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Welcome to the SharePoint Reference section. Here you can find tutorials, scoping documents, and other resources related to SharePoint. If you have any questions on this, please don't hesitate to contact Endi at 503.725.5702 or Endii_Hartigan@ous.edu 

About SharePoint

SharePoint is a portal based collaboration and document management system that, currently, is most effecient using Internet Explorer. In order for a user to use SharePoint, they must have a ONID account from OSU. If you need a temporary account, please contact Endi_Hartigan@ous.edu 

The current OUS SharePoint structure is setup in the following structure with permissions assigned on each level:

Using SharePoint
Video Tutorials
To schedule a one on one training please contact Endi_Hartigan@ous.edu or call 503-725-5702