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Institution Report type
Eastern Oregon University Excel HTML
Oregon Institute of Technology Excel HTML
Oregon State University Excel HTML
Oregon State University - Cascades Excel HTML
Portland State University Excel HTML
Southern Oregon University Excel HTML
University of Oregon Excel HTML
Western Oregon University Excel HTML
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Each enrollment report contains the following tables:

  • Headcount Term Enrollment by Student Level, Gender and Fee Policy (ERTE-01 part 1)
  • Previous Attendance by Student Level, Gender and Educational Source(ERTE-02) (ERTE-01 part 2)
  • Enrollment by Course Level and Student Level (ERCC-01)
  • Credit Hour Enrollment by Course Level and Student Level (ERCC-02)
  • Student Credit Hours, Full-Time Equivalency, and Enrollment by Student Level (ERCH-01)
  • New Transfers from Community Colleges in Oregon by Student Level (ERNT-01)
  • New Transfers from Institutions within OUS by Student Level (ERNT-02)
  • Enrollment by Age, Student Level, and Sex (ERDD-01)
  • Geographic Distribution by Oregon County or Home State or Country and Student Level (ERDD-02)
  • Enrollment by Ethnicity, Fee Status and Student Level (ERDD-03)
  • Enrollment by Ethnicity, Oregon Residence Code and Student Level (ERDD-04)
  • Load Distribution by Student Classification and Fee Category (ERLD-01)
  • Professional-Program Students by FTE, Fee Policy, and OR Residency (PROF-01)