OUS utilizes best practices from both a campus and system-wide perspective in helping to shape the future of Oregon’s public higher educational facilities. Capital Planning demands a long-range perspective of future capital needs that enhance accessibility for all populations; are efficiently designed, constructed and maintained to ensure affordability for both students and Oregon taxpayers; are innovative in their design to ensure optimal space utilization and programmatic flexibility over time; are environmentally and economically sustainable; and are focused on achieving our 40-40-20 goals, including maximizing student capacity, providing effective instructional space, and developing high-performance research facilities to enhance the our state’s economic opportunities.

To that end, OUS advises each campus on their master plans, campus capital projects, sustainability and climate reduction plans, and performance benchmarking to help ensure that quality facilities, representing over half of all State assets, are thoughtfully-designed, well-constructed, and efficiently-maintained to serve the needs of current and future generations of Oregon students.

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