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Charles Triplett, Chief of Staff & Board Secretary

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Charles Triplett serves at the pleasure of the State Board of Higher Education and Oregon University System Chancellor. In July 2013, Charles began service as Chief of Staff in addition to his duties as Board Secretary. As Chief of Staff, Charles advises the Chancellor on system policies and procedures and oversees the administrative functions of the Chancellor’s and Board offices to ensure timely flow of information and compliance with state, system, and institutional policies.  Charles directs staff activities to facilitate effective analysis and decision-making among internal and external stakeholders of the Oregon University System.  In conjunction with his work as Chief of Staff and Board Secretary, Charles also coordinates policy and revision compliance for the Board and Chancellor’s Office, convenes the OUS Policy Council, and serves as the OUS public records officer.

In the role of Board Secretary, Charles provides all essential support for the work of the Board, its Officers, and Committees, maintaining primary responsibility for developing and implementing Board and Committee work plans and for coordinating associated meetings, including agendas and content. The Secretary certifies official acts of the Board, ensures compliance with Oregon public meetings law, and serves as the official spokesperson, information source, and liaison on Board matters.

Prior to his role as Chief of Staff and Board Secretary, Charles served in the OUS Strategic Programs and Planning Division as the OUS Performance Program Manager. As such, his responsibilities included: developing a system-wide performance measurement framework for reporting performance data to the Board, Legislature, and general public; collecting, analyzing, and reporting national, system, and campus performance data; ensuring compliance with legislative and Board mandates regarding performance reporting; and monitoring national and regional trends in performance management, benchmarking, and peer studies.

Charles Triplett earned a Bachelor’s degree in English from Radford University and a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Portland State University. He’s completed graduate coursework in public administration and higher education and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Business Administration at Portland State University.