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Current Budget Documents

Budget Reports for OUS

The annual Budget Report Summary (BRS) is a reference document containing Board approved budget allocations of state appropriations, expenditure limitation, and other budget related information. The BRS provides detailed information that includes institutional appropriation distributions based on enrollment and targeted funding.  The summary also supplies institutional information on enrollment projections, legislative bill summaries and projections of Statewide Public Service, lottery, self-support and tuition revenue.

Recent Years’ Budget Report Summaries

For Budget Reports from previous years, go to Historical Budget Documents.

Biennial Budget Development

OUS Budget Operations prepares the Agency Request Budget per the instructions from DAS Chief Financial Office.  The ARB is submitted to DAS CFO on August 31st of each even numbered year.

Tuition and Fees for OUS

The academic year and summer session tuition and fees are approved annually by the Board of Higher Education. Continuing education rates are established by the individual institutions through an internal approval process. The regular academic year, summer session, and continuing education programs comprise the three basic tuition and fee structures at OUS.  Under existing policy, each of the three tuition structures is separate with its own unique rate setting process.

For Tuition & Fee Books from previous years, go to Historical Budget Documents.

State Assessments

The State of Oregon assesses agencies for projected cost of services provided for a biennium.  The charges are typically allocated by OUS Budget Operations to institutions once a biennium giving details on each assessment, by year. State assessments include charges for costs related to risk management (liability, property and workers’ compensation), secretary of state audit costs, central government services, Geospatial Enterprise Office operations, and other centralized services.