Beginning on July 1, 2014, the Oregon University System's (OUS) will transition from having seven campuses to being a system of four campuses. Oregon’s three largest public universities -- Oregon State University, Portland State University, and University of Oregon – instituted their own institutional governing boards, and will no longer be under the authority of the State Board of Higher Education. The Technical and Regional Universities (TRUs) -- Eastern Oregon University, Oregon Institute of Technology, Southern Oregon University, and Western Oregon University -- will continue to be governed by the State Board of Higher Education through June 30, 2015.  The Oregon State Board of Higher Education is the statutory governing board of OUS. The OUS Chancellor's Office carries out the Board's goals and initiatives and statewide higher education responsibilities for the benefit of Oregon and Oregonians. 

The About OUS section includes overview information on the work of the OUS Chancellor's Office, campus presidents and councils, employment opportunities, business and contracting opportunities, policies and procedures for the system, and records management.