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Commercialization and Technology Transfer

Oregon’s public universities are idea incubators. In the past two decades, Portland State Universitythese dynamic institutions have developed a strong track record of translating some of those ideas into marketable products and processes. This translation of ideas from lab to market benefits faculty and students, who learn how to turn research and technologies into business opportunities; institutions, which have the potential to receive royalties to further their research, education and outreach missions; and the Oregon economy, which grows with new products, companies and jobs based on university research. See below for links to each campuses work in commercialization and technology transfer.

It requires capital to take ideas to market, and some highly promising projects flounder due to insufficient resources. Now citizens and investors can help to create a vibrant economy for Oregon and Oregonians — and receive a generous tax credit for your investment — by supporting the University Venture Development Fund (UVDF) at one of Oregon’s public universities. See below for contacts at each campus for more information on the UVDF.

University links to Commercialization and Tech Transfer Info:

Venture Development Fund info and links for universities:

If you wish to donate to more than one university, contact Charles Triplett in the OUS Chancellor’s Office, (503) 725-5717 or Charles_triplett@ous.edu.