State-Supported Funding Sources

Article XI-G: Defined by XI-G of the State Constitution, Article XI-G bonds may be issued to support E&G projects as long as they are matched equally by the General Fund, Lottery Bond proceeds, gift funds, or other funds available to the university for that purpose. Debt service on Article XI-G bonds is paid from the state General Fund within the operating budget.  No appropriations are received for debt service in the biennium in which the bonds are approved.

Article XI-M: Defined by XI-M of the State Constitution, Article XI-M bonds may be issued for projects that are related to seismic mitigation, for facilities in Higher Education, K thru 12, and emergency services related buildings. This was a new funding type for 2007, supported by state general funds.

Article XI-Q: Defined by XI-Q of the State Constitution, Article XI-Q bonds may be issued for projects that are related specifically to acquiring, constructing, remodeling, repairing, equipping or furnishing real or personal property that is or will be owned or operated by the State of Oregon, including, without limitation, facilities and systems. In particular, XI-Q bonds provide a source of funds for technological enhancements, and may be campus and/or state-funded.

Lottery Bonds: Oregon's Lottery Bond proceeds are used to support education, economic development, and natural resources programs. Administered by the Department of Administrative Services, with State Lottery Revenue pledged to pay the debt service.

Campus-Supported Funding Sources

Article XI-F(1): Defined by XI-F(1) of the State Constitution, Article XI-F(1) bonds may be issued for projects that are self-supporting and self-liquidating. Each campus and auxiliary is responsible for their share of the debt service. Projects not selling bonds within two years may request reauthorization in succeeding Legislative session.

State Energy Loan Program (SELP): SELP offers low-interest, long-term loans for any qualified Oregon project that invests in energy conservation, renewable energy, alternative fuels, or creating products from recycled materials. Oregon general obligation bonds provide the funds for the loans are structured so that energy savings and General Funds cover the loan payment. SELP loans may be campus and/or state- funded.

Higher Education Revenue Bonds: Higher education revenue bonds are issued by the university system with the principal and interest secured by future campus revenues, including tuition and fees.

Gifts, Donations, Grants: Funding provided from donors or organizations to support capital projects and related programming