OUS:
      1. EOU’s 10-year plan unveiled to city council, Observer, 6.27.2012, by Bill Rautenstrauch
      • State:
      1. Number of state boards grow, audit says better oversight needed, KATU, 6.28.2012, by Steve Benham
      2. Oregon tops 250 advisory boards, Statesman Journal, 6.28.2012, by Dennis Thompson Jr.
      3. Other Oregon Higher Ed:
      4. OHSU Board Considers School's Role in the Big Picture, Lund Report, 6.27.2012, by Christen McCurdy
      5. OHSU Board Adopts $2 Billion Operating Budget, Lund Report, 6.27.2012
      • National:
      1. [AP] Colleges move toward absolute bans on smoking, Democrat-Herald, 6.28.2012


      • OUS:
      1. Interim director named for JPR transition, Mail Tribune, 6.27.2012, by Ryan Pfeil
      2. 'How safe are those boards?', Mail Tribune, 6.27.2012, by Damian Mann
      3. U.S. Olympic Trials: Should Eugene be the permanent host site?, Oregonian, 6.27.2012, by Lindsay Schnell
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      5. Free streetcar access for Portland State, Daily Vanguard, 6.27.2012, by Desmond Fuller
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      7. Other Oregon Higher Ed:
      8. Mt. Hood Community College could be target of state investigation, Oregonian, 6.26.2012, by Harry Esteve
      • National:
      1. [AP] College boards turn to business-style approaches, KGW, 6.27.2012


      • OUS:
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      • National:
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      • OUS:
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      3. OSU’s Ray lines up against independent university boards, Register-Guard, 6.22.2012, by Diane Dietz
      4. Ivan Sutherland, Portland State researcher, wins Kyoto Prize in Advanced Technology, Oregonian, 6.22.2012, by Mike Rogoway
      5. After ‘bait-and-switch’ complaint, OSU alters online program’s fee, Gazette-Times, 6.22.2012, by Joce DeWitt


      • OUS:
      1. Oregon legislators call for 'cooling-off' period in JPR dispute, Mail Tribune, 6.21.2012, by Ryan Pfeil
      2. Mayors call for a halt to JPR vs. SOU, Daily Tiding, 6.21.2012, by Damian Mann
      3. Ray to share ideas on institutional governance, Gazette-Times, 6.20.2012, by Joce DeWitt
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      5. Questions keep coming for OSU’s Ask An Expert program, Democrat Herald, 6.21.2012, by Judy Scott
      • Other Oregon Higher Ed:
      1. PCC Celebrates 50 Years Of Training Workers, OPB, 6.20.2012, by Rob Manning
      2. Growing enrollment prompts UP campus expansion plan, Portland Tribune, 6.21.2012, by Laura Frazier
      3. Oregon College of Oriental Medicine set to move into former Globe Hotel, Daily Journal of Commerce, 6.20.2012, by Lindsey O'Brien


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] OSU-Cascades makes more progress, Bend Bulletin, 6.16.2012
      2. OSU-Cascades nears goal, Bend Bulletin, 6.18.2012, by Lauren Dake
      3. Gottfredson it is for UO, Register-Guard, 6.16.2012, by Diane Dietz
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      12. UO housing rush, Register-Guard, 6.17.2012, by Colton Totland
      13. [Opinion] Secrecy about college hiring is an affront to taxpayers, Statesman Journal, 6.13.2012, by Dick Hughes
      • National:
      1. [Opinion] Why public university presidents are under fire, CNN, 6.19.2012, by Jeremi Suri


      • OUS:
      1. Michael Gottfredson officially named University of Oregon president by State Board of Higher Education, Oregonian, 6.15.2012, by Bill Graves
      2. State names Gottfredson as UO president, Register-Guard, 6.15.2012, by Diane Dietz
      3. Michael Gottfredson chosen as University president, Daily Emerald, 6.15.2012, by Josephine Woolington
      4. [Video] Gottfredson accepts University presidential appointment, Daily Emerald, 6.15.2012, by Tommy Pittenger
      5. OSU-Cascades Sees Jump in Graduates, KTVZ, 6.14.2012
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      7. Google donates $300K to OSU, Portland Business Journal, 6.14.2012, by Suzanne Stevens
      8. OIT to use grant for upgrades to Wilsonville campus, Herald and News, 6.15.2012
      9. PSU-backed group aims to help shape Oregon policy, Portland Business Journal, 6.11.2012, by Andy Giegerich
      10. Portland State University launches political website, Oregonian, 6.14.2012, by Laura Barron-Lopez
      11. SOU threatens JPR Foundation with lawsuits, Mail Tribune, 6.14.2012, by Damian Mann
      • Other Oregon Higher Ed:
      1. Board member wants state to investigate Mt. Hood Community College, Oregonian, 6.14.2012, by Harry Esteve
      2. Undocumented Students Face Challenges In Higher Education, OPB, 6.15.2012, by Rob Manning


      • OUS:
      1. UO president finalist Michael Gottfredson tours campus with students, describes goals, Oregonian, 6.12.2012, by Bill Graves
      2. Presumptive new UO president meets students and faculty, Register-Guard, 6.13.2012, by Diane Dietz
      3. University hosts public forum with presidential candidate Michael Gottfredson, Daily Emerald, 6.12.2012, by Sam Stites
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      8. Crews Set up for OSU Commencement, First Lady Visit, KEZI, 6.12.2012, by Heather Turner
      • National:
      1. Cities Offering to Pay Debt to Gain Young Residents, ABC News, 6.12.2012, by Alan Farnham
      2. [AP] Average price of 4-year university up 15 percent, World, 6.12.2012, by Christine Armario


      • OUS:
      1. University of Oregon chooses Michael Gottfredson as sole finalist for president, Oregonian, 6.11.2012, by Bill Graves
      2. Searchers make pick for next UO chief, Register-Guard, 6.12.2012, by Sherri Buri McDonald
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      11. OSU targets Bend for 4-year degree program, Portland Business Journal, 6.8.2012, by Matthew Kish
      12. Donors choosing buildings over aid, Register-Guard, 6.8.2012, by Diane Dietz
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      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] No more tuition hikes, Daily Barometer, 6.6.2012
      2. Students to rally in protest of tuition increases, Daily Emerald, 6.5.2012, by Sam Stites
      3. UO students protest fee hike, Register-Guard, 6.6.2012
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      6. JPR leadership mediation talks set to start, Mail Tribune, 6.6.2012, by Damian Mann
      7. Higher One faces class-action lawsuit over "deceptive" card fees on college campuses, Oregonian, 6.6.2012, by Brent Hunsberger
      8. Officials launch groundbreaking ceremony for new OSU Beaver Store, Gazette-Times, 6.6.2012
      9. OSU Breaks Ground on New OSU Beaver Store, KEZI News, 6.5.2012, by Heather Turner







      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] Crew’s choice of challenges, Register-Guard, 5.31.2012
      2. Ed chief known to ruffle feathers, Bulletin, 5.31.2012, by Lauren Dake
      3. [Editorial] Rudy Crew: a provocative choice to lead Oregon schools, Oregonian, 5.30.2012
      4. Bend Chamber Supports OSU-Cascades in expansion; what does expansion mean for Bend?, Bend Chamber Journal, 5.31.2012, by Courtney Linville
      5. UO seniors fret over loan debt, Register-Guard, 5.31.2012, by Edward Russo
      6. Senator Ron Wyden engages students in discussion of student debt, Daily Emerald, 5.30.2012, by Eddie Paskal
      7. Senator Wyden Talks to Students About College Loan Debt, KEZI News, 5.30.2012, by Kelsey Card
      8. Proposal calls for tuition hike at Oregon universities, Observer, 5.30.2012
      9. University to propose tuition increases to State Board of Higher Education, Daily Emerald, 5.30.2012, by Sam Stites
      10. OSU tuition is going up, Gazette-Times, 5.31.2012, by Gail Cole
      11. Buying Solar Locally has big Benefits for Oregon’s Economy, Salem-News, 5.30.2012
      12. Study shows jobs created via buy-in-Oregon provision for solar expansion, Portland Tribune, 5.31.2012, by Steve Law
      13. ASPSU president approves SFC 2012–13 budget proposal, Vanguard, 5.31.2012, by Desmond Fuller
      14. Strategies for a global university, Vanguard, 5.31.2012, by Katrina Petrovich
      15. UO students offer Springfield ‘real world’ planning solutions, Register-Guard, 5.30.2012, by Saul Hubbard
      • National:
      1. Pruning the Branches, Inside Higher Ed, 5.31.2012, by Kevin Kiley


      • OUS:
      1. Former NYC schools chief Rudy Crew on track to take charge of Oregon education from preschool through college, Oregonian, 5.30.2012, by Betsy Hammond
      2. Kitzhaber Introduces Oregon's First Schools' Chief, OPB, 5.30.2012, by Allyson Will
      3. [Editorial] Raise all Oregon universities, Oregonian, 5.29.2012
      4. Oregon higher education officials consider a 6 percent tuition increase, Oregonian, 5.29.2012, by Bill Graves
      5. UO tuition may rise 6 percent, Register-Guard, 5.30.2012, by Colton Totland
      6. What will Portland's newest urban-renewal zone around Portland State University do?, Oregonian, 5.25.2012, by Beth Slovic
      7. Portland uses bad roads to qualify Portland State University area for urban renewal, Oregonian, 5.29.2012, by Beth Slovic
      8. Life sciences building fills vital roles for universities, Portland Business Journal, 5.25.2012, by Wendy Culverwell
      9. PSU’s University Pointe will house 980 students, Portland Business Journal, 5.25.2012, by Adam Worcester
      10. Western Oregon University gets $50,000 donation for scholarship in memory of late professor, Oregonian, 5.29.2012, by Everton Bailey Jr.
      11. Eugene's Oregon Daily Emerald Will No Longer Be Daily, OPB, 5.29.2012, by Allyson Will
      • State:
      1. Oregon College Savings Plan earns top ratings from Savingforcollege.com, Oregonian, 5.30.2012, by Brent Hunsberger
      • National:
      1. [AP] Colleges' bank deals saddle students with big fees, Oregonian, 5.30.2012




      • OUS:
      1. C.O. Eyes 4-Year University to Boost Economy, KTVZ, 5.25.2012, by John Hendricks
      2. Bend Chamber Pledges $50,000 towards OSU-Cascades Expansion Develops 50/50 Match Program for Further Member Pledges, Bend Chamber, 5.1.2012
      3. UO student graduates law school at 51 after losing vision, KVAL, 5.22.2012, by Crystal Price
      4. Students excited about Obama’s visit to Corvallis, Daily Barometer, 5.24.2012, by Amanda Antell
      • Other Oregon Higher Ed:
      1. Mt. Hood Community College raising tuition and fees, 5.25.2012, by Quinton Smith
      2. Clatsop Community College hires new vice president, Daily Astorian, 5.25.2012, by Edward Stratton
      •  National:
      1. [AP] Colleges for profit are growing — with federal help, Bend Bulletin, 5.25.2012




      • OUS:
      1. Middleton Confirmed to State Higher Ed Board, KTVZ, 5.23.2012
      2. Prospective union discusses university issues, Gazette-Times, 5.23.2012, by Gail Cole
      3. Afghan war veteran takes rambling route to UO law degree, Register-Guard, 5.19.2012, by Karen McCowan
      4. Getting ready for the runway, Gazette-Times, 5.22.2012, by Gail Cole
      5. Nearly $75,000 Worth of OSU Scientific Equipment Stolen, KEZI, 5.22.2012, by Heather Turner
      6. Authorities find gear in suspicious container found at Oregon State University, Oregonian, 5.23.2012, by Tom Hallman Jr


      • OUS:
      1. Penny pinching next year means increased tuition, fewer services, Siskiyou, 5.19.2012, by Tashina Stillmaker
      2. Student walkout will take a stand on budget cuts, disinvestment in higher education, Siskiyou, 5.17.2012, by Kali Persall
      3. Tim Boyle, Pat Kilkenny Ante Up For Higher Ed PAC, Willamette Weekly, 5.20.2012, by Nigel Jaquiss
      4. Phil Knight Also Contributes To Higher Ed PAC, Willamette Weekly, 5.22.2012, by Nigel Jaquiss
      5. Two OSU faculty members honored, OSU LIFE, 5.22.2012, by Mark Floyd
      6. Students and advisers celebrate second publishing of Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal, Daily Emerald, 5.21.2012, by Sam Stites
      7. Federal funding renewed for special programs at PSU, Oregonian, 5.21.2012, by John Kirkland
      8. College in reach, Register-Guard, 5.22.2012, by Diane Dietz
      9. Education Urban Renewal plan gets green light, Vanguard, 5.22.2012, by Shanna Cranston
      10. Brick to glass: Stott Center to become Viking Pavilion, Vanguard, 5.22.2012, by Sam Lloyd
      11. [Letter] Opportunities for students to get involved in higher education issues, Daily Emerald, 5.20.2012, by Omid Alipoor
      • National:
      1. [AP] College Students Spending Less Time Studying, Oregonian, 5.22.2012


      • OUS:
      1. Price tag for 4-year university, Bend Bulletin, 5.20.2012, by Patrick Cliff and Lauren Dake
      2. Kitzhaber Voices Support For OSU's Cascades Campus Expansion, OPB, 5.17.2012, by David Nogueras
      3. OSU could team up with KCC to offer classes here, Herald and News, 5.17.2012
      4. Portland State University students' invention tops the field at national engineering competition, Oregonian, 5.17.2012, by Nick Budnick
      5. Showing off their creativity, Gazette-Times, 5.19.2012, by Raju Woodward
      • Other Oregon Higher Education:
      1. PCC Unveils New Solar Panel Field, OPB, 5.18.2012, by Allyson Will
      • K-12:
      1. Oregon doesn't win the grand prize, but kids do well at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, Oregonian, 5.18.2012, by Wendy Owen


      • OUS:
      1. Student walkout will take a stand on budget cuts, disinvestment in higher education, Siskiyou, 5.17.2012, by Kali Persall
      2. Voters support research station, Capital Press, 5.17.2012, by Sean Ellis
      3. College Kids Strut their Green Stuff, Are Awarded $1M in EPA Grants, ThomasNet News, 5.16.2012, by Michael Lewis
      4. Oregon State (Global Formula Racing) Does It Again!, SAE International, 5.16.2012
      • K-12:
      1. With one of nation's strictest rules, State Board of Education bans Native American mascots, Oregonian, 5.17.2012, by Ryan Kost
      2. Oregon Students Among 'Chronically Absent', KTVZ, 5.17.2012, by Shanna Mendiola
      • National:
      1. Higher education linked to longer life, CDC report shows, USA Today, 5.16.2012, by Nanci Hellmich
      2. Colleges begin to confront higher costs and student debt, New York Times, 5.15.2012, by Andrew Martin


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] Talk to your elected officials or don’t complain about student debt, Daily Emerald, 5.17.2012
      2. [Guest Column] OSU objections to grad unionization are ludicrous, Daily Barometer, 5.17.2012, by Dennis Dugan
      3. Portland creates $169M urban renewal area around PSU, Portland Business Journal, 5.16.2012, by Matthew Kish
      4. Interest rate on student loans could double, lose six-month grace period, Daily Emerald, 5.16.2012, by Dash Paulson
      5. OSU president touts university’s impact in Oregon, East Oregonian, 5.17.2012, by Tom Brown
      6. OSU president tours region, Observer, 5.16.2012, by Dick Mason
      7. Intel Vietnam Scholars Program students win national prize for design, Vanguard, 5.17.2012, by Austin Maggs
      8. Award-winning PSU advertising team prepares for greater challenges ahead, Vanguard, 5.16.2012, by Sam Lloyd
      9. OSU hosts Engineering Expo on Friday, Gazette-Times, 5.16.2012
      10. PSU facility provides space for LED light research, Vanguard, 5.16.2012, by Gwen Shaw
      11. 30 years of excellence, Vanguard, 5.17.2012, by Katrina Petrovich
      12. PSU centers to merge in 2012–13, Vanguard, 5.16.2012, by Gwen Shaw
      13. New transcript notation for undergraduates, Daily Barometer, 5.17.2012, by Michael Mendes
      14. Lecture questions non-traditional universities, Vanguard, 5.15.2012, by Kali Simmons
      15. Portland's EV leadership stars in global report, Sustainable Business Oregon, 5.14.2012, by Christina Williams
      16. Other Oregon Higher Ed:
      17. Chief PCC money-raiser prepares to step down, Portland Tribune, 5.17.2012, by Jennifer Anderson
      18. Portland Community College reaches age 50 with a broader, more academic mission, Oregonian, 5.16.2012, by Bill Graves
      • State:
      1. School board members will advise Oregon governor on higher education, Oregonian, 5.16.2012
      • National:
      1. College grants: 10 stingiest states for students, CBS Money Watch, 5.17.2012, by Lynn O'Shaughnessy
      2. Controlling Student Debt Can Raise Latino Participation in STEM Careers, Report Says, Chronicle of Higher Education, 5.17.2012
      3. [AP] California Universities Weigh Higher Tuition, Oregonian, 5.17.2012
      4. A Generation Hobbled by the Soaring Cost of College, New York Times, 5.12.2012, by Andrew Martin and Andrew W. Lehren 


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] A generation’s burden, Register-Guard, 5.16.2012
      2. [Column] The system worked? A reality check for Portland State and Provost Roy Koch, Oregonian, 5.15.2012, by Steve Duin
      3. [Editorial] Ag business program great fit for Hermiston, Hermiston Herald, 5.15.2012
      4. With Oregon agriculture coming off record sales year, Hermiston may get new ag-business center, Oregonian, 5.15.2012, by Eric Mortenson
      5. Why Bend could be Oregon’s next college town, The Source Weekly, 5.16.2012, by Eric Flowers
      6. Bernard Osher Foundation awards $1 million to SOU, Mail Tribune, 5.12.2012
      7. Collaboration work groups look to university at third outreach meeting, Gazette-Times, 5.16.2012, by Gail Cole


      • OUS:
      1. [Column] Support OSU-Cascades expansion, Bend Bulletin, 5.13.2012, by John Costa
      2. [Guest Columnist] Portland State urban renewal plan shortchanges crucial city services, Oregonian, 5.15.2012, by Shelley Lorenzen and Debbie Aiona
      3. Urban renewal could bring $50 million in improvements to PSU, Vanguard, 5.15.2012, by Isaac Hotchkiss
      4. Ability to fire university presidents under debate after new draft considering institutional boards, Daily Emerald, 5.14.2012, by Sam Stites
      5. UO students reject $100 million student union project, Daily Journal of Commerce, 5.11.2012, by Lindsey O'Brien
      6. [Guest Columnist] Teaching beyond the traditional academic template with online learning, Oregonian, 5.11.2012, by Wayne Scott
      7. Journalism in a digital world, Mail Tribune, 5.15.2012, by John Darling
      8. Students harness the wind at annual MESA Day at Portland State University, OregonLive Higher Education Blog, 5.15.2012
      9. University blocks attempt to unionize, Daily Barometer, 5.15.2012, by Don Iler
      10. Veterans can apply for new educational program, Daily Barometer, 5.13.2012, by Don Iler
      11. More college-bound Californians are heading out of state, Sacramento Bee, 5.6.2012, by Phillip Reese
      • Other Oregon Higher Education:
      1. COCC begins work in Redmond, Bend Bulletin, 5.15.2012, by Patrick Cliff
      • National:
      1. [AP] More private colleges offering tuition discounts, Oregonian, 5.15.2012
      2. Slowly, as Student Debt Rises, Colleges Confront Costs, New York Times, 5.14.12, by Andrew Martin















      • OUS:
      1. OSU pumps cash into Oregon during recession, Daily Astorian, 5.2.2012, by Edward Stratton
      2. [Opinion] Student debt (still) a really big problem, Vanguard, 4.30.2012, by Emily Gravlin
      3. [Editorial] Lesson learned, Mail Tribune, 5.1.2012
      4. Group rallies, marches to administration building, Gazette-Times, 5.2.2012, by Gail Cole
      5. University of Oregon design class assists disabled athletes with help of Nike instructors, Oregonian, 5.1.2012, by Allan Brettman
      6. PSU hires full-time vocational rehabilitation counselor for veterans, Vanguard, 5.1.2012, by Austen Ruzicka
      7. In downtown Portland, Gordon Center marks 40 years of PSU day care, Oregonian, 5.2.2012, by Anne Saker
      8. Sustainable printing system implemented in Neuberger Hall computer lab, Vanguard, 5.1.2012, by Gwen Shaw
      • K-12:
      1. $1.8M in state funds given to career and technical education programs, Daily Journal of Commerce, 5.1.2012, by Lee Fehrenbacher
      • National:
      1. Watch Your Mouth, Inside Higher Ed, 5.2.2012, by Kevin Kiley
      2. What Do Today's Students Think About the Future of Higher Ed?, Huffington Post, 5.2.2012, by Jeff Selingo


      • OUS:
      1.  [Column] Baby boomers pass along time bomb of college costs, Oregonian, 4.28.2012, by David Sarasohn
      2. Colleges and universities brace for student loan defaults, Portland Business Journal, 4.27.2012, by Matthew Kish
      3. Huge university solar project clears one more hurdle, Daily Journal of Commerce, 4.30.2012, by Lindsey O'Brien
      4. OSU is in touch online, Portland Business Journal, 4.27.2012, by Maureen McGrain
      5. SOU breaks ground on latest dorm complex, Mail Tribune, 4.28.2012, by Sam Wheeler
      6. Tuition increase for PSU honors program, Daily Vanguard, 4.30.2012, by Kevin Rackham
      7. National social work leader and former PSU Dean Kristine Nelson dies, Oregonian, 5.1.2012, by Suzanne Pardington
      8. Multnomah County commissioners split on Portland State University urban renewal, Oregonian, 5.1.2012, by Beth Slovic
      • Other Higher Education:
      1. LCC students join their colleagues across the state who are openly fearful of increasing their future debt load, Register-Guard, 4.28.2012, by Diane Dietz
      • K-12:
      1. Douglas County schools work to increase college enrollment, News-Review, 5.1.2012, by Inka Bajandas
      • National:
      1. States Struggling To Slow Tuition Growth, Stateline, 5.1.2012, by Ben Wieder
      2. [Opinion] Waging War on Higher Education, Huffington Post, 5.1.2012, by Paul Stoller
      3. Help For The Economy? Not From Debt-Bound Grads, NPR, 4.28.2012


      • OUS:
      1. OUS proposal for institutional boards a work in progress, Daily Emerald, 4.26.2012, by Sam Stites
      2. SOU breaks ground for new dorms, dining hall, Mail Tribune, 4.27.2012
      3. OSU teams with Oregon Industry Cluster Network, Portland Business Journal, 4.26.2012, by Suzanne Stevens
      • National:
      1. [AP] Obama targets diploma mills that market to vets, Oregonian, 4.27.2012
      2. President and Parties Focus on Proposals to Keep Student-Loan Interest Low, Chronicle of Higher Education, 4.25.2012, by Emma Roller


      • OUS:
      1. UO’s union objections withdrawn, Register-Guard, 4.25.2012, by Diane Dietz
      2. UO faculty and administrators reach union agreement, KVAL News, 4.24.2012
      3. UO bends on faculty union, Statesman Journal, 4.24.2012
      4. [AP] Committee Wants U Of O President Who Collaborates, OPB, 4.23.2012
      5. OSU English instructor receives Oregon Book Award, Gazette-Times, 4.25.2012
      6. Two Portland State professors win Oregon Book Awards, Oregonian, 4.25.2012, by Suzanne Pardington
      7. The growth of an administration, Daily Vanguard, 4.26.2012, by Kali Simmons
      8. Student walk-out highlights tension between students, administration, Siskiyou, 4.23.2012, by Nathan Dickey and Nils Holst
      9. Town-and-gown forum draws south campus neighbors, students, Gazette-Times, 4.25.2012, by Gail Cole
      10. PSU offers new retirement incentives to seasoned staff, Daily Vanguard, 4.26.2012, by Desmond Fuller
      11. Oregon senator’s bill mandates colleges publish information, Daily Vanguard, 4.26.2012, by Katrina Petrovich
      • Other Oregon Higher Education:
      1. Tuition Hike Planned For Central Oregon Community College, OPB, 4.25.2012, by David Nogueras
      • K-12:
      1. College-bound in North Powder, Observer, 4.25.2012, by Dick Mason
      2. When a 30:1 student teacher ratio seems normal, have we reached an extreme?, Oregonian, 4.26.2012, by Betsy Hammond
      3. School cuts fuel UPSET uprising, Portland Tribune, 4.26.2012, by Jennifer Anderson
      • National:
      1. Education Slowdown Threatens U.S., Wall Street Journal, 4.26.2012, by David Wessel and Stephanie Banchero
      2. Negotiating The College Funding Labyrinth, NPR, 4.24.2012, by Claudio Sanchez
      3. 'Performance funding' making its way into higher education, McClatchy/Tribune - MCT Information Services, 4.26.2012
      4. [Editorial] Extend student loan rates, Register-Guard, 4.25.2012






      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] For OSU-Cascades, preparation and opportunity, Bend Bulletin, 4.23.2012
      2. OSU Planning Four-Year University in Bend, KTVZ News Sources, 4.21.2012
      3. OSU President Promoting Central Oregon Growth, KBNW News Radio Central Oregon, 4.20.2012
      4. OUS seeks collaborator, Register-Guard, 4.22.2012, by Diane Dietz
      5. University-city partnership to expand across U.S., Statesman Journal, 4.19.2012, by Beth Casper
      6. International student task force tackles sustainability of the world’s river deltas, OregonLive Higher Education Blog, 4.20.2012
      7. Program gives college students a break on out-of-state tuition, LA Times, 4.22.2012, by Larry Gordon
      8. Oregon universities overhaul health insurance and some students win, some lose, some pay five times more, Oregonian, 4.20.2012, by Bill Graves
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      10. SOU Dorm Construction Begins, KOBI-TV News, 4.20.2012
      11. [Editorial] Donors and dinos, Register-Guard, 4.20.2012
      12. Kelly says pot use not as common as reported, Register-Guard, 4.20.2012, by Rob Moseley
      • State:
      1. Union groups ready initiative to give corporate kicker to schools, Portland Tribune, 4.20.2012, by Steve Law    



      • K-12:
        1. The Myth of Black Children Failing School, Portland Observer, 4.18.2012, by Ron Herndon



      • OUS:
      1. Budget woes at OIT, Herald and News, 4.18.2012, by Andrew Creasey
      2. [AP] Oregon short of college goal, East Oregonian, 4.18.2012
      3. [Editorial] College credits boost high schoolers' transcripts and futures, Oregonian, 4.17.2012
      4. [Editorial] Education by the numbers, Daily Barometer, 4.18.2012
      5. OSU celebrates newly dubbed Furman Hall, Gazette-Times, 4.18.2012, by Gail Cole
      6. OSU among 16 greenest colleges, Sustainable Business Oregon, 4.17.2012, by Christina Williams
      7. Engineering Students Awarded Scholarships to Attend Korea University of Technology Summer School, Oregon Tech, 4.18.2012
      8. TED speakers talk environment issues, Gazette-Times, 4.17.2012, by Gail Cole
      9. Student insurance plan gets major overhaul for 2012–13, Vanguard, 4.17.2012, by Gwen Shaw
      10. University of Oregon student group funds bike share system, Bike Portland, 4.18.2012, by Jonathan Maus
      11. Former UO president Richard Lariviere hired as CEO of Chicago Field Museum of Natural History, Daily Emerald, 4.17.2012, by Sam Stites
      12. Chicago Field Museum hires Richard Lariviere, ousted University of Oregon president, as its new leader, Oregonian, 4.18.2012, by Bill Graves
      • National:
      1. [AP] Recruitment by for-profit colleges targeted, Oregonian, 4.18.2012
      2. College Completion Data Becomes The New Focus Of K-12 Education, With Help From Harvard, Huffington Post, 4.18.2012, by Joy Resmovits
      3. Public Higher Education: Too Big -- and Far Too Important -- to Fail, Huffington Post, 4.17.2012, by Gene Block



      • OUS: 
      1. [Editorial] Ron Wyden's plan to provide students more college information is only a first step, Oregonian, 4.15.2012
      2. [Editorial] Our Views: Students have a right to know, East Oregonian, 4.15.2012
      3. Wyden pushes for college transparency in Pendleton, East Oregonian, 4.14.2012, by Kathy Aney
      4. [Editorial] Agriculture delivers a bumper crop of good news for rural Oregon, Oregonian, 4.13.2012
      5. Is there money for student housing in education urban renewal plan?, Oregonian, 4.16.2012, by Brad Schmidt
      6. OSU-Cascades Adds Two New Teaching Degrees, KTVZ News Sources, 4.13.2012
      7. Former Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski joins PSU faculty, Vanguard, 4.11.2012, by Desmond Fuller


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] PSU's particular problems, Oregonian, 4.12.2012
      2. University celebrates Earth Week with ECOchallenge, Daily Emerald, 4.12.2012, by Sam Stites
      3. Former UO president Richard Lariviere top candidate to head Chicago natural history museum, Oregonian, 4.13.2012, by Bill Graves
      • National:
      1. [AP] Fewer women earn degrees in high-tech fields, Bend Bulletin, 4.13.2012, by Meagan Pant
      2. [AP] Community colleges must address dropout rates to be viable, Bend Bulletin, 4.13.2012




      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] Students need to know what income they can expect, Bend Bulletin, 4.11.2012
      2. Wyden bill would set up U.S. higher education database, Mail Tribune, 4.11.2012, by Teresa Ristow
      3. Did Kramer overreach in Oregon?, Current, 4.9.2012, by Alicia Shepard
      4. Solar Program Stalls, KOBI, 4.10.2012, by Lyle Ahrens
      5. University and Oregon State University only Pac-12 schools without campus police force, Daily Emerald, 4.10.2012, by Branden Andersen
      6. Data blast, Mail Tribune, 4.11.2012, by Ryan Pfeil
      7. University of Oregon janitor accused of stealing more than $10,000 of electronics, video games from campus buildings, Oregonian, 4.10.2012, by Kate Mather
      • K-12:
      1. Students React to New High School Graduation Requirements, KEZI, 4.9.2012, by Jennifer Richardson




      • OUS:
      1. [Guest Columnist] Portland State University's path to fiscal stability, budget transparency, Oregonian, 4.7.2012, by Wim Wiewel
      2. Faculty union making progress at UO — but what about OSU?, Gazette-Times, 4.9.2012, by Gail Cole
      3. Dispute on Proposed Faculty Union at Oregon, Inside Higher Ed, 4.9.2012
      4. City Club hosts OSU president, Bend Bulletin, 4.7.2012
      • K-12:
      1. [Opinion] State needs stable way to pay for education, Statesman Journal, 4.7.2012
      2. First seniors put to the test, Register-Guard, 4.7.2012, by Susan Palmer


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] Higher ed achievement compacts better than K-12 version, Bend Bulletin, 4.4.2012
      2. OSU joins the drone test field, Bend Bulletin, 4.6.2012, by Duffie Taylor
      3. UO undergrads win national Goldwater science scholarships, Statesman Journal, 4.5.2012
      4. OSU-city collaboration effort to host town hall meetings, Gazette-Times, 4.6.2012
      5. Black Student Union Calls Out DPS and Campus Newspaper, KEZI, 4.5.2012, by Kelsey Card
      6. UO Moves To Limit Membership Of Proposed Union, OPB, 4.5.2012, by Rob Manning
      7. LEED Platinum In Oregon, Earth Techling, 4.6.2012, by Susan DeFreitas
      8. SOU students protest firing of Women's Resource Center head, Daily Tiding, 4.6.2012




      • OUS:
      1. Oregon MESA receives $216,000 grant for invention education, Daily Vanguard, 4.3.2012, by Austen Ruzicka
      2. New PSU Entrepreneurial Center hits the ground running, Daily Vanguard, 4.3.2012, by Sam Lloyd
      3. UO Career Center provides students with resources to be successful, Daily Emerald, 4.3.2012, by Eddie Paskal
      4. Growth stunted for nation’s first ‘living building’, Daily Vanguard, 4.3.2012, by Alex Mierjeski
      5. Ramaswamy leaves achievements behind as he departs, Daily Barometer, 4.3.2012, by Vinay Ramakrishnan
      • Oregon Higher Ed:
      1. University of Portland to change identity of library, Daily Journal of Commerce, 4.3.2012, by Reed Jackson
      • K-12:
      1. Students needing special education in Oregon on the rise, Oregonian, 4.4.2012, by Wendy Owen
      • National:
      1. [AP] U.S. student debt threatens economic recovery, Oregonian, 4.3.2012
      2. [Opinion] The cost of college: A balancing act, CNN, 4.4.2012, by Carl Azuz
      3. [Opinion] How Higher Education Fails Us All, Huffington Post, 4.2.2012, by Patricia Leavy


      • OUS:
      1. EOU Leadership Week set for April 9-14, Observer, 4.3.2012
      2. SOU plans layoffs after June to balance budget, Mail Tribune, 4.3.2012, by Sam Wheeler
      3. University of Oregon building would be one of few LEED platinum science facilities, Daily Journal of Commerce, 4.2.2012, by Reed Jackson
      4. The Daily Barometer named best student newspaper, Life@OSU, 4.2.2012
      5. Former Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski takes teaching position at Portland State University, Oregonian, 3.28.2012, by Jeff Mapes
      6. Portland's Electric Avenue Driving Electric Cars Into The Mainstream, Forbes, 3.26.2012, by Justin Gerdes
      7. Charging Lessons Learned From Portland's Electric Avenue, Forbes, 3.27.2012, by Justin Gerdes
      • K-12:
      1. More than 100 teaching jobs would disappear from Portland schools under budget-cutting plan, Oregonian, Betsy Hammond


      • OUS:
      1. [Guest Columnist] PSU stakeholders need transparency, access to university budget information, Oregonian, 4.1.2012, by Jennifer Schuberth
      2. [Editorial] Don't stop now: Dispute between JPR, SOU shouldn't scuttle potentially valuable projects, Mail Tribune, 3.30.2012
      3. Larson's 'stunned' over recent JPR-SOU events, Mail Tribune, 3.29.2012, by Damian Mann
      4. Kramer refutes audit concerns, Daily Tidings, 3.28.2012, by Damian Mann
      5. SOU Laying Off Staff, Students to pay more, KOBI 5, 3.29.2012
      6. Oregon Sustainability Center's funding and leadership fluctuates, putting project in doubt, Oregonian, 3.28.2012, by Beth Slovic
      7. OSU-Cascades moves in, Bend Bulletin, 4.1.2012, by Patrick Cliff
      8. First Lady Michelle Obama to deliver commencement address at Oregon State University, Oregonian, 3.28.2012, by Nick Houtman
      9. PSU's Sergio Palleroni has dedicated his career to helping communities in need, Architectural Record, 3.28.2012, by John Kirkland
      10. Course attracts computer science students over spring break, Life @ OSU, 4.2.2012, by Gail Sumida
      11. ASUO Vice President Katie Taylor, LCC student body president arrested in D.C. protest, Daily Emerald, 4.1.2012, by Sam Stites
      12. League honors bike-friendly universities, Bicycle Retailer, 3.29.2012
      • Other Oregon Higher ed:
      1. Umpqua Community College plans major expansion in Roseburg, Daily Journal of Commerce, 3.28.2012, by Reed Jackson


      • OUS:
      1. First Lady to give OSU commencement speech, Gazette-Times, 3.28.2012
      2. PSU signs research agreement with the Smithsonian Institution, Oregonian, 3.19.2012, by Charles Pope
      3. Conflicting signals, Mail Tribune, 3.27.2012, by Damian Mann
      4. OSU solar partner goes bankrupt, Natural Resource Report, 3.28.2012
      • State:
      1. [Editorial] Compacts need local effort, Register-Guard, 3.27.2012
      2. Oregon's new education board approves achievement gauges for every level of schooling, Oregonian, 3.27.2012, by Bill Graves
      3. Education Scholar Encourages Innovation, OPB, 3.26.2012, by Rob Manning
      • National:
      1. Enrollments Grow, but More Slowly, Inside Higher Ed, 3.28.2012, by Doug Lederman
      2. More Students Are Enrolled in College and on Financial Aid, Annual Report Shows, Chronicle of Higher Education, 3.27.2012, by Joanna Chau
      3. Marketing and communications and the changing higher education market, Drum, 3.26.2012


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] With university governing boards, Oregon must protect the values of its higher education system, Oregonian, 3.23.2012
      2. PSU selects Sona Andrews as new provost and vice president for academic affairs, Oregonian, 3.23.2012, by Suzanne Pardington
      3. SOU terminates JPR's Ron Kramer as of June 30, Mail Tribune, 3.25.2012, by Damian Mann
      4. JPR Audit Initiates A Debate Over Role Of Leader, Mail Tribune, 3.22.2012, by Sanne Specht
      5. Project aims for more women in sciences, Mail Tribune, 3.26.2012, by John Darling
      6. More money for WOU science center, Statesman Journal, 3.25.2012, by Justin Much
      7. Cooperative innovation key to breakthroughs, Sustainable Business Oregon, 3.23.2012, by David Johnson
      8. Building costumes and character, Daily Tidings, 3.26.2012, by Nia Towne
      • State:
      1. [AP] Many variables will affect education plan's success, 3.26.2012, by Jonathan J. Cooper
      • National:
      1. [Opinion] For states, the higher education tuition well seems about to run dry, Oregonian, 3.24.2012, by David Sarasohn
      2. [Opinion] Hispanics are crucial to college completion goals, Washington Post, 3.25.2012, by Daniel de Vise and Judith Maxwell Greig
      3. [Opinion] Big Philanthropy's Role in Higher Education, Chronicle of Higher Education, 3.25.2012, by Stanley N. Katz


      • OUS:
      1. State and Local Spending on Higher Education Reached a New 25-Year Low in 2011, Chronicle of Higher Education, 3.16.2012, by Eric Kelderman
      2. Tech startups face challenges, Portland Tribune, 3.21.2012, by Jim Redden
      3. In Portland, Food Innovation Center links farms to forks, and rural Oregon to international markets, Oregonian, 3.21.2012, by Eric Mortenson
      4. When garbage is good, Daily Tidings, 3.21.2012, by Nia Towne
      5. Internal Audit of Jefferson Public Radio and Foundation, KOBI, 3.21.2012, by Christine Pitawanich
      6. Dissertation Dispute, Federal Case, Inside Higher Ed, 3.22.2012, by Kaustuv Basu
      • K-12:
      1. Extending an Education, Itemizer-Observer, 3.20.2012, by Jolene Guzman
      2. Mayor's race runs through schools, Portland Tribune, 3.22.2012, by Jennifer Anderson
      • State:
      1. Achievement compacts foundation of governor’s school plan, Register-Guard, 3.22.2012, by Susan Palmer


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] Something needed to grow on, Oregonian, 3.20.2012
      2. [Editorial] Give universities room to operate, but not at expense of other schools, Herald and News, 3.20.2012
      3. OSU's graduate employee union takes steps to represent research assistants, Gazette-Times, 3.21.2012, by Gail Cole
      4. CGE wants to unionize research assistants, Daily Barometer, 3.16.2012, by Don Iler
      5. Local team qualifies for national robotics event, Democrat-Herald, 3.20.2012
      6. Strategy pays off for Robot Rookies, Herald and News, 3.20.2012, by Samantha Tipler
      7. Liberty High School's robotics team finishes 26th in FIRST Robotics Rebound Rumble, Hillsboro Argus, 3.15.2012, by Kathy Fuller
      • Other Oregon Higher Ed:
      1. RCC looks at cutting programs, laying off 10, Mail Tribune, 3.21.2012, by Teresa Ristow
      2. Portland Community College awards contract for renovation and expansion, Daily Journal of Commerce, 3.19.2012, by Lindsey O'Brien
      • National:
      1. So Close, Inside Higher Ed, 3.21.2012, by Kaustuv Basu


      • OUS:
      1. State Board of Higher Education supports local governing boards for universities that want them, Oregonian, 3.16.2012, by Bill Graves
      2. University of Oregon faculty and Oregon State University graduate employees seek union representation, Oregonian, 3.16.2012, by Bill Graves
      3. State enacts HB 3471 waving college tuition for Oregon foster kids, Newberg Graphic, 3.13.2012, by Laurent Bonczijk
      4. Latino students urged to stay in school, get involved politically, Mail Tribune, 3.17.2012, by John Darling
      5. New Cornell program to start, Bend Bulletin, 3.20.2012
      6. Riverfront Research Park to undergo construction for new research building, Oregonian, 3.16.2012, by Julie Brown
      7. CASE recognizes OSU Foundation CEO, Gazette-Times, 3.19.2012
      • Other Higher Ed:
      1. Portland Community College President Preston Pulliams says he'll retire in 2013, Oregonian, 3.16.2012, by Bill Graves


      • OUS:
      1. Faculty submit union petition, Register-Guard, 3.16.2012, by Christian Wihtol
      2. UO faculty sign up for union, Gazette-Times, 3.16.2012
      3. United Academics takes step forward to establishing faculty union, Daily Emerald, 3.14.2012, by Sam Stites
      4. OUS institutes new firearms policy, Siskiyou, 3.15.2012, by Don Bagwell
      5. Construction begins on $17M building in UO research park, KVAL, 3.15.2012, by Olivia Aly
      6. Charity challenge, Register-Guard, 3.16.2012, by Diane Dietz
      7. Office of Sustainability awards first Green Office certification, Daily Emerald, 3.15.2012, by Sam Stites
      8. Higher One may not be the best choice for banking, critics say, Siskiyou, 3.15.2012, by Chad Ference
      9. Residents Weigh in on Higher Education Survey, KEZI, 3.15.2012, by Nha Nguyen
      • Other Higher Ed:
      1. PCC leader will retire next year, Portland Tribune, 3.16.2012
      2. [AP] Wash. Senate budget writers agree: No education cuts, KATU, 3.16.2012, by Mike Baker
      • National:
      1. Public Higher Ed Tuition: Students Footing More Of The Bill, Huffington Post, 3.16.2012, by Justin Pope
      2. Students Protest Doubling of Loan Interest Rates and Ask Congress for Relief, Chronicle of Higher Education, 3.13.2012, by Emma Roller


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] Owls give OIT, town visibility they otherwise wouldn’t have, Herald and News, 3.14.2012
      2. Ya-Hoot! Hustlin’ Owls national title rallies community, Herald and News, 3.15.2012, by Alex Powers
      3. Union Win at Oregon, Inside Higher Ed, 3.15.2012, by Kaustuv Basu
      4. College plans to stay on course, Capitol Press, 3.15.2012, by Mitch Lies
      5. Three years later, OSU’s food pantry sees growing need, Gazette-Times, 3.15.2012, by Gail Cole
      • State:
      1. Education reforms raise funding questions, Oregon Business, 3.15.2012, by Linda Baker
      • K-12:
      1. Cradle to Career makes 'massive' effort to tackle school failure in Multnomah County, Oregonian, 3.15.2012, by Bill Graves
      2. Districts to have more input on school achievement, West Linn Tiding, 3.15.2012, by Rebecca Randall
      • National Education:
      1. [Op-ed] Teaching without, Oregonian, 3.14.2012, by Richard W. Riley and Arthur Levine
      2. How much do they learn? Answer unsettles colleges, Washington Post, 3.15.2012, by Daniel de Vise


      • OUS:
      1. Presidential Search Committee to start looking at candidates, Daily Emerald, 3.12.2012, by Sam Stites
      2. University facing $23 million budget deficit in 2014–15, Daily Vanguard, 3.12.2012, by Cheryl Rodgers
      3. City of Portland unveils grand goals for PSU growth, Daily Vanguard, 3.12.2012, by Katrina Petrovich
      4. Help make a difference in a young person's life, Mail Tribune, 3.12.2012, by Teresa Ristow
      5. Community instigates energy-saving opportunities, Daily Barometer, 3.12.2012, by Kim Kenny
      6. OSU, city compile collaboration work groups, Gazette-Times, 3.14.2012
      7. Interim President Berdahl speaks to OEIB on achievement compacts, Daily Emerald, 3.13.2012, by Sam Stites
      8. Adjuncts and Postdocs Are Among U. of Oregon Faculty Who Vote to Unionize, Chronicle of Higher Education, 3.14.2012
      9. Oregon Tech, Miles Celebrate Championship Tinged by Tragedy, New York Times, 3.14.2012, by Greg Bishop
      10. Men's basketball: Oregon Tech wins NAIA Division II national championship, Oregonian, 3.14.2012, by Pat Dailey
      11. [Opinion] Oregon’s new gun policy draws blanks, Vanguard, 3.12.2012, by Eva-Jeanette Rawlins
      12. [Opinion] Governing their own, Vanguard, 3.12.2012, by Katherine Boyce
      • State:
      1. Every Oregon school district must specify how many students it aims to graduate, get to college, Oregonian, 3.14.2012, by Betsy Hammond
      2. [AP] Oregon board looks at achievement, Statesman Journal, 3.13.2012, by Jonathan J. Cooper
      3. [AP] Oregon board digs into school achievement compacts, Statesman Journal, by Jonathan J. Cooper
      4. Education Investment Board Approves Guidelines, OPB, 3.13.2012, by Rob Manning
      5. Board Finishing Education Guidelines For Oregon Schools, OPB, 3.12.2012, by Rob Manning
      6. Oregon on road to education reform, Statesman Journal, 3.10.2012
      • Other Higher Ed:
      1. Oregon Health & Science University Foundation searching for new leader; memorial scheduled for Allan Price, Oregonian, 3.13.2012, by Nick Budnick
      • National:
      1. [Editorial] Rising college prices: Is federal policy partly to blame?, Washington Post, 3.12.2012, by Daniel de Vise and Catharine Hill


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] We got lots of policy makers, Democrat Herald, 3.9.2012
      2. Letters: gun rights, Oregonian, 3.8.2012
      3. Tuition equity for undocumented students continues to be hot topic in Oregon, Daily Emerald, 3.8.2012, by Betsy Swanback
      4. Students find sexual assault policy draft unsatisfactory, Daily Emerald, 3.8.2012, by Becky Metrick
      5. Oregon Sustainability Center team to look for private backers, Sustainable Business Oregon, 3.7.2012, by Christina Williams
      6. OUS uses policy to ban campus guns, Itemizer-Observer, 3.6.2012, by Craig Coleman
      7. Getting Boys to College, One Student at a Time, Skanner, 2.27.2012, by Lisa Loving
      8. Obama appoints OSU dean to lead national ag institute, Capitol Press, 3.9.2012, by Mitch Lies
      9. Sonny Ramaswamy, ag dean at OSU, adapts and grows everywhere he goes, Oregonian, 3.10.2012, by Eric Mortenson
      10. OSU dean joins Obama administration, Gazette-Times, 3.10.2012, by Peg Herring
      11. Robert Berdahl, University of Oregon interim president, catches PERS wave and $115,000 a year, Oregonian, 3.10.2012, by Bill Graves
      12. [Editorial] Public pensions remain private in too many places, USA Today, 3.11.2012
      13. Opposing view: Public workers deserve privacy, By Mary Botkin, USA Today (companion article to previous editorial), 3.11.12
      14. OUS solar project hits bump with REDCO bankruptcy, Sustainable Business Oregon, 3.9.2012, by Christina Williams
      15. Campus gun ban a pointless endeavor and guns are a pointless possession, Daily Barometer, 3.11.2012, by Robert Fix
      16. Colleges find ways to foil pro-gun rulings, Washington Times, 3.8.2012, by Valerie Richardson
      • State:
      1. Oregon Creates New Education Scorecard, KDRV, 3.9.2012, by Steven Sandberg
      2. Other Higher Ed:
      3. [Guest Opinion] The immigration issue from a student’s point of view, Newberg Graphic, 3.6.2012, by Sergio Cisneros
      4. Michael Hay brings IT background to Mt. Hood Community College presidency, Oregonian, 3.9.2012, by James Mayer
      • National:
      1. Student Swirl and the Coming Threat to Higher Education, Huffington Post, 3.9.2012, by Jeff Selingo
      2. [Op-Ed] Narrowing the New Class Divide, New York Times, 3.7.2012, by Charles Murray


      • OUS:
      1. Bills Approve New OSU Residence Hall, Student Center, KEZI, 3.7.2012, by Heather Turner
      2. Guns banned on OUS campuses, Daily Vanguard, 3.7.2012, by Katrina Petrovich
      3. State workers raise $890,000 for local causes, Statesman Journal, 3.7.2012, by Dennis Thompson Jr.
      4. Oregon MESA awarded $216,000 grant to focus on "invention education", Oregonian, 3.8.2012, by John Kirkland
      5. Online Atlas of Oregon Lakes developed by PSU research team, Oregonian, 3.8.2012, by John Kirkland
      6. Campus smoking policy under review, Daily Vanguard, 3.7.2012, by Jennifer Woodman
      7. University General Counsel to split cost of legal services for athletics NCAA investigation, Daily Emerald, 3.7.2012, by Sam Stites
      • National:
      1. Ron Wyden puts a number to the soaring cost of college - 439 percent, Oregonian, 3.7.2012


      • OUS:
      1. Governor John Kitzhaber signs Senate Bill 1581 regarding education reform, Daily Emerald, 3.7.2012, by Betsy Swanback
      2. Lawmakers OK new OSU construction, Gazette-Times, 3.7.2012, by Gail Cole
      3. Oregon Bans Guns on State Campuses, Chronicle of Higher Education, 3.3.2012
      4. Oregon Moves to Ban Guns on Campuses, Inside Higher Ed, 3.5.2012
      5. Hoke renovation plan hinges on student vote, Observer, 3.6.2012, by Dick Mason
      6. Student approval of fee paves way for Hoke remodel, Observer, 3.7.2012, by Dick Mason
      7. OSU Increases Capital Campaign Goal to $1B, KEZI, 3.6.2012, by Heather Turner
      8. PSU urban renewal district may land Multnomah Co. $19M, Portland Business Journal, 3.6.2012, by Matthew Kish
      9. Adams responds to Oregon Sustainability Center funding failure, Daily Journal of Commerce, 3.6.2012, by Lindsey O'Brien
      10. Metamaterial discovery opens avenue to new products and industries using negative refraction, Material Views, 3.7.2012, by Stefan Hildebrandt
      11. February 2011 audit warned of possible personnel shortcomings in OIT, Vanguard, 3.5.2012, by Kali Simmons
      12. [AP] Huge housing project aimed at UO students worries downtown Eugene residents fearful of rowdiness, Oregonian, 3.6.2012
      • State:
      1. [Editorial] Large results in so little time, Oregonian, 3.6.2012
      2. [Editorial] Debut of annual sessions, Register-Guard, 3.7.2012
      3. [Editorial] Legislature got the essential work done, Gazette-Times, 3.7.2012
      4. Kitzhaber gets his way on legislative priorities, Register-Guard, 3.7.2012, by Saul Hubbard
      5. Oregon governor, legislative leaders gather to sign bills and praise the 2012 session, Oregonian, 3.6.2012, by Michelle Cole
      6. Governor, legislators already looking ahead to 2013, Statesman Journal, 3.6.2012, by Queenie Wong
      • National:
      1. Campus Gun Ban Struck Down, Inside Higher Ed, 3.6.2012, by Allie Grasgreen


      • OUS:
      1. Oregon Legislature adjourns 2012 session with final flurry of agreements, Oregonian, 3.5.2012, by Harry Esteve
      2. [Opinion] Guns don't belong on campus, Mail Tribune, 3.6.2012
      3. [Editorial] No-gun policy unnecessary, Democrat Herald, 3.1.2012
      4. OSU sets goal of $1 billion by 2014, Register-Guard, 3.6.2012, by Diane Dietz
      5. Campaign aims for a billion, Daily Barometer, 3.5.2012, by Joce DeWitt
      6. Oregon Sustainability Center denied funding, Portland Tribune, 3.6.2012, by Jim Redden
      7. Oregon Sustainability Center denied financing, Sustainable Business Oregon, 3.6.2012, by Christina Williams
      8. [Opinion] Universities can save by cutting middle management, Mail Tribune, 2.28.2012, by Rebecca Sandoval
      9. Shelley Gunton to guide PSU's new Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Oregonian, 3.5.2012, by Suzanne Pardington
      10. PSU business students develop new strategies for local small businesses, Oregonian, 3.5.2012, by Suzanne Pardington
      11. State and University Employees Give Generously to Charities, Salem-News, 3.2.2012
      • Other Oregon Higher Education:
      1. Directives changing the focus at TVCC, Argus Observer, 3.6.2012, by Jessica Keller


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] Governor should veto gun law, Oregonian, 2.4.2012
      2. Gun restrictions return to campus, Register-Guard, 2.3.2012, by Greg Bolt
      3. Oregon State Board of Higher Education resorts to policy to ban guns on campus, Oregonian, 3.2.2012, by Bill Graves
      4. University Leaders Push For Achievement Compacts, OPB, 3.5.2012, by Rob Manning
      5. House Bill 4061 passed Senate, headed to Governor’s desk, Daily Emerald, 3.4.2012, by Betsy Swanback
      6. Oregon Sustainability Center appears doomed without legislative approval for funding, Daily Journal of Commerce, 3.5.2012, by Lindsey O'Brien
      7. Mayor Adams: PSU to get urban renewal dollars, Portland Business Journal, 3.2.2012, by Matthew Kish
      8. Portland State University goes entrepreneurial, Portland Business Journal, 3.2.2012, by Matthew Kish
      9. Adams pushes OHSU/PSU commercialization, Portland Business Journal, 3.2.2012, by Andy Giegerich
      10. Task force finds unmet needs on campus, Vanguard, 3.1.2012, by Jennifer Woodman
      11. Oregon State ups fundraising goal to $1 billion, Portland Business Journal, 2.5.2012, by Matthew Kish
      12. UO hires new head of equity, inclusion, Register-Guard, 2.5.2012
      13. Oregon State hires John Rizzardini as chief marketing officer, Oregonian, 3.5.2012, by Paul Buker
      14. University of Oregon ends guaranteed admissions, aims to make school more competitive, flexible, Oregonian, 3.1.2012
      15. [Editorial] Grades aren’t everything, Register-Guard, 2.3.2012


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] In Salem, nobody gets to fold, Oregonian, 2.29.2012
      2. Bill may be step to UO board, Register-Guard, 3.1.2012, by Saul Hubbard
      3. Board revisits campus gun ban, Register-Guard, 3.2.2012, by Diane Dietz and Saul Hubbard
      4. Gun rights advocates score a double-barreled victory in the Oregon Senate, Oregonian, 3.1.2012, by Michelle Cole
      5. DPS will use six-year transition to flesh out the best campus police force, Daily Emerald, 3.1.2012, by Becky Metrick
      6. Community mourns death of former Eastern president, Observer, 2.29.2012, by Dick Mason
      7. Learning programming from scratch, Register-Guard, 3.1.2012, by Melissa Adele Haskin
      8. University hires new vice president for equity and inclusion, Daily Emerald, 3.2.2012, by Sam Stites
      9. Breaking Ground In College Journalism, NPR, 2.29.2012
      10. Matthew Knight Arena falls short of revenue projections, KVAL News, 2.29.2012, by Crystal Price
      11. Law firm bills Oregon for $5,812.50 for work done in January on the NCAA investigation into the Ducks' recruiting, Oregonian, 2.29.2012, by Ken Goe
      • K-12:
      1. [Editorial] Taxpayer needs data to judge Expanded Options’ value, Bend Bulletin, 2.26.2012


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] Higher education funding should be increased, Observer, 2.28.2012
      2. [Editorial] Banning guns from campuses, Oregonian, 2.28.2012
      3. Once declared dead, two gun-related bills come back to life in the Oregon Legislature, Oregonian, 2.28.2012, by Michelle Cole
      4. [AP] Higher education board pursues new option for campus gun ban, Bend Bulletin, 2.29.2012
      5. Legislators resurrect gun bills, Register-Guard, 2.29.2012, by Saul Hubbard
      6. Oregon Board May Try Again to Limit Guns on Campuses, Chronicle of Higher Education, 2.28.2012
      7. Portland 'Sustainability Center' hits a wall at the Oregon Legislature, Oregonian, 2.28.2012, by Harry Esteve
      8. Enrollment boom boosts OUS cash reserves, Vanguard, 2.28.2012, by Sam Lloyd
      9. OUS enrollment breaches 100,000, schools face drawbacks, Daily Barometer, 2.29.2012, by Kristin Pugmire
      10. Two new courses in spring require attendance only half the time, Daily Barometer, 2.28.2012, by Amanda Antell
      11. Latest changes to the Oregon College Savings Plan explained, Oregonian, 2.29.2012, by Brent Hunsberger


      • OUS:
      1. Some Oregon universities oppose governing boards, Mail Tribune, 2.27.2012, by Sam Wheeler
      2. [Opinion] Independent university boards may not be the best structure for all campuses, Mail Tribune, 2.28.2012
      3. [Editorial] Stop leaning on the state’s university system and students to fill budget gaps, Herald and News, 2.27.2012
      4. [Opinion] Time to get a handle on tuition costs, World, 2.25.2012
      5. U.S. at record high for college degree attainment; Oregon lags behind, Daily Emerald, 2.27.2012, by Sam Stites
      6. [Opinion] Eastern achieves record enrollment and better health, East Oregonian, 2.27.2012
      7. Higher cost for higher ed, Observer, 2.28.2012, by Dick Mason
      8. Oregon State Board of Higher Education expected to ban guns on campus, again, Oregonian, 2.27.2012, by Bill Graves
      9. [AP] New approach to banning guns on campus, Herald and News, 2.28.2012
      10. Oregon Senate committee shelves gun control legislature, Vanguard, 2.28.2012, by Sam Lloyd
      11. Computer science still a male-dominated major at the University, Daily Emerald, 2.22.2012, by Josephine Woolington
      12. UO’s Iraqi Bridge, Register Guard, 2.28.2012, by Diane Dietz
      • K-12:
      1. [Opinion] Boosting graduation rates: First, look to repair family breakdown, Oregonian, 2.25.2012, by Elizabeth Hovde
      • State:
      1. Gov. John Kitzhaber pushes Oregon lawmakers to move his education bills, Oregonian, 2.24.2012, by Harry Esteve
      2. Subcommittee approves education bills for budget committee, Oregon Capitol News, 2.27.2012, by Scott Jorgensen
      3. [Opinion] Budget, management tools will strengthen education reforms, Statesman Journal, 2.27.2012, by Rep. Mark Johnson and Rep. Matt Wingard


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] Talk is cheap, but education requires cash, Gazette-Times, 2.23.3012
      2. [Opinion] Guns blazin’, Vanguard, 2.23.2012, by Allison ONeil
      3. [Editorial] What has ASPSU done for you lately?, Vanguard, 2.23.2012
      4. [Opinion] As I see it: Union suggests ways to trim costs for OUS, Gazette-Times, 2.24.2012, by Gloria O’Brien
      5. Store goes green, Mail Tribune, 2.24.2012, by John Darling
      6. Extended campus experts answer questions about online courses, Daily Barometer, 2.23.2012, by Amanda Antell
      7. Winners and losers from the Oregon Legislature, Statesman Journal, 2.24.2012


      • OUS:
      1. Issue of governance boards raises concerns, Observer, 2.22.2012, by Dick Mason
      2. Southern Oregon College Classes On The Rise, KDRV, 2.22.2012, by Yessenia Anderson
      3. Sexual assault on Oregon campuses: Despite progress with rape reports, challenges remain, Oregonian, 2.23.2012, by Susan Nielsen
      4. University area: 'If I were not a college student ... I would avoid it', KVAL, 2.23.2012, by Katie Boer
      5. House bills to rein in ASOSU expenditures, Daily Barometer, 2.22.2012, by Don Iler
      6. For 41 Years, Town Cheers Danny’s Boys, New York Times, 2.22.2012, by Greg Bishop
      • K-12:
      1. Oregon far short of goals for high school, college attainment, Oregonian, 2.23.2012, by Betsy Hammond
      • State:
      1. Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber voices frustration that health care, education reforms are bottled up, Oregonian, 2.22.2012, by Michelle Cole
      2. Kitzhaber will press on health, education bills, Statesman Journal, 2.22.2012, by Peter Wong


      • OUS:
      1.  [Editorial] OUS reserves are healthy, Register-Guard, 2.22.2012
      2.  Oregon college students call for an end to rising tuition, declining state support, Oregonian, 2.21.2012, by Bill Graves
      3.  With rising college costs, students fear higher ed out of reach, KATU News, 2.21.2012, by Patrick Preston
      4.  Oregon Student Association lobbies for restored budget, Daily Emerald, 2.21.2012, by Betsy Swanback
      5.  Oregon University System fights state legislature to prevent budget cuts, Daily Emerald, 2.21.2012, by Sam Stites
      6.  An unusual ‘pledge’ from the Oregon Student Association, Statesman Journal, 2.21.2012, by Peter Wong
      7.  Senate committee considers requirement for partial lottery funding of education, Oregon Capitol News, 2.22.2012, by Scott Jorgensen
      • National:
      1.  [Opinion] A Better Approach to 'Gainful Employment', Inside Higher Ed, 2.22.2012, by Mark Schneider
      2.  Supreme Court to reconsider affirmative action in higher education, McClatchy/Tribune - MCT Information Services, 2.21.2012




      • OUS:
      1. Tuition-Free Magnet Expands, Portland Observer, 2.15.2012
      2. OSU center gets grant to study offshore wind impact on birds, Sustainable Business Oregon, 2.16.2012, by Christina Williams
      3. 'Sandusky' bill passes state House, KPTV, 2.16.2012, by Jim Hyde
      • National:
      1. Colleges and Developers Find Common Ground to Build Student Housing, Chronicle of Higher Education, 2.12.2012, by Scott Carlson


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] Take education off the menu, Oregonian, 2.16.2012
      2. [Editorial] Legislature made right decision in holding off on governing boards, Daily Emerald, 2.15.2012
      3. [Guest Viewpoint] School reform on track for corporate failure, Register-Guard, 2.16.2012, by Shelley Jensen
      4. UO officials praise Obama budget, Portland Business Journal, 2.16.2012, by Suzanne Stevens
      5. Proposed federal budget seen as positive for UO, other research universities, University of Oregon Media Relations, 2.15.2012
      6. College students give sustainable design tips to Springfield, Daily Journal of Commerce, by Reed Jackson
      7. Fix UC tuition reform proposal relevant to Oregon University System, student needs, Daily Emerald, 2.15.2012, by Ryan Dutch
      • K-12:
      1. School reform: Real work begins after feds reject Oregon's plans, Oregonian, 2.16.2012, by Susan Nielsen
      • National:
      1. Is Financial Aid Really Making College More Expensive?, Atlantic, 2.16.2012, by Jordan Weissmann


      • OUS:
      1. Study shows UO is large contributor to state's economy, OregonLive Higher Education Blog, 2.15.2012
      2. Advancing diversity, Observer, 2.14.2012, by Dick Mason
      3. OSU students contribute to online archive of the American Film Institute, OregonLive Higher Education Blog, 2.14.2012
      4. SOU upgrades computers and Wi-Fi, Mail Tribune, 2.13.2012, by Sam Wheeler
      • Other Oregon Higher Ed:
      1. OHSU master plan confirms plans to shift campuses, Portland Tribune, 2.13.2012, by Jim Redden
      2. University could expand to region, Bend Bulletin, 2.15.2012, by Jordan Novet
      3. PCC grows by more than 6 percent during winter term, Oregonian, 2.14.2012, by James G. Hill


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] Oregon's test question: Who rules universities?, Oregonian, 2.11.2012
      2. Opinion pieces on Oregon Sustainability Center use fuzzy math: Portland City Hall roundup, Oregonian, 2.13.2012, by Beth Slovic
      3. UO economic impact: $2.12B, Portland Business Journal, 2.14.2012, by Suzanne Stevens
      4. Education leadership will be SOU's first doctoral program, Mail Tribune, 2.12.2012, by Nils Holst
      5. Oregon Senate bill prohibiting firearms on campuses placed on hold, Daily Emerald, 2.13.2012, by Betsy Swanback
      6. PSU Day At The Capitol puts university issues front and center, Vanguard, 2.14.2012, by Sam Lloyd
      7. PSU graduate students assist Milwaukie in zoning revamp, Oregonian, 2.10.2012, by Molly Harbarger
      8. ASSOU and OSA to lobby Oregon legislators against high textbook prices, tuition increases, Siskiyou, 2.10.2012, by Nathan Dickey
      9. CSLA robotics team is recognized, Newberg Graphic, 1.31.2012
      10. Local students shine at LEGO Robotics state tournament, Wilsonville Spokesman, 2.7.2012, by Josh Kulla
      11. OSU Gets $600K To Study Wind Power's Affect On Birds, Bats, OPB, 2.14.2012, by Rob Manning
      • State:
      1. Prospects excellent that governor's plan for 'achievement compacts' will become law, Oregonian, 2.12.2012, by Betsy Hammond
      2. Oregon Education Transformation: More money, little reform, Oregon Business Report, 2.14.2012, by Dr. Eric Fruits
      • K-12:
      1. [Op-ed] Helping school districts: Some tips for education czar, Oregonian, 2.11.2012, by Sue Hildick and Dana Hepper
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      • National:
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      • OUS:
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      • State:
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      • Other Oregon Higher Ed:
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      • K-12:
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      • Other Higher Ed:
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      • National:
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      • State:
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      • National:
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      • National Higher Ed:
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      • OUS:
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      4. UO to share $2M grant for fuel cell materials research, Sustainable Business Oregon, 12.15.2011, by Christina Williams
      • Other Oregon Higher Ed:
      1. LCC tuition to rise $72 per year, Register-Guard, 12.16.2011, by Greg Bolt
      • National:
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      • OUS:
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      • State:
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      • Nation Higher Ed:
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      • OUS:
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      • OUS:
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      • National:
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      • National:
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      • OUS:
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      • OUS:
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      • OUS:
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      • OUS:
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      • OUS:
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      17. OSU faculty earn $42 million in contracts, grants in single month, Oregonian, 10.7.2011, by Todd Simmons
      18. Oregon offers nonprofit master’s degree, Portland Business Journal, 10.7.2011, by Anne Laufe
      19. University president hires special assistant, Register-Guard, 10.7.2011, by Greg Bolt
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      • OUS:
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      • OUS:
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      13. 'These services usually help companies save $70,000 a year', KVAL, 9.28.2011, by David Stauth
      14. PSU construction focuses on campus improvements, Daily Vanguard, 9.29.2011, by Katrina Petrovich


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] Big unknowns still dog an Oregon Sustainability Center, Oregonian, 9.25.2011
      2. Approval of state funding for Sustainability Center comes into question, Oregon Capitol News, 9.26.2011, by Sarah Ross
      3. Seattle's version of the Oregon Sustainability Center will open next fall, a year before Portland's, Oregonian, 9.23.2011, by Beth Slovic
      4. Training, education key to better job, Statesman Journal, 9.25.2011, by Pamela Ferrara
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      • OUS:
      1. Oregon universities open today with record international student enrollment, Oregonian, 9.26.2011, by Bill Graves
      2. [Editorial] Recruiting the globe, Register-Guard, 9.27.2011
      3. [Op-Ed] Showing the University of Oregon Ducks a little love, Oregonian, 9.24.2011, by Steve Duin
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      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] OSU research could help local workers, Gazette-Times, 9.21.2011
      2. Oregon campuses get mixed grades in U.S. News & World Report annual college rankings, Oregonian, 9.20.2011, by Bill Graves
      3. New OSU students brainy, diverse, Gazette-Times, 9.21.2011, by Gail Cole
      4. OSU to dedicate new boathouse Saturday, Gazette-Times, 9.20.2011
      • K-12:
      1. Oregon congressional candidates differ on federal education policies, Oregonian, 9.20.2011, by Jeff Mapes
      • National:
      1. Universities Seeking Out Students of Means, New York Times, 9.21.2011, by Tamar Lewin


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] College presidents are cooperating on vision for future, East Oregonian, 9.20.2011
      2. University presidents applaud Kitzhaber’s education plan, East Oregonian, 9.20.2011, by Tom Brown
      3. Feds grant $1.5 million for Sustainability Center, OPB, 9.20.2011, by Cassandra Profita
      4. Oregon universities win federal grant for electric cars, Oregonian, 9.15.2011, by Mike Rogoway
      5. University of Oregon president appoints former interim athletic director as acting provost, Oregonian, 9.19.2011, by Bill Graves


      • OUS:
      1.  University of Oregon gave pay raises this spring to 1,300 professors and administration workers, Oregonian, 9.16.2011, by Bill Graves
      2.  A gift to the middle class, Register-Guard, 9.16.2011, by Saul Hubbard
      3.  UO scholarships gets $5 million boost, Mail Tribune, 9.18.2011
      4.  Mayor Sam Adams pushes commitment to Oregon Sustainability Center, Oregonian, 9.16.2011, by Beth Slovic
      5.  City to vote on Oregon Sustainability Center's fate, Sustainable Business Oregon, 9.15.2011, by Andy Giegerich
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      19.  Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy speaks about University, City of Eugene relationship, Daily Emerald, 9.19.2011, by Tyree Harris
      20. Lariviere defends UO faculty pay raises; Register Guard; 9-17-11; by Greg Bolt


      • OUS:
      1. SEIU, universities head off strike with tentative deal, Portland Tribune, 9.15.2011
      2. Details of OUS tentative union contract released, Statesman Journal, 9.15.2011, by Dennis Thompson Jr.
      3. A chance to pursue dreams, Herald and News, 9.14.2011, by Andrew Mariman
      4. U of O 101st, OSU 138th in U.S. News rankings, Portland Business Journal, 9.14.2011, by Erik Siemers
      5. Neighbors north of campus decry parties, bad parking, Gazette-Times, 9.14.2011, by Nancy Raskauskas
      • K-12:
      1. [Editorial] Oregon’s SAT performance scores remain highest in the nation, Statesman Journal, 9.14.2011
      • National:
      1. Pay for Only 4 Years of College. Guaranteed, New York Times, 9.14.2011, by Alan Schwarz


      • OUS:
      1. [Opinion] Oregon students face economic crisis that will affect us all, Register-Guard, 9.14.2011, by Juan Carlos Ordoñez
      2. Degrees of success, The World, 5.4.2011, by Gail Elber
      3. Campus walkout possible, Register-Guard, 9.14.2011, by Greg Bolt
      4. Oregon university classified workers prepare for possible vote to strike over furlough days, 9.13.2011, by Bill Graves
      5. Classified staff at OSU could strike, Gazette-Times, 9.14.2011
      6. UO Bike Program, Campus Operations begin initiative to improve bike safety, Daily Emerald, 9.12.2011, by Sam Stites
      • Other Oregon Higher Ed:
      1. Former Chemeketa president donates $487,000, Statesman Journal, 9.13.2011, by Stacey Barchenger
      • National:
      1. College Spending Trends Show Students Bearing a Growing Share of the Costs, Chronicle of Higher Ed, 9.14.2011, by Goldie Blumenstyk
      2. New Approach to Cuts, Inside Higher Ed, 9.14.2011, by Kevin Kiley


      • OUS:
      1. Doors open at Hallie Ford Center, Gazette-Times, 9.9.2011, by Gail Cole
      2. UO draws the line on energy usage, Register-Guard, 9.12.2011, by Greg Bolt
      3. Oregon’s Universities Work to Educate Students About Alcohol Abuse, Lund Report, 9.8.2011, by Amanda Waldroupe
      4. State opens ethics inquiry into former PSU administrator Mike Burton, Oregonian, 9.9.2011, by Janie Har
      5. Shared raises at UO, Bend Bulletin, 9.12.2011
      6. Focused on the Future, Mail Tribune, 9.10.2011, by John Darling
      • K-12:
      1. Forty-six percent of Oregon schools fall short of federal education standard, Oregon Capitol News, 9.9.2011, by Sarah Ross
      2. [Op-ed] Crisis in the schools: Portland's education system fails nearly half its students, Oregonian, 9.12.2011, by Christian Steinbrecher
      • National:
      1. The War on Higher Education, History News Network, 9.11.2011, by John T. McNay


      • OUS:
      1.  UO, OSU science collaboration receives $20M grant, Portland Business Journal, 9.9.2011, by Christina Williams
      2.  Portland State University gives future scientists and engineers an extra boost, Oregonian, 9.9.2011, by Bill Graves
      3.  Higher ed center nears completion, East Oregonian, 9.9.2011, by Erin Mills
      4.  Gifts to PSU increase 22 percent, Oregonian, 9.8.2011, by Suzanne Pardington
      5.  U of O President: Freshman Class 'Smartest,' Most Diverse, OPB, 9.8.2011, by Rob Manning
      6.  OSU engineering dean shifts to research role, Gazette-Times, 9.7.2011
      7.  OSU names engineering dean to lead new industry relations effort, Oregonian, 9.8.2011, by Todd Simmons
      8.  From landslides to ocean waves, Gazette-Times, 9.8.2011, by Gail Cole
      9.  Provost at UO sidelined by health, Register-Guard, 9.9.2011, by Greg Bolt
      • State:
      1.  [Editorial] The price of overhauling education, Oregonian, 9.8.2011
      • National:
      1.  States ask colleges to perform for money, Stateline, 9.8.2011, by Ben Wieder
      2.  Guest post: 10 challenges for college presidents in 2011-12, Washington Post, 9.9.2011, by Daniel de Vise


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] UO brass gets raises, Register-Guard, 9.7.2011
      2.  [Editorial] Clearing the air over OSU's growth, Gazette-Times, 9.7.2011
      3.  OSU students face housing scramble, Gazette-Times, 9.7.2011, by Gail Cole
      4.  Library work marks start of construction projects at EOU, Observer, 9.7.2011 
      5.  New Oregon State University research center will tackle health of children and families, Oregonian, 9.7.2011, by Nick Budnick
      • K-12:
      1. Kitzhaber outlines plan for a more integrated education system, Register-Guard, 9.7.2011, by Susan Palmer
      2.  Gov. John Kitzhaber appoints members of Early Learning Council, Oregonian, 9.6.2011, by Jeff Mapes


      • OUS:
      1. UO administrators get raises, Register-Guard, 9.2.2011, by Diane Dietz
      2. UO bosses defend pay raises, Register-Guard, 9.3.2011, by Diane Dietz
      3. City, university to sign memo of understanding, Gazette-Times, 9.1.2011, by  Nancy Raskauskas
      4. [Editorial] OSU-Corvallis pact a good start, but a long road remains, Gazette-Times, 9.5.2011
      5. Big construction happening at Eastern Oregon U., East Oregonian, 9.5.2011
      6. Rewarding hard work, Gazette-Times, 9.6.2011, by Gail Cole
      7. University of Oregon raises bar for green building, Daily Journal of Commerce, 9.1.2011, Nick Bjork
      8. Three Campus Progress Publications Named Finalists in Journalism Contest, Campus Progress, 9.1.2011, by Brian Stewart
      9. OSU Named Gay-Friendly Campus, KOHD, 8.29.2011, by Heather Turner
      10. California poised to one-up Oregon again on higher education for undocumented students, Oregonian, 9.1.2011, by Janie Har
      11. Jeff Merkley on the costs of political paralysis, Oregonian, 8.26.2011, by Steve Duin
      12. Merkley Unveils Legislation to Promote Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Salem News, 8.27.2014
      13. Ten years strong, Philomath high school's "Team PHRED" is an inspiration for budding engineers, Oregonian, 9.1.2011, by Endi Hartigan


      • OUS:
      1. Grand opening of OSU’s Hallie Ford Center for Healthy Children and Families on Sept. 8, Oregonian, 8.31.2011, by Angela Yeager
      2. Intel's Otellini, Chu talk engineering internships at PSU, Portland Business Journal, 8.31.2011, by Christina Williams
      3. Portland signs familiar law firm for Oregon Sustainability Center negotiations: Portland City Hall roundup, Oregonian, 8.31.2011, by Beth Slovic
      4. College students would be wise to review terms of Higher One cards, Oregonian, 9.1.2011, by Brent Hunsberger
      5. UO, OSU get big returns on football investment, Portland Business Journal, 9.1.2011, by Suzanne Stevens


      • OUS:
      1. UO launches alcohol education program, Portland Business Journal, 8.29.2011
      2. OSU expects 25,000 students this fall, Gazette-Times, 8.30.2011, by Gail Cole
      3. OSU gets top marks for support of LBGT students, Oregonian, 8.31.2011, by Theresa Hogue
      • K-12:
      1. Oregon school testing: Better math scores despite harder tests, Oregonian, 8.29.2011, by Betsy Hammond
      2. Test scores from Portland schools show gain in writing, but too many seniors who can't read well, Oregonian, 8.31.2011, by Betsy Hammond
      • National:
      1. Three-fifths of colleges get C or worse in general education, Washington Post, 8.30.2011, by Daniel de Vise


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] City becomes a classroom, Register-Guard, 8.26.2011
      2. Universities Collaborate To Build Oregon's Largest Solar Project, Energy Matters, 8.24.201
      3. Portland State: Revving up spinoff effort, Portland Business Journal, 8.19.2011, by Wendy Culverwell
      4. From OSU researcher to NOAA administrator, Oregonian, 8.24.2011, by Todd Simmons
      5. Innovative center nears completion at OSU, Gazette-Times, 8.29.2011, by Gale Cole
      6. OSU helps prepare GTAs for their first teaching experiences, Oregonian, 8.23.2011, by Theresa Hogue
      7. UO amends campus plan for sustainable development, Sustainable Business Oregon, 8.29.2011, by Christina Williams
      8. Members of Oregon's largest public employees union vote to ratify two-year contract, Oregonian, 8.24.2011, by Michelle Cole
      9. OSU leaders strive to be voice for students, Gazette-Times, 8.24.2011, by Gail Cole
      • State:
      1. Private sector shapes education reform, Oregon Business, 8.25.2011, by Linda Baker
      • K-12:
      1. Oregon students who meet Common Core State Standards will be ready for college, study says, Oregonian, 8.25.2011, by Bill Graves
      2. Thousands of Oregon students at risk of not graduating, reading scores released today show, Oregonian, 8.29.2011, by Betsy Hammond
      • National Higher Ed:
      1. Hispanic College Enrollment Jumps, Wall Street Journal, 8.26.2011, by Kevin Helliker


      • OUS:
      1. Strike vote looms for workers in Oregon higher-education system, Oregonian, 8.22.2011
      2. Oregon University Workers Pushing For Higher Pay In Contract Impasse, OPB, 8.22.2011, by Chris Lehman
      3. Oregon loses $35 million a year to college student failure, says American Institutes for Research, Oregonian, 8.22.2011, by Bill Graves
      • State:
      1. Kitzhaber names nominees for two new boards, Statesman Journal, 8.22.2011, by Peter Wong
      •  National:
      1. [Editorial] Parents, time to panic about our kids' education, CNN, 8.23.2011, by LZ Granderson


      • OUS:
      1. [Editorial] OIT and solar power: It’s a technological marriage that looks like a sure win, Herald and News, 8.20.2011, by Pat Bushey
      2. [Opinion] Governor's visit was much appreciated, Herald and News, 8.19.2011, by Steve Miller
      3. Oregon's Public Universities Plan To Go Solar, OPB, 8.9.2011, by Rob Manning
      4. Increase in transfer students may push Oregon University System enrollment above 100,000, Oregonian, 8.19.2011, by Bill Graves
      5. Mike Burton disputes charge he took $4,500 for travel to Paris conferences that didn't occur, Oregonian, 8.19.2011, by Bill Graves
      6. College workers face final talks, Statesman Journal, 8.22.2011, by Dennis Thompson Jr.
      7. OSU Extension Service looks to the future, Gazette-Times, 8.22.2011, by Gail Cole
      8. SOU jumps 61 spots on Coolest Schools list, Daily Tidings, 8.22.2011, by John Darling
      9. OSU forestry professor honored by Society of American Foresters, Gazette-Times, 8.22.2011
      • National Higher Ed:
      1. As Campus Addiction-Recovery Programs Grow, So Do Calls for Data on Effectiveness, Chronicle of Higher Education, 8.21.2011, by Molly Redden


      • OUS:
      1. Oregon University System launches giant solar energy project, Oregonian, 8.19.2011, by Todd Simmons
      2. Largest solar project in Oregon breaks ground, Daily Journal of Commerce, 8.18.2011, by Lindsey O'Brien  
      3. [Video clip] Kitzhaber Visits Klamath, KDRV, 8.18.2011, by Bryan Navarro
      4. [Video clip] OIT 'Digs' Oregon's Biggest Public Solar System, KTVZ, 8.18.2011, by Matt McDonald
      5. Renewable triumph at a cost for O. Tech, Bend Bulletin, 8.19.2011
      6. WOU cultivating organic garden, Stateman Journal, 8.18.2011, by Justin Much
      7. Audit Says Mike Burton, While at Portland State University, Took a $4,500 European Trip to Attend Conferences That Didn't Exist, Willamette Weekly, 8.19.2011, by Brent Walth
      • National:
      1. Double Duty, Inside Higer Education, 8.19.2011, by Kevin Kiley


      • OUS:
      1. Oregon's largest solar project marks end of business tax credit era, Oregonian, 8.17.2011, by Ted Sickinger
      2. On-site, renewable energy to power school, Register-Guard, 8.18.2011, by Jeff Barnard
      3. SOU is Top Oregon Public University on Sierra Club “Coolest Schools” List, Southern Oregon University, 8.17.2011, by Jim Beaver
      4. Ackerman Hall at Western Oregon University certified LEED platinum, Daily Journal of Commerce, 8.17.2011, by Lindsey O'Brien
      • State:
      1. Kitzhaber outlines early-education goals, Statesman Journal, 8.17.2011, by Saerom Yoo


      • OUS:
      1. [Audio] Your town: OSU-Cascades, KBND, 8.15.2011
      2. 'Electric Avenue' opens to public at PSU for e-commuters, Oregonian, 8.16.2011, by Ted Sickinger
      3. PSU Launches 'Electric Avenue' Charging Stations, OPB, 8.16.2011
      4. SOU workers, state reach impasse on new contract, Mail Tribune, 8.17.2011, by John Darling
      5. OSU Dean of Students embarks on a voyage around the world, Oregonian, 8.15.2011, by Theresa Hogue
      • K-12:
      1. Most Oregon high school grads unprepared for college, half would fail freshman college math, report says, Oregonian, 8.17.2011, by Betsy Hammond
      • National:
      1. Why Flagship Public Universities Should Stay Public, Chronicle of Higher Ed, 8.7.2011, by Kevin Carey


      • OUS:
      1. OUS to break ground on Oregon's largest solar project, Sustainable Business Oregon, 8.15.2011, by Christina Williams
      2. 'College is an option', Daily Tidings, 8.16.2011, by Hannah Guzik
      3. UO Program Exposes Low-Income Student to College Life, KEZI, 8.10.2011, by Gia Vang
      4. Skanska eyeing space in Oregon Sustainability Center?, Daily Journal of Commerce, 8.12.2011, by Angela Webber
      5. Extension gives hand to rising crop of women farmers, Gazette-Times, 8.15.2011, by Gail Cole
      6. OSU Extension plans consolidation, Democrat-Herald, 8.11.2011, by Alex Paul
      7. Still no contract for OSU staff, Gazette-Times, 8.12.2011
      8. UO aces fundraising efforts, Register Guard, 8.12.2011, by Greg Bolt
      9.  Private giving to UO remains strong, Portland Business Journal, 8.12.2011, by Gretchen Holzgang
      • Other Oregon Higher Ed:
      1. COCC's Prineville campus to open, Bend Bulletin, 8.15.2011, by Patrick Cliff
      • National:
      1. Recession Widened Education Gap in Job Market, Wall Street Journal, 8.12.2011, by Justin Lahart
      2. State Officials Say Difficult Changes Are Needed to Help More Students Graduate, Chronicle of Higher Ed, 8.10.2011, by Eric Kelderman
      3.  'Running in Place', Inside Higher Ed, 8.11.2011, by Allie Grasgreen


      • OUS:
      1. Hatfield legacy lives in OSU leadership in the marine sciences, Oregonian, 8.9.2011, by Todd Simmons
      2. Learning Management Systems are the talk of higher-ed technology, Daily Vanguard, 8.9.2011, by Ryan Deming
      3. OSU geologist part of team that predicted underwater volcano eruption, Gazette-Times, 8.10.2011
      4. Summer brings construction to campus, Daily Barometer, 8.10.2011, by Scott Campbell
      5. PSU research will gauge carbon storage in poor village forests of Nepal, Oregonian, 8.9.2011, by Jenny DuVander
      6. $80,000 parking system debuts this September, Daily Vanguard, 8.9.2011, by Vinh Tran
      7. $1.2M awarded to Oregon electric vehicle nonprofit, Daily Journal of Commerce, 8.5.2011, by Lindsey O'Brien
      8. Willamette University included in college guide,  Statesman Journal, 8.9.2011, by Barbara Curtin
      • National Higher Ed:
      1. Education pays off in better jobs, higher salaries, Reuters, 8.5.2011, by Bernd Debusmann Jr.
      2. Higher "Ed" Could be Next Bubble to Burst, New American, 8.8.2011, by Jack Kenny  
      3. The Self-Exam That Higher Education Would Rather Not Conduct, Chronicle of Higher Education, 8.7.2011, by Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus
      4. 6 ways the debt deal could hurt college students, Fosters, 8.10.2011, by Candice Choi


      • OUS:
      1. New education dean brings science to the table, 8.6.2011, Gazette-Times, by Gail Cole
      2. Funding for graduate education slashed in new debt deal, Daily Emerald, 8.7.2011, by Deborah Bloom
      3. Extending knowledge, 8.1.2011, Gazette-Times, by Gail Cole
      4. Expanded outreach, 8.8.2011, Gazette-Times, by Gail Cole
      5. Jump in Entrepreneurship, KDRV, 8.5.2011, by Erin Maxson
      6. Student scores not kind to UO profs, Register Guard, 8.8.2011, by Mark Baker




      • OUS:
      1. Expanding campuses for Oregon higher education, Statesman Journal, 7.30.2011, by Stefanie Knowlton
      2. Salem gets UO students' final report on redevelopment ideas, Statesman Journal, 7.31.2011, Beth Casper
      3. EPA on OSU: Orange is powered by green, KVAL, 7.26.2011, by Theresa Hogue
      4. OSU Extension Service through the years, Gazette-Times, 7.31.2011
      5. University growth causes tension in surrounding neighborhoods, Daily Emerald, 7.31.2011, by Deborah Bloom