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Classified Staff Negotiations

**A letter from the OUS Chief Labor Negotiator**

Welcome to the Oregon University System’s (“OUS”) website for classified staff negotiations.

We’ve designed this website so that you’ll have access to information about the negotiations with SEIU, Local 503 such as summaries of OUS’s proposals, news and updates, and answers to frequently asked questions.

To all our returning and new students, classes on all campuses within the Oregon University System (“OUS”) will begin September 30, 2013.  Even in the unfortunate event of a labor strike by the union representing classified employees within the OUS, there will be no delay to the start of the school year. 

Get answers to frequently asked questions about negotiations.

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View the negotiation schedule and summaries of what occurred at negotiations.

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Here you can find information about the OUS bargaining team, University human resources and other related content.

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