Changes in university governance in 2014 also brought changes in how labor relations services are provided to Oregon’s seven public universities. Previously, the Oregon University System’s (OUS) Chancellor’s Office employed staff to develop and coordinate a comprehensive labor relations program for employees represented by SEIU Local 503, OPEU (SEIU) in a single statewide bargaining unit all seven universities covered by one collective bargaining agreement (CBA).  The personnel served as Chief Labor Spokesman in negotiations with the SEIU and as a resource for institutional administrators and OUS staff in developing, negotiating, interpreting, and administering staff policy and the SEIU’s CBA’s provisions.  Personnel also assisted and advised on institutions' labor contract negotiations with faculty and other unions, and assisted in recommendations for classification and compensation.

As a result of the university governance changes, all seven Universities were required to collectively bargain with statewide units.  The only statewide unit at the time of the governance change was one consisting of classified employees represented by SEIU.  As such, labor relations relating to the SEIU’ CBA are being provided through a Director of Labor Relations within the University Shared Services Enterprise.  The Director of Labor Relations is responsible for negotiating collectively for a successor contract to the SEIU CBA, providing arbitration services that arise from or are related to the SEIU CBA, and providing advice and counseling services related to implementation and administration of the SEIU CBA.  The Director of Labor Relations will also assist with recommendations for any new classification involving the SEIU represented employees.

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OUS Collective Bargaining Unit Agreements